Why The Real Girlfriend in Paris Might Be a Finished Show

The Real Girl in Paris may have been axed because it failed to gain enough traction. Looks like it's goodbye now.

When Bravo's latest series, Real Girlfriends, premiered in Paris in September 2022, fans were immediately on the fence, and there were signs the The Real Housewives-inspired series wouldn't go very far. One problem is that fans aren't entirely sure what the show is about. It didn't sell as (or as much) as other shows on the iconic reality network. As a result, it doesn't seem to have gained much of a following. Bravo rarely airs new episodes on Mondays, which is why viewers find it a bit odd to schedule new episodes on this day of the week.

Season 1 of Real Girlfriends in Paris follows six American women (and friends) as they learn to adjust to life in a new city, away from the familiar. The show seems designed to please Real Housewives fans. Fans are yawning, scrolling through channels and scrolling their phones as Anya Firestone, Victoria Zito, Margaux Lignel, Emily Gorelik, Adja Toure and Kacey Margo go through new endeavors, new love affairs and plenty of drama. While the show has its funny moments, it's ultimately lackluster (for the most part, anyway) because it's It doesn't offer the kind of fireworks that Bravo fans hope to see.

Why Real Girlfriends In Paris Falls Flat

While the cast members may have provided some sort of characterization of each millennial based on their age and mindset, they also highlighted some negative stereotypes about that generation, which many members attempted to debunk. Overall, "Real Housewives-esque" shows lacked any depth or appeal, so fans weren't as invested in watching them as they were week after week. For these reasons, it seems that Real Girlfriend in Paris is really a finished series. Some viewers had a hard time getting through the first few episodes.

The Drama Is Not There On Real Girlfriends In Paris

As the first season progressed (there were 10 episodes in total), the show seemed to be going nowhere. As far as its storyline goes, it appears to be a commentary on millennial life. Questions about relationships, work situations, money issues and visa status seem to be the main topics of discussion among the women. The most dramatic moment in the series comes when Victoria and her colleague/friend Yoanne Mobengo confront him at a restaurant. After a screaming match with plenty of Real Housewives type drama, she dumps a plate of chips on him.

that The scenes are the most dramatic and therefore the funniest. That doesn't say anything about the rest of the show as a whole. At another point, the group began confronting Emily over concerns she was on the plane shortly after contracting COVID-19. She starts to break down because the only reason she gets on the plane is to go to her grandfather's funeral.

Bravo's Real Girlfriends in Paris should be a show most millennials can identify with, as the first season's cast was younger than most of the channel's other series. Unfortunately, however, it failed to impress. As the already low ratings began to dwindle, it became clear that it wasn't the network's winner. While most fans of the Real Housewives series might argue that they love seeing Americans in Paris as millennial women living their dreams, others may prefer to watch the scripted version of Netflix's hit Amy Belle in Paris".

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