10 Best Spider-Man One-shots

Spider-Man's story is one of the best in Marvel history, but for those looking for short-term narratives, these one-shots are great pieces.

Spider-Man has reached his 1000th issue in 2022 and continues to be one of the most beloved comic book characters in the history of the industry. While the focus here is mostly on Peter Parker's dossier, there's also a little nod to Miles Morales, who will continue to reign supreme for years to come, especially when it comes to brilliant one-shot shots.

Most of the stories that make up such an awesome run are larger arcs. However, single shots are an excellent way to tell shorter narratives that still pack a punch and help portray Spider-Man in a slightly different light. There are countless amazing questions, though some of the best ever contributed to the larger Marvel tapestry.

Amazing Fantasy 1000 (2022)

Spider-Man's anniversary means a lot to the character, and Amazing Fantasy 1000 decided to celebrate the occasion by being one giant one-shot...lots of little one-shots. This comic is a brilliant idea, and many writers and artists started telling their mini-stories about web-throwers.

This issue focuses on what Spider-Man means to people, examining his legacy at various times throughout his career. It's an all-time great contribution to the Peter Parker saga, but it's not Bound by the traditional constraints set by his run, the story takes place in a different era and universe.

Miles Morales & Moon Girl (2022)

While Peter Parker will now be the focus, it is important to shed light on how Miles Moral's adventures also reflect his mentor and inspiration. Morales has far fewer one-shot options to choose from, but the latest addition is a testament to what he can bring.

Miles Morales & Moon Girl by writer Mohale Mashigo and artist Ig Guara sees Morales embark on a small adventure while Lunella Lafayette embarks on a search for her missing friend, the Devil Dinosaur. It shows how Morales connects with the young hero and audience at different levels in this unlikely pairing, while also displaying his intelligence and unique abilities.

Superman Vs. The Amazing Spider-Man (1976)

This seems unlikely considering DC and Marvel have been separated for so long, but the two brands have crossed paths in the past. The first time this happened was in a one-shot titled "Superman Vs." The Amazing Spider-Man, starring two titular characters.

Written by Gerry Conway, with artwork provided by Dick Giordano, which sees two heroes The old enemy pushed them too far. So, they must team up to defeat the combination of Lex Luthor and Doctor Octopus in a superhero show that will make fans' dreams come true.

Spider-Man/Dr. Strange: The Way To Dusty Death (1992)

The relationship between Spider-Man and Doctor Strange is well established on the big screen, but the origins of this partnership can be found in the comics. Normally, a shoot might be a relatively low-stakes, character-driven endeavor, but that's not the case with Spider-Man/Doctor Strange: Death Road on Dusty Road.

Story by Roy Thomas and Gerry Conway, with illustrations by Michael Bayer. It was refreshing to see Spider-Man placed in a supernatural setting, a dark threat too great for a single hero to face. In a cameo on Marvel's magical side, the duo join forces to take on Xandu, who practices a sinister sorcery.

Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man: Spider-Bite (2019)

Every now and then, Spider-Man's writers decide they're going to embark on a story that really shows Spider-Man's positive impact on the world. Spider-Bite is one such example, with Tom Taylor producing the story and Juan Cabal doing the art.

It sees Spider-Man away from street villains and saves the community One day, instead, let him interact with a kid who's always wanted to meet his hero. While the kid was battling cancer, Spider-Man brought him into his secret life, nicknamed him Spiderbite, and helped him realize his dream of becoming a vigilante.

Spider-Man Vs. The Punisher (2000)

Certain characters are very compelling because their ideologies are so remote. Spider-Man and The Punisher are perfect examples, with their headers very much against the crime-fighting methods used by Frank Castle.

Spider-Man vs. Spider-Man. The Punisher is a retelling of the first time these two men met, telling the narrative from a slightly more modern perspective to further play on these differences, now that audiences already know the characters. This is a wonderful one-shot by writer Joseph Harris and artist Michael Lopez.

King In Black: Spider-Man (2021)

The Man in Black story takes up most of 2021, with Venom-led crossover events including of course Spider-Man, whose history is intertwined with Eddie Brock's. One shot saw Spider-Man do his thing, saving as many people as possible from the symbiote invasion.

Single Handed not only reminds the reader of what makes Peter Parker a hero, but also bears witness to Avengers Academy alumni reptile. Spider-Man's role as a mentor thus proves just how inspiring he can be, even to his peers. Here's a great introduction to the franchise from writer Jed Mackay and pencil artists Michele Bandini and Alberto Alburquerque.

Spider-Man Vs. Wolverine (1986)

The "battle" one-shot was all the rage in the early comics, as fans imagined what it would be like to see their two favorite heroes fight. Spider-Man vs. Wolverine is a fantastic showcase of that concept in action, and a visual treat throughout.

Created by Jim Owsley and Mark Bright, the story follows Spider-Man as he encounters Logan in his quest to find a friend, embarking on a quest that will haunt him. Familiar tropes ensue, including a battle and a team, in an era-defining entry that somehow feels very modern in its storytelling.

Ultimate Spider-Man: Detention (2000)

The Ultimate Spider-Man brand may have been redefined by the animated show and the creation of Miles Morales, but Peter Parker's entire era in the universe has some major one-off footage that explores what it feels like to be a teenager and a hero from Look at it from a different angle.

One-time detention Writer Brian Michael Bendis and artist Mark Bagley took Peter into custody along with a number of others his age. The real-world issues a young man has to deal with are front and center, while he and his friends continue to mourn a recent loss that brings life to a superhero into stark relief.

Spider-Man 2099 Meets Spider-Man (1995)

Spider-Man 2099 is one of the most important characters in the wider Spider-Man universe, and has since crossed paths with Peter Parker several times. However, Spider-Man 2099 meets Spider-Man is an important issue in establishing their relationship and expanding the multiverse.

Written by Peter David in the visual style of Rick Leonardi, it's an interesting concept that sees each hero thrust into another's life. 2099 must battle modern-day Venom, while Peter, the original formula, tries to defeat the futuristic vultures that plague the city. It's a perfect showcase for the breadth of storytelling opportunities.

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