The Witcher Reveals Geralt and Ciri Are Actually Related

Netflix's The Witcher series reveals details about the Elder Blood that made Ciri and Geralt related -- albeit in the weirdest way possible.

Warning: This article contains spoilers for Witcher: Blood Origin.

^ Witcher: Blood Origin reveals the strange relationship between Ciri and Geralt, making the pair. While Blood Origin received mixed reviews upon release, the series does serve the larger franchise, even for those who disliked The Witcher prequel spinoffs. Blood Origin not only reveals more than one character that is important to the future of Netflix's main Witcher series, it also provides a series of lore reveals that set the show's future.

However, The Witcher: Blood Origins show also seems to have some more unintentional twists in these reveals. This is largely because of the scope of what the prequels had to explain - detailing the introduction of Chaos magic to the main world of The Witcher, how The Witcher itself was born, and the geopolitical dynamics of the world before humans came to the continent , to name just a few major storylines. However, in explaining how The Witcher came to be - and how the Old Blood is connected to this transformation - Bloodborne makes Ciri and Geralt related, but never directly mentions this a particular detail.

Witcher: Blood Origin explains that the Elder The blood that makes Ciri so powerful is passed down from her ancestors Eíle and Fjall. This is especially notable since Fjall was the first to successfully undergo a wizard transformation, suggesting that this played a role in creating the elder blood. Witchers in the modern universe are infertile after going through the trial of grass and transforming, while Fogar does not have this characteristic, and the descendants of Al and Fogar are thus from the transformed witchers, which means that they Inherited the monster gene injection possessed by the witcher.

Blood Origin's Ciri Elder Blood Reveal Makes Her A Geralt Relative

Although the transformation process of the Witcher changed when Geralt underwent the Grass Trial, it seems to be the same in terms of infusing the subject with monster genes to enhance their combat effectiveness. This means Geralt and Ciri share the same genes in this regard - which would make them related, albeit possibly very distant. Stranger still, it would make them bond by sharing the same monster DNA—a particularly unusual way to bond, even in the world of The Witcher.

Despite having very different upbringings, Geralt and Ciri's lives - and genetics Makeup - Both revolve around the exact same event: the creation of the first Witcher. Both are descendants of Blood Origin witcher transformations: Ciri is a direct descendant of Fjall, while Geralt is the last witcher to follow in Fjall's footsteps. And just like that, Ciri's and Geralt's fates were intertwined before Geralt announced the Law of Surprise that would formally merge their destinies. Despite The Witcher: Bloodborne's flaws, bringing more parallels between the two most important characters in The Witcher only makes their connection all the more poignant.

Blood Origin Makes Geralt Even More Fated To Meet Ciri

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