Virgin River: 10 Most Romantic Quotes

With beautiful settings and lovely characters, Virgin River tugs at people's heartstrings, especially the many romantic quotes in the play.

Filming on season 5 of Virgin River wrapped in November (according to Netflix), and fans of Netflix's hit series are already clamoring for a release date for the highly anticipated series. Beautiful scenery and romance are the highlights of Virgin River, and the characters often express their feelings in impassioned quotes.

Jack and Mel, along with Hope and Doc, are the biggest couples on the show, and their interactions are always sweet and loving. Many others, like Brady, Lilly, and Joey also have romantic things to say about their significant others, making Virgin River a captivating show full of endearing moments.

“It Means Yes, You Old Fool. I’ll Marry You Again.”

Hope, Season 2

There are some differences between the Virgin River books and show, but Doc and Hope's love remains the same. They had big problems due to Doc's infidelity, but Hope was finally able to forgive him and the couple decided to get back married, much to everyone's delight.

Fans love seeing mature romances on the show. As far as fan-favorite couples go, Hope and Doc can definitely be compared to Jack and Mel.

“But The Thought Of Not Having You In My Life Is So Painful.”

Mel, Season 2

Jack and Mel are relationship goals, but it took them a while to get Together. While everyone in the town can see how perfect they are for each other, Mel has many demons and ghosts to fight before accepting Jack's love.

She doesn't want to go through the pain of being with Mark, but she soon realizes that being away from Jack hurts her more than closing her heart. There's nothing more romantic than Mel finally letting go of his guard and letting love in.

“I Am Prepared To Tell You Over And Over And Over Again That I’ve Loved You...”

Doc, Season 2

"...from the first day I met you, I will be yours until the day I die." Hope and Doc find eternal love in each other—the kind that can A love that weathers a few storms. Hope can't trust Doc after he betrays her, but Doc doesn't hesitate to remind her how loyal he is to her.

In Virgin River's touching words, Doc makes sure she knows he's truly in love with her, and that he'll be hers forever until their last day on this planet. After several attempts, Hope finally believed him.

“I Would Give Anything For Just One More Afternoon With The Love Of My Life…”

Lilly, Season 2

Poor Lily was always carrying the burden of loss and struggle, but even as she fought her way through, she had a moment to remember Her husband and their life together before his death. She recalls how content she was by his side and reminds Mel to embrace love before it slips away from her.

This is a really cute way to think about the love of her life, because Lily really adores her husband. She is forced to live without him, but she will do anything to spend a day with the father of her children.

“I'm Not Going To Give Up On Us Ever...”

Jack, Season 3

"...I know in my heart that it's no accident that you came to this random town." It's clear from the start that Jack has a soft spot for Mel. After going through a rough time in his life, he passionately confesses to her that he feels the two of them are meant to be together, which is why Mel chose his small town to live in. ^Jack has been on the verge of losing Mel so many times that he made sure to let her know he was in it for the long haul. His belief in their love is truly romantic and he backs up his words with actions.

Moral Gray and Unsettled, fans were hoping to see more crime and sneaking Brady, but they were pleasantly surprised by his amorous side in Virgin River Season 3. Bree and Brady quickly became a fan-favorite couple, and his sincerity and care for Bree was inspiring.

“I Meant What I Said. I'm Falling In Love With You. You're All I Think About.”

Brady, Season 3

Bree brought out a kinder, gentler side of Brady, making him a better person . He knows this and cherishes his partner, which is a welcome change.

Everyone's favorite Virgin River couple never disappoints in the relationship department. Jack is particularly outspoken about his love for Mel, and he can't bear to see her wronged or upset about anything for too long. He works hard to make her feel comfortable and safe, especially given her ordeals in the past.

“I Swear I Will Spend The Rest Of My Life Fighting To Make You Happy.”

Jack, Season 3

Jack often puts Mel's needs above his own, because that's how much he dotes on her. Whether it's building an entire house for Mel or helping her take care of others back to health, Jack is her biggest cheerleader.

There were a few things in Virgin River season 4 that no one expected, but Jack and Mel's romance was anything but. They deliver touching moments and genuine romance, especially When they tell each other how they feel.

“You Pulled Me Back From Somewhere Dark.”

Jack, Season 4

Jack went to war and then fell into a directionless relationship for many years. He struggles every day, but when Mel comes to town, she takes his sadness with him. She brightens his life, and Jack has no choice but to get better. She brought him back to life.

Mel's older sister Joy has irresistible romantic feelings for Virgin River, and it's very touching to see her fall in love with someone after a bad divorce and still trust him enough to dive headfirst into marriage . She chooses not to be cynical, which is a nice change.

“I Already Know The Answer. Love Doesn't Scare Me.”

Joey, Season 4

Joy lets her love lead her to happiness, something many characters have struggled with. They made a handsome couple, and despite their many complications, their love continued to grow and flourish.

Seeing Mel and Jake take their relationship to the next level is both exciting and touching. Jack took it all in his stride and remained fully committed to giving Mel and their children a good life. Even a paternity test means nothing to him, but it's awesome to him After all, seeing that he is the father.

“I Love You And I’m Gonna Love Our Baby So Much.”

Jack, Season 4

Fans can't wait to see Jack and Mel get married and become wonderful parents. Their love was worth fighting for and they kept at it until their relationship reached a beautiful stage.

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