WoW Dragonflight: What Blood Tokens to spend first

After washing away all the Blood Tokens earned from World of Warcraft's ruthless PvP, the next thing is to decide what to buy with them first.

Besides being one of the most famous currencies, Blood Tokens are a useful item in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight, which can be obtained through PvP and turned in at the War Mode Quartermaster. Any player with War Mode enabled can potentially earn these tokens by winning PvP matches, killing other players in the open world, completing PvP world quests, and sometimes they can be found in supply boxes. Then, once the tokens are collected, they can be used to purchase special upgradeable gear.

Once a player reaches level 70 in World of Warcraft: Dragon Legion, many PvP fans want to jump into rated arenas and battlegrounds. Before doing so, though, it's a good idea to wear the best gear possible, and that's where Bloody Tokens come in. Using these Bloody Tokens, players can purchase components for Drakebreaker suits and weapons, ensuring that they look their best when entering that arena with a good level of items.

Get Drakebreaker Gear From Dragonflight's Fieldmaster Emberath First

In Valdrakken, the capital of the Dragonflight, players can find the Warmode Quartermaster, Fieldmaster Emberath. While they also have some interesting non-equipment items (such as the Flesh Parachute, which reduces fall speed), it's the Drakebreaker gear that players will focus on first. Depending on the type of armor a character can equip, various sets can be collected, such as the Drakebreaker's Garb set for cloth armor or the Drakebreaker's Battlegear for chain armor.

Bring Gear And Trophies To Malicia For Better Dragonflight Upgrades

Upgrading WoW: Dragonflight's PvP gear is the next step players want to take. Not only does NPC Malicia hand out weekly PvP quests, she's also a vendor who can take items purchased from Fieldmaster Emberath along with some conflict loot and combine them to craft the Drakebreaker gear Primal Infused. These upgrades increase the item level of the item from 366 to 385 and add better personal stats to the item.

There are many ways to obtain advanced gear in Dragonflight, including crafting and raiding as well as PvP items. This variety allows players to pick not only the qualities that matter most to them, but also the gear acquisition method that best suits their preferred style of play, especially for those still learning the ropes. Bloody Tokens are just one of several ways, offering a variety of armor sets to help players not only succeed but look great.

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