10 gods that could appear in Hades 2, according to Reddit

With Hades 2 set to introduce new gods like Apollo and Nemesis, Reddit is full of ideas about who else might show up to help Melinoe in the sequel.

Even though it's been a while since the massive Pluto 2 trailer was released at the 2022 Game of the Year Awards, fans' excitement hasn't died down. With the first sequel to Supergiant launching in Early Access this year, fans are getting ready to learn about the new cast of Greek mythological characters that await them.

Speaking of gods helping new protagonist Melinoë, Hades 2 will live up to the first game, fans have already been introduced to Apollo, Nemesis, Moros and Hecate. As for the rest of the cast, Reddit has a lot of ideas about how gods might fill those spaces.

Hera Is A Favorite To Appear In Hades 2

One of the most popular characters in Greek mythology is Hera, goddess of women, marriage, and fertility, wife of Zeus and queen of the Olympian gods, and many would like to appear in Hades 2 in some capacity middle. A central figure in Olympus, she was one of the most notable absences from Game 1.

Redditor corvidApocalypse wasn't the only one to comment that they "thought Hera would be there". Since their relationship often brought them into conflict, It wouldn't be surprising if Zeus helping Zagreus was part of the reason Hera didn't help. There's no indication that Thor will return, which could open up the possibility of Hera showing up.

Hades 2 Could Bring Back Athena

One reason fans think many of the gods who offered Zagreus a boon in the first game might be absent in the sequel is that they might have tried to fight Cronus and lost with Hades, Hardy Adams is bound at the end of the reveal trailer. Redditor EtrenalDragon25 acknowledges this theory, but thinks there is still a goddess who might return.

According to them, Athena is "a tactical expert" and thus, "in such a situation, she will know when to retreat and regroup." Since she is often described as helping Zagler in the first game One of the wisest Greek gods of the Sith, it wouldn't be surprising if she was the first to recognize Melinoe's potential and choose to lend a helping hand.

Iris Could Fulfill Hermes' Role In Hades 2

One of the things that makes Hades instantly iconic is how each god's identity is tied to the boons they offer the player, from Athena's using enemy attacks to Artemis' Let the player look for the critical critical hit One of the more interesting examples is Hermes' boon of speed, which focuses on running around enemies.

Redditor Sad-Faithlessness377 argues that Iris, goddess of the rainbow and another messenger god from Olympus, could serve as a "surrogate for the busy Hermes" in Hades 2. Not only that, but as Hera's handmaiden, Iris could also join forces with another new god that would enter the sequel if Supergiant Games chose to go that route.

Hades 2 Could Introduce Gaia's Earth Powers

As the Mother of All, whose existence predates even the Titans, it would be bold for Supergiant Games to choose to play someone as powerful as Gaia in an upcoming sequel. Redditor Ok_Blackberry_1223 thinks the Earth Goddess is a possibility, however, commenting that they "might see Gaia" being introduced in Hades 2.

This isn't the first time a game has featured a primal goddess, Chaos who aided Zagreus in the past, but Gaia's connection to Kronos would make her inclusion even more interesting. As the son of Gaia and Uranus, Cronus has a long and interesting history with the goddess of the earth, and the game has the potential to be refined Pass the dialogue on it.

Hestia Has Good Reason To Hate Kronos In Hades 2

Hestia, the kitchen god and goddess of home, was already a notable figure missing from the first Hades, but her absence in Hades 2 will be even more surprising. Redditor Wheal19 was one of many who said they "wish we could get the gods we missed in the first game," including Maiden Hestia.

What makes her a perfect presence in Hades 2 is that she has more reason to support Melinoë and Hecate's "Death to Kronos" chant than most. That's because, as the eldest son of Cronus, Hestia was devoured by her father at birth, only to be released when Zeus forced the Titans to do so. It would be surprising if the two had a positive relationship after that incident.

Hephaestus' Blessings Could Replace Hades' Daedalus Hammers

Daedalus Hammers are usually the unsung heroes of the first generation of Hades, sometimes offering the player a massive change from the Infernal Arms. Hades 2 wouldn't be complete without some kind of equivalent, but Redditor DeesDeets thinks it "makes more sense" to have the upgrade as a "blessing" for Hephaestus.

That's because Hephaestus was the god of fire, known for his blacksmithing skills, in Created in mythology the winged helmet of Hermes and the armor of Achilles. If anyone can make the most of Melinoë's collection of weapons in Hades 2, it's the Artisan.

Aphrodite's Charms Could Return In Hades 2

Aphrodite is a goddess who has no shortage of fans after the first Hades, and many will be delighted if she returns for the sequel. Some gods are bound to be absent from Pluto 2, but Redditor Sad-Faithlessness377 thinks Cupid won't necessarily be one of them.

According to them, Hades 2's "witch" theme may be particularly appropriate for Aphrodite, who they believe "may also reappear as some sort of free person". Her charm-based powers would hardly be out of place in a title that puts witchcraft at the forefront, so there's some reason to think she might return.

Eris Could Thrive In The Conflict Of Hades 2

Not only a goddess, but the embodiment of conflict and discord, it makes sense that Eris would want to be involved in a conflict as significant as the one Hades 2 sparked. Redditor Seer77887 suggested that "Instead of the Aldalos hammer, Eris could leave a golden apple of discord."

In mythology, Eris left a golden apple The "fairest" goddess eventually sparked a new rivalry between Hera, Aphrodite, and Athena, who all claimed it. If Eris is going to leave a boon or weapon enhancement in Hades 2, they'll have to argue properly to truly capture the goddess' spirit.

Artemis Has A Strong Case To Feature In Hades 2

While everyone has a different opinion on which mythological characters will return in Pluto 2, Redditor sea_titan is sure that one particular goddess will reappear. They commented that they "can't see if they don't re-add Artemis with the Melinoë moon theme".

Although the first game doesn't touch on this theme much, Artemis is sometimes associated with the moon, and most prominently the goddess of the hunt. Aside from her connection to Hecate and her connection to nature that fit Hades 2's witchcraft theme, Artemis might be too perfect to appear in a sequel in some form.

Hades 2 Could Include Pan For Some Unique Boons

It will be interesting to see how Pluto Pluto 2 uses its characters' mythological counterparts to form the basis for the favors they bestow on Merinoe during their journey, which likely inspired Redditor Waylander8 to suggest that Pan as a possible presence in game. They said they would "like something like Pan's boon, which causes some kind of fear effect that forces enemies to flee from you."

While Pan is primarily a god of shepherds and hunters, he is known for playing the pan flute, And caused panic among the people who traveled through the kingdom of the goat-leg god. Mentions of his fearsome nature, his love of hunting and chasing, or the favor of his musical skills would make interesting additions.

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