You: Joe and Love's Relationship Timeline

Joe Goldberg and Love Quinn had a dramatic, toxic romance in Seasons 2 and 3 of Netflix's You, as the couple kept playing games.

Joe Goldberg (Penn Badgley) and Love Quinn (Victoria Pedretti) fell in love in season 2 of Yours, and their relationship spanned two dark and tense seasons of the Netflix show. Joe meets love when he moves from New York to Los Angeles hoping to start a new life. Love is Joe's third obsession after Candace Stone (Ambyr Childers) and Guinevere Beck (Elizabeth Lail), and he continues his pattern of stalking, seducing, and imprisoning people he believes are getting in the way of his happiness. Joe approaches their interests by spying on them before flirting and trying to appear sweet, innocent and harmless.

Joe and Love are no longer together on the show, as he brutally killed her in the season 3 finale, and your season 4 sees him living in Paris under another new identity, hoping to find Marienne Bellamy ( Tati Gabrielle). Joe's relationship with Love spanned seasons 2 and 3. When Love surprises him, he's always haunted by his experiences with Love, and he realizes they have more in common than he originally thought. This couple had a shocking romance filled with passion, violence and shifting power dynamics. Here's a timeline of Joe and Love's toxic and controlling relationship on the show You.

Season 2, Episode 1, "A Fresh Start" - Joe Meets Love At Anavrin

"A Fresh Start" sees Joe wishing he could stop killing people and be a "good guy" for once. At the start of Your Season 2, Joe moves to Los Angeles and calls himself Will. When he meets Love at an upscale organic grocer called Anavrin, he realizes he can't stop himself. Joe starts working in the store, rents a place near Love, and has a game plan in place, but he feels hopeless and hopeless. Looking back on this episode is telling because Love hides that she is as dark as Jo and has some secrets of her own. They're perfect, awesome matches.

Season 2, Episodes 2-4 - Joe And Love Are Friends And Then Start A Relationship

Joe doesn't immediately date Love, as their friendship began in the You season 2 episode "Just The Tip". Fascinatingly, Joe thinks he can stay away from love, and that he can stop his base instincts, because at this point in the story it's clear he will always be himself. Joe kills you again, this time murdering sadistic comedian Henderson (Chris D'Elia). Joe and Love begins dating, and he begins to see cracks in her seemingly perfect world, including her obsession with twin brother Forty (James Scully). Joe and Love keep things from each other, raising tensions.

Season 2, Episode 5 "Have a Good Wellkend, Joe!" - Joe Learns About Love's Difficult Family Life And Their Relationship Is Complicated By Candace

The You season 2 episode "Be Well, Joe!" is a wise take on the culture of wellness and the beginning of Joe and Love's heartbreaking, toxic journey. Candace shows up, which is a big twist because Joe seems to kill her like he killed Beck. Joe realizes that Candice has taken over him and is now stalking him, ready to reveal his true nature. Season 2 of "With You" has complex characters, and this episode is a turning point. Jo learns that Loving's parents are ignoring her, and she feels guilty about her forty-year-old nanny beating him up when they were young. Joe thinks forty is an obstacle to real love.

Season 2, Episodes 6-8 - Love Breaks Up With Joe, Who Spirals

The next three episodes pretty much end Love and Joe's relationship, as Candace shares his dark and destructive story with Baker, and she no longer trusts him. After Love and Joe broke up, he was lost and afraid of being alone, which was his greatest fear, what power All his decisions. In You season 2, episode 7, "Existential Crisis," Joe traps his neighbor Delilah Alves (Carmela Zumbado) in his storage room, proving he's always needed a cage as some kind of safe net. At this point in the show, Joe's need for control is most evident, and it's easy to imagine things getting worse.

Season 2, Episodes 8-10 - Love Tells Joe She Wants To Be With Him And Joe Discovers Her Dark Nature, Then Love Gets Pregnant

In You's shocking season 2 turn, Love reveals herself to be a killer like Joe. She's more desperate, painful, and violent than he is, making him wonder what their future holds. These three episodes are significant and change the relationship and the love becomes stronger. In episode 9, "P.I. Joe," Love kills Candace, and in the season 2 finale, "Love, Actually," she shares that she killed Delilah and injured Forty's nanny. Terrified, Joe realizes his mistake. The season 2 finale crafted and shared what's next: Love's pregnant and Joe's stuck.

