Treason ending explained (detailed)

Charlie Cox's new Netflix series "Treason" wraps up with an ending full of surprises and twists. Here's a breakdown of the double agent reveals and season 2 teases.

Warning: Contains SPOILERS for Treason season 1!

^ Charlie Cox returns to Netflix with a new spy thriller, and the treason ending resolves most of the main plot threads while also leaving room for another chapter of the story. Created by Bridge of Spies writer Matt Charman, the 2022 Netflix limited series takes viewers on a twisting journey as Cox's Adam Lawrence tries to prove he's not a Russian double agent for MI6. Adam's life changes when he is suddenly thrust into the position of MI6 director of power and is complicated by the return of his predecessor, Kara (Olga Kurylenko). Erga Kurylenko) has spent years helping his career so he can help her.

Concerns about Adam and Kara's tangled espionage careers extend to MI6's double-agent plot, and potential corruption from top-level chief officer Martin Angelis (CiarĂ¡n Hinds). Charlie Cox's return to Netflix is ​​a very different experience from his Daredevil experience, as Adam is forced to betray his country to get his daughter back, and then try to clear his name from the damage he's suffered over the years. No one is safe as danger approaches Adam, let treason end It offers some big twists and surprises in terms of who's dead, the identity of the MI6 double agent, and more.

A key mystery in the Treason ending is the identity of the MI6 double agent, Patrick Hamilton (Adam James). CIA speculation that Adam was a double agent comes from an eventful period in Baku, where Charlie Cox's character was stationed and helped keep the embassy from collapsing. Around the same time, the Russians orchestrated the murder of five men in Baku, leading the CIA to believe Adam was a double agent. Thanks to Kara's help, and Angelis' intentional presence of Adam to monitor his activities, he was able to rise rapidly through MI6.

Who Is Dorian? Treason's MI6 Double Agent Revealed

As Kara confirms in the Treason ending, Adam couldn't have been a double agent, since he was spending the night with her when her men were killed. The show eventually confirmed that Patrick, one of Adam's closest friends, was a Russian double agent in the final episode. He tries to trick Adam's wife Mattie (Oona Chaplin) into filling him with Angelis' compromising drive documents, but she and Kara know he lied about working with Adam to overthrow the head of MI6. This leads Kara to retaliate and provide a poisoned photo that kills Patrick after he thinks he's safe.

Hints that Patrick is a traitor's double agent appear throughout the series. Patrick was the head of MI6's Russia division, so he should have been a prime target when it came to individuals who might secretly be working for Russia. Treason also subtly teased the revelation during an exchange between Adam and Patrick, as Adam told one of his closest friends that he couldn't trust anyone. While it's true that Charlie Cox's Netflix character trusts Patrick more than most of MI6, the traitor's double-agent status reveals why he shouldn't.

Charlie Cox's Netflix return takes a surprising twist in its treason finale, as the show shockingly kills Adam midway through its final episode. Adam, Kara, and Maddy gather at the shipping yard, where Angelis' documents are being digitally scanned before all physical copies are burned, bringing them into conflict with other MI6 agents and the CIA team Angelis hired to eliminate the trio. fighting Dede Alexander (Tracy Ifeachor) holds Adam at gunpoint as she begs Maddy to hand over the papers and Kara in exchange for his safety. When Maddy finally shows up and Dede looks like he's going to shoot her, Adam jumps up and gets shot instead.

Is Adam Dead After Treason Season 1?

There is no doubt that the former Daredevil character's fate is sealed as treason lingers over Adam's lifeless corpse, with a gunshot wound to his chest to confirm the death of Charlie Cox's character. The moment meant that Kara and Maddie needed to clear his name before Angelis branded him a traitor to Britain. It also leaves the popular Netflix 2022 show with no workarounds to bring Cox back for a potential second season. That's probably for the best, since Charlie Cox will be playing Daredevil in the MCU for the foreseeable future, so a return might never work out.

The complicated political chess game in the treason story comes to an end with the Netflix show, which puts many characters and the entire British nation in a new light. Maddy successfully delivered Angelis' hard drive to Home Secretary Audrey Gratz, allowing her to expose the corruption of the head of MI6. That would undoubtedly boost her chances of becoming Britain's new prime minister, but it also paved the way for Angelis' arrest and the beginning of a new era for MI6. Thanks to the efforts of Maddy and Kara, Adam is cleared of all treason and Britain should see better days.

Kara and Maddy Expose Angelis In Treason's Ending: What Happens Next?

Although Treason was billed as a limited series, the show's finale certainly left the door open for Kara and/or Maddy to be the focus of season two. Karla's story ends with her imminent return to Russia. Treason season 2 will likely follow her back to Russia as she reintegrates into her homeland's world of espionage. Given Olga Kurylenko's character being responsible for the killing of a Russian double agent and lying to Russian diplomats about the nature of her relationship with Maddie, she could be labeled a traitor upon her return.

Treason's Ending Sets Up Kara & Maddy's Season 2 Stories

Treason's ending sets up a very different version of Maddy for a possible second season, as she vows to avenge Dede's murder of her husband. She said she didn't care how long it took to destroy Her career, implying her strong drive. Despite being old friends, Maddy has made a change and no longer sees Dede as an ally - ironically what Dede keeps telling her to do with Adam. Treason season 2 could follow Maddy as she tracks down Dede to avenge Adam and make it known that a CIA agent killed an MI6 deputy, which could spark a new political war.

MI6 needed a new C (unlike the M in James Bond) as part of a power reshuffle in MI6's treason ending after Angelis' arrest after Adam's death. The final moments of the show didn't confirm who would take over the job, but an earlier conversation suggested Malik Banerjee (Sargon Yelda) would be the new chief. Adam talks to him at the beginning of Treason 5 to get the location of the Angelis file, and tells him that if all goes according to plan, Graz will promote him to the top of MI6.

Who Is MI6's New Chief After Treason's Ending?

Since Treason has not directly confirmed that she has followed this plan, it is possible that the Netflix 2022 show will have someone else take over Angelis' old job. However, it seems Banajee's role in unmasking Angelis should earn him the support of Gratz as the new head of MI6. Since Treason's future could involve abandoning the MI6 story, there's a chance audiences will never see if Banajee is a good choice to be the new C.

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