Why Little People, Big World Fans Call Audrey "Oddj" and Jeremy "Jerm"

Little People, Big World fans love to mock Jeremy and Audrey Roloff with the nicknames "Jerm" and "Oddj" when they are mentioned online.

The Little People, Big World audience wasn't too kind to the weird nicknames Jeremy and Audrey Roloff used for each other, so they gave them their own. The couple has been a point of contention among fans for years, mostly because of their holier-than-thou attitude. Now, their love for each other is really starting to piss off fans who feel they've gone too far.

Jeremy and Audrey are referred to as "Jerm" and "Oddj" in various feeds due to multiple Reddit posts, including by user SerenaJWilliams. The name "Jerm" is what Jeremy's mother, Amy Roloff, calls him instead of using his full name. The nickname also sounds like "germ," which is fitting because Jeremy never worries about rolling around on the farm and getting dirty. As for Audrey's nickname, it sounds like the abbreviation, Aud, was probably misspelled at some point and became "oddj".

Audrey Roloff Feels She Is An Influencer

Audrey and Jeremy shared strange things online that would have earned them the moniker. For example, many Little People, Big World followers claim to Audrey that she never Dyed hair, is a tomboy and likes to help people. The entire post is a long bragging list of her accomplishments, which makes followers feel very narcissistic. It doesn't help that Audrey has made other social media mistakes in the past.

For one, Little People, Big World fans always find Audrey and Jeremy's relationship proposals ridiculous since they haven't been married for long. The two have distanced themselves from the Roloff family and no longer appear on the show. Jeremy also wants to buy the farm, but the price is overvalued, so he has an argument with his father. The property has become a bone of contention for the family, but that hasn't stopped Jeremy from buying a farm just eight minutes away.

Hopefully, "Little People, Big World" will continue to shed light on what's going on inside the Roloff family. Jerm and Oddj again declined to appear on the TLC show, noting that they enjoy their privacy. However, the couple will continue to update their followers on social media with pointless dribbles about love and marriage. The couple may even pick up some new, meaner monikers over time, but for the Now, these suit them well.

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