VPR Kristen and Jax 'uncomfortable' with cameras at Scheana's wedding

Kristen Doute admits she and Jax Taylor felt 'uncomfortable' at Scheana Shay wedding because of Vanderpump Rules cameras

Kristen Doute and Jax Taylor Feel 'Uncomfortable' in Front of Vanderpump Rules Camera While Attending Scheana Shay's Wedding Kristen and Jax were among a large number of cast members who were removed from the show after former SURver Faith Stowers revealed the bombshell. Kristen and Stacey Schroeder and Kristen Schroeder were fired in 2020 after Faith revealed they were charged with a crime she did not commit several times before Reported to the police. Jax and Brittany Cartwright called it quits a few months later, claiming they were starting a new adventure.

When Scheana tied the knot at a wedding filmed for Vanderpump Rules Season 10, Kristen and Jax were present for the first time in years surrounded by their old partners. Kristen recently opened up about the "uncomfortable" encounter and how Jax allegedly took out his frustrations on her. "I'd love to say it triggered me emotionally, but I don't think Jax was ready," Kristen said on her Sex, Love, and Other Matters podcast. 'So he brought it all to me.' Kristen claims she and Jax fought 'the whole time' over Jax's frustration with himself Around the show. She did praise how "mature" Jax was when he "apologised" after the wedding, "saying, you know, he wasn't really ready to be on that [show] again - when we weren't in it", Kristen share road.

Attending Scheana's Wedding Was 'Triggering' for Kristen

Stassi and Kristen were blinded after Vanderpump Rules season 8, and their names were removed in a shocking full-on interview Faith did, where she discovered their old mean-girl antics. Faith accused Stassi and Kristen of calling the police and accused her of being behind a string of burglaries in Los Angeles because she was of the same race as the suspect. It happened years ago, but Faith didn't reveal the truth until the summer of 2020, when the country was experiencing heightened racial tensions. The news caused an uproar, with Bravo moving quickly to fire Stassi and Kristen for their incident with Faith, and Vanderpump Rules season 8 newcomers Max Boyens and Brett Caprioni for their old racist tweets resurfaced water surface.

Kristen Finds It 'Weird' Being Around Old Vanderpump Rules Co-Stars During Filming

Kristen admits that it was "difficult" to be with their friends when the cameras rolled, as they were used to being involved. Christine and Jax are involved in some Most scandalous moment in the show's history. After sharing so much of their lives on the show, Kirsten said it was "weird" sharing a room with their former co-star while they were filming, and she wasn't. Kristen has maintained her brand since she was fired from her podcast and media interviews. Stassi also maintained her popularity with the release of her second New York Times bestseller, Off With Her Head.

Stassi has been able to benefit from her transition to motherhood as a way to rebrand herself after facing backlash for alleged racism. Jax and Brittany also welcomed their son Cruz. Fans are curious to see if Kristen and Jax will appear in Vanderpump Rules season 10 when Scheana's Wedding airs. Jax and Brittany claim they were never fired and have decided to leave the show on their own. Fans speculated whether their claims were true. Considering Jax's behavior during Scheana's wedding, it's interesting that a show he's decided to walk away from would be so emotional for him.

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