WWE Hall of Famer Says Triple H 'Loves Pro Wrestling Like His Wife'

Triple H has played it all in professional wrestling. As such, Kurt Angle believes The Game has one of the highest wrestling IQs.

Kurt Angle's podcast stands out for his candor, and his recent comments on Triple H gave WWE fans some insight into The Game's thinking. It's hard to imagine anyone breaking into professional wrestling faster than an Olympic gold medalist. His first game was at Survivor Series in 1999, beginning a remarkable career full of ups and downs. Angle may have spent less time in the wrestling industry than Triple H, but his words still carry a lot of weight because of everything he's been through.

On the latest episode of The Kurt Angle Show, Wrestling Machine puts Triple H's pro wrestling philosophy on a grand scale. When asked who had the highest wrestling IQ, Angle replied: "Personally, Triple H. He's always had. He's not just from a wrestling standpoint, but from a creative standpoint, from a psychological standpoint." From a publicity standpoint.” Angle continued, quipping: “Triple H is a well-educated guy. He loves pro wrestling like his wife, okay? He cherishes it. He really He's very good at it. He's got a great idea for it." (H T And thanks to sescoops.com for the transcription)

Triple H's Wrestling IQ Shines Through On WWE TV

No professional wrestling booker gets everything right, but Triple H's first few months as WWE Creative Executive have shown more good than bad. Fans who have seen his work on NXT will feel right at home watching Raw and SmackDown episodes. The game rewards fans for putting in time and paying attention to the product. This attitude stands in stark contrast to McMahon's booking style, which at times seems to take the audience for granted.

Several premium live events hosted by Triple H are some of the best WWE programming in recent memory. Even a three-hour Raw show can fly by without feeling like a chore. The bloodline saga may be the most compelling storyline in North American wrestling right now, and Hunter has turned general ideas like Judgment Day into a TV show. Again, he's not perfect, but it also feels like no one could have done better in his shoes.

WWE's popularity comes down to Triple H's experience in all aspects of the professional wrestling business. This is what Kurt Angle said when he gave Triple H He has a high IQ both on and off the field. It also helped usher in a new wave of WWE stars through the NXT brand, which meant his fingerprints were all over the modern WWE product, even before becoming the headliner over the summer.

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