Wolverine is a living weapon again thanks to a horrific betrayal

Countless supervillains have tried to turn Wolverine into a living weapon, but the last thing Logan wants is for his fellow X-Men to do the same!

This article contains spoilers for Wolverine #28.

In a horrific act of betrayal, Wolverine was once again transformed into a living weapon. For years, the X-Men's Wolverine has struggled with his animal instincts, desperate to preserve his humanity. It doesn't help that countless villains, secret societies, and spy agencies have recognized Logan's potential as a living weapon and have sought to strip him of his precious humanity and turn him into their tool. They often do this by messing with Logan's mind.

The most famous incident is of course the Weapon X program, whose scientists coated Wolverine's bones with diamonds - a process that traumatized Wolverine's psyche so much that he degenerated into something close to an animal s things. But they weren't the only ones trying to weaponize Wolverine; the Hand killed and resurrected him while under their control, Apocalypse turned him into his Death Knight, and even Nick Fury wiped him out on behalf of the gods. The memory of the mission performed by the SHIELD. This particular betrayal destroyed their friendship, and Wolverine even tried to kill Fury for his unforgivable behavior.

Wolverine Has Been Turned Into A Living Weapon Again

Benjamin Percy's current X-Force and Wolverine series has seen The Beast turn Wolverine into a living weapon again. Wolverine #28, by Percy and Juan Jose Ryp, finally explains how he did it; The Beast abused the X-Men's resurrection protocol. Mutants have learned how to resurrect the dead through the synergy of mutant powers and Cerebro technology, and implant a mind backup of a person into clones. However, The Beast interrupted the process, instructing the five mutants involved in the resurrection protocol not to restore Logan's mind. He claims they're running an experiment to see how quickly Wolverine's brain can heal itself. In reality, of course, The Beast dehumanizes Wolverine so he can use him as a killing machine.

This is a shocking betrayal, and it shows just how depraved the Beast has become. Hank McCoy was one of the original X-Men, but he's increasingly showing a tendency to push the boundaries of reason. He's now justifying his actions by claiming that he was defending Krakoa when he was actually risking the X-Men into World War III. Wolverine #28 showed how close the Beast's plans came to backfiring, as the bestial Wolverine was indeed still difficult to control, and he was caught on surveillance cameras while on a mission. The Beast inadvertently sacrificed Wolverine's invisibility in an attempt to weaponize his X-Men.

The Beast is just the latest in a long line of dumb people and mutants who think they can control Wolverine. Previous experiments always backfired - Wolverine indulged and slaughtered the Weapon X scientists, he opened his hands, he tried to kill Nick Fury. It's reasonable to assume that The Beast's experiments will be equally unsuccessful, and that Wolverine will eventually exact revenge on his X-Force allies.

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