Westworld season 5 website created to preserve canceled HBO show

Fans looking forward to Season 5 of "Westworld" have created a website aimed at salvaging the show after it was controversially canceled by HBO in November.

Westworld was controversially canceled by HBO this year, leading loyal fans to create a website hoping to revive the show for season 5. Creators Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy have always envisioned Westworld ending in Season 5, which would philosophically wrap up its rich story, closing unanswered questions and many of the questions raised by previous seasons. After season 4's daring head-scratcher, many fans are still eager to know exactly what happened, considering how close the story came to an end.

A website called "Save Westworld", started by a group of hopeful fans, includes links to a petition to save the show, as well as links to unsolved mysteries and recent news. The site's creators are also encouraging fans to take action on social media, which will be fueled by the use of "themed parties" on Twitter dedicated to celebrating the show. The creators had the following message for fans:

We invite every person who loves Westworld to join the movement by sharing the website, signing the petition and by making some noise on social media using the hashtag #savewestworld. [The parties] will be an opportunity for the fans to gather together after this disappointing decision of HBO to cancel the show. The interaction will be at the center of these virtual events.

Could Westworld Season 5 Still Happen?

The Westworld season 4 finale ended with killing off humans and bringing the show back to the original theme park, but this time as part of Sublime. back to display Its origin brings it closer in tone to season 1, one of HBO's most popular original series when it aired. The move would have redeemed much of the lost ratings, likely stemming from the fact that with each passing season, the show grew further and further away from theme park that started it all. It could also be key if HBO decides to reverse its decision.

"Westworld" wasn't the only HBO sci-fi show to be axed this year, with Ridley Scott's "Wolf" coming to an early end after just two seasons. Warner Bros. Discovery Channel has canceled a series of other projects this year, including the planned DC Universe film "Batgirl", so "Westworld" is far from alone. However, it brought much success to HBO initially, so it's possible that a middle ground was reached as a gesture of goodwill to its cast and crew. This could be in the form of a cut final season or even a TV movie.

Canceled shows have been saved by fans in the past, notably Lucifer, but HBO, known for its prestige shows, has rarely been saved Cancellations are known to be reversible. Westworld could be the exception to the rule, with a revival petition garnering more than 12,000 signatures as of Dec. 30, but executives will need to be able to justify the show's high budget, and plunging ratings suggest its The days of mainstream pop are over. Add to that the fact that the show's creators are now executive producers on Prime Video show The Peripheral, which bears a striking resemblance to Westworld, meaning they may have cut their losses. The most likely means of redemption for Westworld season 5 could be another network or streamer taking over the show.

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