Why House of the Dragon Star used acting to contact Aemond

House of the Dragon star Ewan Mitchell has successfully used method acting to help him bond with his character Aemond Targaryen.

House of the Dragon star Ewan Mitchell uses method acting to get into Amond Targaryen's mind-set. Mitchell was the second actor to play Aemond Targaryen, taking over the role years after Amond owned the mighty dragon Vhagar. This move made Aemond the most powerful dragonrider, before Aemond lost control of the dragon and inadvertently killed Rhaenyra Targaryen's (Emma Darcy) second son Luthor. After Lys Velaryon (Elliot Griott), this proves to be a dangerous prospect. A potential heir to the Iron Throne. It's a mistake that's sure to wreak havoc on all of Westeros.

While House of the Dragon may have left Aemond Targaryen in distress, it only gave his actor the perfect opportunity to explore the role. Of course, since Aemond is such a complex character, with a very different personality than his actor, it's difficult for Ewan Mitchell to really get inside his character's head. In an interview with The Face, Mitchell revealed that he has been using method acting to better bond with the rogue Targaryen prince. Although he didn't participate in the type of method performances that are usually criticized as unnecessary Or make other actors uncomfortable, but the technology is still a huge help for Mitchell. Take a look at his words below:

I’m quite serious, probably way too much. I think method acting gets a bad rap nowadays, but if you consider it [in relation to] people’s time, it’s certainly not a bad thing. For Aemond, I definitely stayed in a state of character, because his temperature is so high, and I’m quite calm and collected. So instead of fluctuating between the two, I’d find a middle ground that I could relax into between takes. For me, it made it that little bit more work efficient.

Aemond's House Of The Dragon Season 2 Future Explained

In order to scare his nephew, Aemond learned how uncontrollable the Targaryen dragons were, as Vhagar's actions would quickly spark a war. That might be hard to pull off for the hot-headed Emond, and it's one of the reasons why Season 2 of Dragon House is different than Season 1. While the blacks of Rhaenyra are still confident in their ability to control the dragons, the greens may have a clear idea of ​​just how dangerous they really are. Unfortunately, after killing Lucerys, Aemond will still have to rely on Vhagar to survive the coming war. He may know how dangerous she is, but in the upcoming dance of dragons, he will not choose to continue to use her.

However, after igniting the war, Emond had no choice but to get involved. He was the largest and most experienced dragon rider, and Black couldn't let her sit next to him. Thankfully, Mitchell will have the chance to fully embrace his character as House of the Dragon Season 1's Biggest Mistake No longer. Showrunner Ryan Condal has confirmed there won't be another huge time jump or reforge. Instead, Mitchell can focus entirely on Emond, truly exploring the aftermath of the worst decision of Emond's life.

While Emond needs to continue to be a fighter, it remains to be seen how he will acknowledge his role in Lutheris' death. Whether Aemond will admit that the murder was a mistake, or whether he will proudly pretend that he intends to kill the Velaryon heir at all, is an open question. While House of the Dragon has set up Emond and Waghar's most brutal dragon scene yet, it's too early to know how Emond will progress from being an accidental killer to the Fire and Blood adaptation the show has been working on. brutal monsters. Whatever the explanation, Iwan Mitchell will have the opportunity to really dig into Aemond.

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