Umbrella Academy: Ranked by the number of main characters

Some of the heroes in Umbrella Academy only have triple kills, but at least one character has as many as 10 billion kills.

Content Warning: The following article contains graphic depictions of violence.

The Umbrella Academy has been renewed for its fourth and final season, so fans will be able to enjoy one final outing with the Hargreaves family. The Hargreeves are heroes, and they saved the world from total destruction, but they certainly had blood on their hands.

Being a hero has consequences, some of which can be fatal. The Hargreeves mess things up in their world-saving adventures, including Viktor ending the world twice, Five becoming a council assassin, and Reginald Hargreeves killing members of the Majestic 12.

10/10 Klaus Hargreeves - 3 kills

Klaus Hargreeves doesn't have much bloodlust. They spent most of their lives on drugs and alcohol to stop themselves from constantly hearing the voices of the dead. In season 2, they briefly sobered up and learned how to physically summon their abilities to better control themselves.

Krause's death toll currently stands at three. Their powers allow them to control the ghost that killed two soldiers and broke the neck of another. They did this in self-defense in a nuclear war against the Russians. They prefer not to hurt anyone unless absolutely necessary, Especially after they created a peaceful cult when they traveled back in time.

9/10 Luther Hargreeves - 3 kills

Luther's loving nature was more like that of a cuddly teddy bear than the terrifyingly large man many people first see. His body count isn't huge, only three, but that's probably because he spent most of his life in space. But while he could easily hurt someone, he wouldn't do it unless absolutely necessary.

Season 1 flashback to childhood at The Umbrella Academy, where they complete missions together, including a scene where Luther throws the robber out of the bank window. As he got older, Luther grew in size and hit his enemies harder, like he bowled two assassins over the heads.

8/10 Allison Hargreeves - 4 kills

Alison grew up learning to use her powers to get whatever she wanted. It hurts her in the long run because she never knows what she deserves. While Allison has some cool powers in Umbrella Academy, she's not the deadliest character. She starts killing when she needs to, like during a war or when assassins are hunting her family.

In a nuclear war against the Russians, she blew up Use her power to fight back three soldiers. The Swede brothers attack her at her home, forcing Allison to use her powers over Axel on the stranger Otto. When she's on a mission to save the world, she kills in an act of self-defense. At times she overacts with her powers, but in the end, she apologizes for the damage she caused.

7/10 Diego Hargreeves - 8 kills

Diego's ability to manipulate thrown objects such as knives was a great asset to the family. He's dealt with a lot of things in his life, but it's made him who he is now. His love for his android mother Grace gives him the ability to empathize and fight for those he loves. Although his number of kills has not reached double digits, but with his fighting skills, it can be said that he is ruthless enough.

As a child, he threw two knives into the robber's chest, but as an adult, he broke the neck of one, smashing one on the glass table and the other on the wall. When the council's assassins struck, he stabbed three in the chest and another in the throat. His enemies have it come to them, but his killing Never out of malice.

6/10 Sir Reginald "Reggie" Hargreeves - 11 kills

Reginald Hargreaves adopts seven children into a superhero family. While he's not in the action, the Umbrella Academy's best quotes about family are often learned through his tough "love" for them. He's not the best dad, but he's an effective leader.

In season 2, he tore apart 11 members of the Majestic 12 in his alien form, leaving him as the only member alive. Reginald was relentless when it came to his bottom line. He kills for the world - at least that's what he says.

5/10 Ben Hargreeves - 12 kills

One of the many reasons the Academy was soon disbanded was Ben's death. Armed with Klaus' powers, Ben aids his siblings in their missions by summoning terrifying creatures within him. His relationship with Klaus is heartwarming.

He uses an octopus-like creature to kill four robbers who were on a childhood mission. Once Klaus was able to get a better handle on his powers, he summoned Ben to save his siblings from the Council of Assassins, tearing apart four and breaking two of their necks. In season 2, Ben tore a soldier in half and threw another off a building.

4/10 Hazel - 14 kills

Although Hazel is an assassin who travels through time and space, he really cares about others. The Umbrella Academy helps Hazel follow his heart instead of remaining a ruthless killer. He sometimes lets his quests slip away instead of killing them.

He killed many people during his tenure on the committee, but as far as viewers are aware, his body count included Syd, Zoya Popova, and Jan Mueller. Seven of his other victims had their throats slit, choked, stabbed and hanged. As creepy as it is, he kills simply because it's his job.

3/10 The Handler - 22 kills

Handler only cares about herself until she becomes obsessed with number five. She goes out of her way to complete her committee assignments. For the sake of the council, she ordered many assassins to kill those who disturbed the timeline, causing many lives to be lost. Her ruthlessness and selfishness are the cause of her undoing.

She orders Number Five to kill the Pitts and 10 committee members in a gruesome manner, including chopping off an arm, stabbing, dissection, throat slitting, decapitation, and decapitation. Her hands weren't the cleanest as she killed Lila Pitts after ordering her to kill a man, leaving Oscar A land mine that stabbed a Commission agent in the chest with a hairpin and ate A.J. Carmichael alive. Before turning back time on the 5th, she also brutally attacked the Umbrella Academy.

2/10 Number Five - 22 kills

Five Hargreeves made it his life's mission to prevent the end of the world from happening. His kill count is mostly due to his time working for Handler as an assassin, occasionally saving his family from bad guys. Number Five's quote from The Umbrella Academy makes it clear that he will do anything to protect his family, even if it means killing a few people.

His mission to save the world as a child involved stabbing a robber with a stapler. On Handler's orders, he shot the Pitts in the head and killed 10 committee members. Fending off the Council of Assassins, he stabbed three, hit one in the head, and broke the necks of two of them. At the committee headquarters, he also killed three agents while fleeing.

1/10 Viktor Hargreeves - 10.9 billion kills

Unlike his six adopted siblings, Victor spent most of his life unaware of his powers. Reginald suppressed his powers from a young age, allowing his emotions to run high and create a world-destroying apocalypse. He did not want Hurt no one, but because he wasn't trained, his short fuse is responsible for billions of deaths.

Most of Victor's kills are caused by the dark side, which has unknowingly absorbed his powers. His sentiments killed billions when the moon crashed into Earth and accidentally sparked World War III. He accidentally killed two people, but killed Harold on purpose after discovering the truth. Victor even killed Pogo because he knew his power. His life was built on a lie, and the damage done could take years to get over.

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