Where did the Simpsons actually live?

The Simpsons have been known to never reveal Springfield's location, but the show has given some hints about the town's US states and territories.

Simpsons fans have long wondered where exactly the family's small town of Springfield is located. According to the series, Springfield was founded by settlers from Maryland on their way to the fictional destination of New Sodom. The Simpsons are generally believed to live at 742 Evergreen Terrace in the town of Springfield, but in different episodes their addresses are 59, 94, 430, 723, 1024, 1092, and 1094 Evergreen Terrace. In "The Simpsons" season 4, episode 1, "Kamp Krusty," their address is 430 Spalding Way.

The changing address of the Simpsons demonstrates how difficult it is to determine where they live. The writers had a lot of fun teasing Springfield's location. In Season 10, Episode 12, "Sunday, Dirty Sunday", when Maggie was about to reveal the name of the Simpsons' state, she started saying "Ohio" and then said, "Oh, Hi Maud!" The writers of The Simpsons may never have a definitive answer to the question of where the family lives, but creator Matt Groening has given some insight into the inspiration behind his vision for the show's setting hint.

The Simpsons' Springfield Is Anywhere, USA

The Simpsons Have a Purpose There's been inconsistency about Springfield's actual location. For example, in The Simpsons, Ned Flanders states that Springfield is bordered by Ohio, Nevada, Maine, and Kentucky, which is a geographical impossibility. The motto of the Simpsons' state is a vaguely clich├ęd one: "Not Just Another State." Its capital literally translates to "the capital"—known as "the apple in the wind," a portmanteau of New York and Chicago's nicknames . The Simpson family's hometown of Springfield is located in an unnamed US state, so it can reflect and satirize aspects across America, and viewers across the country can identify with the show and its titular family. ^While there is no official location for The Simpsons' Springfield, it was inspired by one location in particular. Creator Matt Groening grew up watching the classic sitcom "Father Knows Best," which also revolves around a middle-class family in the small town of Springfield. "I was so excited because I imagined it was the town next to my hometown of Portland," Groening explained to NPR. He would later use the name Springfield on The Simpsons as a nod to "father's most beloved family." Clear" and a tribute to his home state of Oregon.

Simpsons Creator Matt Groening Named The Town After Springfield, Oregon

Groening adds, "As I grew up, I realized It's just a made-up name. I also found that Springfield is one of the most common city names in the US. Given how common the town's moniker Springfield is across America, it was the perfect name for The Simpsons' satire on the quintessential American small town. Groening wanted Simpsons fans to feel like their father knew him best : "Looking forward to the success of The Simpsons, I thought, 'This is going to be cool; everyone's going to think it's their Springfield. ’ They did.

The town of Springfield in The Simpsons may be named after Springfield, Oregon, but many streets and characters in The Simpsons are named after creator Matt Groening. Groening's hometown of Portland. In fact, Evergreen Terrace is the name of the street in Portland where Groening grew up with his parents, Homer and Marge, and his sisters, Lisa and Maggie. Other characters' names, such as Flanders and Lovejoy , which corresponds to the street name in Portland.

The Simpsons’ Street And Character Names Are Taken From Portland

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