Why Ahsoka Is the Most Important Star Wars Disney+ Show Coming Soon

The Ahsoka Disney+ TV series draws from the animated show, the two-film trilogy, and The Mandoverse, connecting nearly all of Star Wars in one show.

The live-action Ahsoka Disney+ TV show has become the most important Star Wars project. Star Wars may be best known as a blockbuster movie franchise, but in reality, it was more than just a movie franchise long before Disney. Star Wars has a rich transmedia history dating back to Alan Dean Foster's companion novel, Splinter of the Mind's Eye, published in 1978. However, only in an age of fandom and shared universe obsession has Star Wars' transmedia potential been fully realized, thanks to Lucasfilm's wildly popular live-action Disney+ TV show. With Hayden Christensen confirmed to return to Ahsoka, it makes her series the most important of all - simply because, functionally, Ahsoka now acts as the connective tissue between every branch of Star Wars .

Ahsoka Tano, a prequel-era Jedi who trained under Anakin Skywalker, was one of the Jedi who survived Order 66, and played a role in the Galactic Civil War, will now Returning Jedi in the series five years after "Return." After being Anakin Skywalker's Padawan in one period, Ahsoka fought Vader in another, and now It's possible she'll encounter Anakin's Force ghost the third time around. In addition to Anakin, the Ahsoka series will also introduce a series of live-action Rebels characters, which means that Ahsoka's role in Star Wars Rebels also provides clues for the content of the new Disney+ series. The entire Star Wars saga comes together in Ahsoka - especially considering The Rise of the First Order has already unfolded in Ahsoka's sister show, The Mandalorian.

The Ahsoka Show Will Bring Star Wars Various Eras Together

But Ahsoka's influence was even greater than that, as she also brought together different mediums. Ahsoka, a central character in two animated projects, Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels, made her live-action debut only in season 2 of Rosario Dawson's The Mandalorian Version. Now, the role will appear alongside George Lucas film star Hayden Christensen himself. Not only do multiple time periods meet in Ahsoka's character, but several different Star Wars mediums as well. This could even mean a live-action Rebel flashback to The Clone Wars itself.

Lucasfilm's various movies and TV shows are great, but none of them serve the essence of Ahsoka; to Bringing together every era of Star Wars and multiple media in one event. Star Wars has always been known for its transmedia approach, but never has it embraced it with such confidence and conviction. It will be interesting to see how the Ahsoka spinoff plays out as it incorporates many different aspects of Star Wars into one project.

Ahsoka Will Be The Live-Action Debut Of Many Animated Characters

Although The Mandalorian is the debut of live-action Ahsoka Tano, Ahsoka will bring more animated characters into Disney's growing live-action Star Wars program. Aside from Rosario Dawson reprising her role as Ahsoka, the most notable live-action Rebel character will be played by Natasha Liu Bordizzo The heroine Sabrine Wren (Sabrine Wren). It's worth noting that after Ahsoka last appeared in The Mandalorian and asked about the whereabouts of Admiral Thrawn, the notorious Imperial Navy Admiral Chiss is also expected to make an appearance in Ahsoka. If that's in the cards, Disney is keeping tight control over who will play the character in the live-action remake, though fans have speculated it could be Lars Mikkelsen voicing the character in Rebels.

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