Yuri Boyka's undisputed fighting record (and why he wins and loses every fight)

Scott Adkins Yuri Boyka is the undisputed star of the martial arts franchise, with an impressive track record as an MMA fighter.

Yuri Boyka has an impressive fighting record in the Undisputed series, though it has some low points. Scott Adkins' reformed villain Yuri Boyka in Isaac Florentine's Undisputed 2: The Last Man Standing Debuting in , he competes in MMA in a Russian prison, believing he is a gift from God and, as he puts it, the most complete fighter in the world. With Scott Adkins' portrayal of Boyka, he and Florentine made the Undisputed series a hit with martial arts fans with their incredible fight scenes .

While Boyka's pride sometimes gets the better of him, his skills as an MMA fighter are by no means overrated. Boyka's plethora of victories amassed in the Undisputed series is a testament to his strength in the ring, and his indomitable will to overcome his opponents is as crucial to his success as Boyka's vast knowledge of martial arts. That being said, Boyka has had a few fights that didn't go his way, and while many of his victories have occurred off-screen, it's not hard to pin down Boyka's combat record from what the Undisputed series has said about him.

Boyka's Stated Fight Record & Known Victories

In the opening fight of Undisputed 2, the ring announcer states Boyka's fight Records so far include "34 consecutive fights without a loss" and Boyka then went on to win his next match against Arkady Davik (Silvio Simac). Over the course of Undisputed 2, Boyka has largely maintained his in-ring winning streak against opponents with greater skill and versatility, adding his victory over Davic and another to his record in the film Ring victory. Boyka's combat record in Undisputed 3: Redemption and Boyka: Undisputed adds to the total, though the gap between the two films makes his win totals a bit tricky.

Boyka won four more matches in Undisputed 3, Boyka's matchup against Marko Zaror's Dolor was a particularly tough win, while he also added six more wins to Boyka: Undisputed's record. The record doesn't include Boyka's out-of-ring fight scenes, including his initial spat with Turbo (Mykel Shannon Jenkins), which ended in a stalemate. Additionally, Boyka's numerous off-screen fights between Undisputed 3 and Boyka: Undisputed made it impossible to pinpoint his fight record, but based on his on-screen fights, Boyka had at least 46 confirmed fights by the end of Boyka: Undisputed Ring victory.

Boyka's Fights With George "Iceman" Chamber

Boyka's combat record received The arrival of George "The Iceman" Chambers (Michael Jai White) in the Undisputed 2 is a bit complicated. Boyka did "win" his first fight with Chambers, only to find out that a pair of his accomplices had drugged Chambers' water bottle without Boyka's knowledge. Angered by the discovery, Chambers and Boyka both insist on a rematch, with Jai White's Iceman training MMA techniques under the supervision of Crot (Eli Danker) to counter Boyka's more eclectic fighting techniques. Meanwhile, Boyka's own anger stemmed from his belief that he could win the fight without such dastardly tricks.

Chambers' training paid off in his rematch with Boyka, where the former heavyweight champ painfully shattered Boyka's knee in the ring and Boyka was defeated in an undisputed 3 Forced to recover from his injuries. Boyka's loss to Chambers was also humbling, as Boyka realized he must never underestimate his opponent. As far as how that affects Boyka's fight record, Boyka himself certainly doesn't count his opener against Chambers, and their rematch fits perfectly (while also setting Boyka in an undisputed 5 - Chambers rematch). That made Boyka's second fight with Chambers his only confirmed defeat to add to the His record of 46 wins.

Boyka's Tragic Victory In Boyka: Undisputed

There was at least one ring win that Boyica himself was reluctant to celebrate, and that was his victory over Victor (Emilian de Falco) in Boyica: The Undisputed Race. With Boyka out of prison and fighting in Ukraine, his bout with Viktor serves as a primer for an upcoming mixed martial arts championship, where Boyka brutally defeats Viktor. Unfortunately, Victor then died from Boyka's beating. The guilt of victory weighed heavily on Boyka as he coldly told Victor "don't be an asshole" before the final moments of the battle that claimed his life.

This also drives Boyka's undisputed abandonment in Boyka: When He Returns to Russia to fight for Victor's widow Alma (Teodora Duhovnikova). However, he finds himself in debt to mob boss Zurab (Aron Moni Abubul). Boyka was already battling guilt for his past misconduct, and his fight for Alma was different from his past duels in the ring with completely altruistic motives. They were also sanctioned in an atypical fashion, with Zurab preventing Russian police from sending Boyka back to prison. Zurab also had loopholes in the deal they agreed to force Boyka Fighting against his towering champion Koshmar (Martin Ford), Boyka still emerges victorious.

The Real Meaning Of Boyka's Fight Record

Boyica has been in many great fights both on and off the ring, his fight record of at least 46 wins and 1 loss is a true testament to his amazing skills as an MMA fighter (even Turbo knew Boyica would win their bouts ). Boyka's first fight with Chambers is likely to fall into the "no match" category, and his victory also has philosophical importance. Boyka's fights for Alma in Boyka: Undisputed are arguably his most important, as they finally show what a fighter and a man Boyka really is. Boyka may have thought he was invincible in Undisputed 2, but he learned from his past mistakes and returned to the game stronger than ever.

Moreover, the undisputed franchise shows Boyka as a man of inviolable honor, and his denial of his victories over Chambers and Victor shows - Boyka even sacrificed his freedom to atone for the latter. Boyka valued his honesty and integrity in his victories more than his actual combat record. He boasted that he was The most well-rounded fighter in the world, Boyka would never accept a victory he didn't win or one that ended in tragedy, making his stellar fight record a truly commendable one.

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