Why did the navy hate Jack Ryan in season 3?

Jack Ryan's feud with Bennett was seen in the S3 finale, echoing something from The Hunt for the Red October, highlighting Ryan's history with the Navy.

Warning! SPOILERS about Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan season 3 ahead.

Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan season 3 episode 8 has the titular character in the Navy's hot water, but Captain Bennett's problems with Jack Ryan on the USS Roosevelt are the same as Jack Ryan season 3's The story, and the story more generally, has a lot to do with the Jack Ryan franchise. The Jack Ryan season 3 plot distanced itself from seasons 1 and 2, leaving John Krasinski's titular character partly hunted by the CIA . However, Amazon Prime Video's political espionage thriller also has Ryan relying on the help of the U.S. Navy to continue his plan, despite CIA Director Miller's objections.

Although Captain Bennett (Mark Menchaca) of the USS Roosevelt already appeared in Jack Ryan Season 3 Episode 1 and provided his ship as a base for Ryan to start scouting missions in the Black Sea, his Attitudes completely shifted towards the end of the Jack Ryan season 3 finale. In fact, that's changed, as Bennett now has to lead his ship against the Intrepid, led by the rogue Russian captain Roland Antonov (Derek Delint). However, while Ryan's timing seems awful to Bennett given the looming crisis, it seems Bennett's distaste for him rests more on what Ryan symbolizes his character, not just his timing.

Why The Navy Hates Jack Ryan In Season 3 & Red October

Bennett's distaste for Jack Ryan in Jack Ryan Season 3 Episode 8 "Stars on the Wall" and how the Roosevelt captain sees Ryan's intrusion as a disservice to him as a CIA officer and the intelligence community Not interested has a lot to do with it. Not only did Bennett reiterate his intention to take care of his crew and abide by the "regular rules of engagement" he instituted, but he also despised Ryan for insisting on trying to convince him to follow his advice because he felt the CIA had crossed the line. Bennett even tried to rein in season 3 protagonist Jack Ryan by reminding him of his lower rank in the Navy, but ended up following his lead.

However, the Navy's unfavorable reaction to Ryan's plans in Jack Ryan season 3 mirrors plans to hunt down Red October. Bennett's distaste for Ryan's behavior echoes Captain Davenport's (Daniel Davis) objection to Ryan's pursuit of the Red October and his objection to Ryan's appearance in Navy uniform. While Admiral Painter (Fred Thompson) eventually convinces Davenport to give him a chance by explaining Ryan's previous relationship with the Marines, Bennett refuses to let him do so because Ryan taking over his mission in the Baltic, and Davenport's objection to Ryan's presence, can all be traced back to Ryan being there to represent the CIA, which should have nothing to do with naval affairs.

Jack Ryan's History With The Marines

Different versions of the Jack Ryan franchise analyze Ryan's time in the Marine Corps. None, however, was as in-depth as John Krasinski's version of Jack Lane, which builds up in Season 1 of Jack Lane, who had spent six years in the Marine Corps before his helicopter accident. Instead, the Tom Clancy book series that inspired the Amazon Prime TV show and other films such as Hunt for Red October, Patriot Games and Blatant Jeopardy feature Ryan in the Navy very early on. Marine Corps Incident, referring to a NATO exercise accident involving Ryan's helicopter crash in the Mediterranean Sea.

The impact of the helicopter incident on Jack Ryan can be seen in many films in the series, although it is depicted differently than in the Amazon Prime series. However, Ryan's history with the Navy doesn't stop there, nor does his run-in with the Navy in Hunt for Red October or Jack Ryan Season 3. In fact, Tom Clancy's book series, Patriot Games and Clear and Present Danger, all of which refer to Ryan's career as a professor of history at the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland. Despite these differences, Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan highlights that Ryan's life is undoubtedly tied to the Navy, whether they hate him or not.

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