Season 3, Episode 1 - "And They Lived Happily Ever After" - Love And Joe Are Parents To Baby Henry And Struggling In Their Relationship

At the beginning of season 3, Joe is the father of his son Henry, and has a hard time marrying love. In stark contrast to their free-spirited LA life, Last season, Joe and Love lived in the suburbs and didn't fit in with their perfect, rich neighbors. Neither was sure they were going to stick around, which showed that neither was insecure, and their relationship was never solid. Can they pretend to live a normal life? Or will their instincts take over, creating more havoc and hurting those around them? "They lived happily ever after" is a complex, dramatic episode.

Season 3, Episode 2 - "So I Married An Axe Murderer" - Love And Joe Hide A Cage Under Her Bakery A Fresh Tart

Love opened a bakery in You season 3 and gave it a clever name, but the name portended disaster. Life will never be easy for this couple as long as they keep killing. Love makes it clear to Joe that she will stop at nothing to keep his neighbor Natalie Engler (Michael McManus) by killing him. Echoing the cage under Joe Booby's Baker's bookstore in season one, he and Love built a cage and put it under the bakery. It's a big moment as they believe they can separate their dark instincts from their home life, but it's clear that won't work for long.

Season 3, Episodes 3-5 - Joe And Love Go To Therapy, Struggle Not To Kill Anyone, And Crush On Theo And Marienne

In the next few episodes of season 3, Joe and Love try Repair their marriage by talking to a therapist who helps them become more attentive to each other's needs. Considering that Joe does care about love, the ending of "You" season 3 is all the more meaningful and tragic. The scenes are both humorous and depressing, as therapists are unaware of the murders they committed. While the couple say they want a healthy relationship, Love is drawn to young Theo (Dylan Arnold), and Joe quickly falls for Marianne while at the town library.

Season 3, Episodes 6-7 - Joe Has Strong Feelings For Marienne And Cheats On Love

In episodes 6 and 7, Joe is unfaithful to love and explores his relationship with Marianne. His deceit feels worse this time around because he's a husband and father, and this storyline brings home the careless way he treats the people in his life. Joe was unlikable in season 3, but he's also a deep character looking for love because he's been feeling alone and scarred for life by his mother's abandonment. However, while Joe has enough backstory to explain why he did what he did, it's still hard to sympathize given the harm He leads everyone around him.

Season 3, Episodes 8-9 - Joe And Love Are Intimate With Sherry And Cary And Become Closer While Love Becomes More Dangerous

"You" season 3 characters Shirley and Cary Conrad (Sarita Grant and Travis Van Winkle, respectively) bring humor to tense situations, and they have a strong interest in clean eating, ketogenic diets and gender role beliefs. Episodes 8 and 9 begin the road to Love's You's death, with Joe and Love trying to sleep with the couple. Sherry and Cary are smart enough to see they're in danger, but they end up trapped in a cage under the bakery in a predictable but still shocking turn. Joe and Love's romance spirals out of control as Joe realizes he can't reason with Love or convince her to stop hurting people and live a normal life.

Season 3, Episodes 10 - "What Is Love?" - Joe And Love's Relationship Falls Apart As Joe Turns The Tables On Love, Kills Her, And Escapes To Paris

Love was about to murder Joe for her affair, but Joe poisoned her, wrote a note making people think they died together, and handed Henry over to his colleague Dante Ferguson (Ben · Mel). Your season 3 finale was memorable, disturbing and inevitable. Joe and Love's story couldn't have ended any other way because they both have a fear of being alone and are used to playing games with each other. Joe fled to Paris, and it seemed he would Restarting the cycle with a new name and perhaps a new obsession, though he seems to be looking for Marianne.

What's Happened Next In Terms Of Joe & Love's Romance After Season 3?

The end of your season 3 marked the end of Jo and Love's relationship after murdering her. While they'll never be together again, it's easy to imagine Love haunting Joe for the rest of his life. He had to put up with what he did to her, plus he gave up on their baby when all he wanted was to be a good father, supporter and carer. Joe's mood was definitely worse than ever. In season 4 of yours, Joe will try to find true love again, while possibly finding his way back to Henry, a time with love he will never forget.

You return for season 4 on Netflix on February 9, 2023.

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