Welcome to Plathville: The Meigs vs. Plaths

The Meigs and Plaths may have similar backgrounds, but more differences drive the distance between them even further.

Olivia Plath revealed little about her family in her welcome to Plathville. However, she shared that she and her husband, Ethan Plath, come from very similar backgrounds. Watching the Plath family's life unfold on screen left many viewers wondering how Olivia's childhood compared to Ethan's confined and sheltered upbringing. Now, finally, no one can answer that question except Olivia's sister, Lydia Megs.

In an interview with realiteasquad on YouTube, Lydia detailed her history with the Plath family. The large numbers of the Plath and Megs families give the kids a good chance to get to know each other. During the interview, Lydia was asked how her childhood compared to the controversial Plath lifestyle in Welcome to Plathville. She responded that they were exposed to very similar things, but their families were very different in many ways.

Strict Rules

When "Welcome to Plathville" first aired, it focused on the Plath family's conservative lifestyle. Kim and Barry Plath are proud to have raised their children in such a way that they were not negatively impacted by technology, entertainment, and most surprisingly, sugar. While the Meggs don't have any restrictions on their sugar intake, Lydia does say that almost everything else in her house is restricted, just like the restrictions placed on the Plath's kids at Welcome to Plathville. She explained their family's comparisons in protecting them from reality in the interview, "No Disney, no TV, no social media, no cell phones, stuff like that. No pants, but the Plaths are allowed to wear pants, they Just prefer dresses."

Homeschool Education

Kim and Barry were repeatedly criticized and accused of not educating their children enough in Welcome to Plathville. Kim believes it is more important for children to pursue their dreams and passions than to follow a guided homeschool curriculum. Lydia said her mother, Karen Meggs, took the opposite view of their homeschooling, saying it was very rigid. She shared how her homeschooling was different from the Plaths, saying, "Very different. I would say in my community, my family was very annoying because most people were like Plath, they were Farmers. Where you will find many homeschoolers are farms who believe they will pass Working on a farm, they don't believe you need books for an education.


Now that Kim is changing her ways and no longer following the rules of moral justice she had on Welcome to Plathville, viewers wonder if her Christian fundamentalist views are just a hoax. In contrast, Lydia's parents Always bringing everything back to the bible, all of their decisions are based on their beliefs and religion. According to Lydia, the Prauses are not religious, although they dress appropriately. She further explained, "Plause The Sins aren't really religious, and even if they were, we've never seen it. We'll spend a few weeks with them. "She thinks that's why Plath's kids can work things out with their parents, because religion doesn't keep them apart." Lydia says a lot has happened to the Plath family since she last knew them Change Welcome to Plaswell. She says she doesn't want to have a friendship with them, not because she doesn't like them, but because they're going in completely different directions in life. She further explains that it's hard to know if people really don't want to be friends with someone know who they are.

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Source: realitea squad/YouTube

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