The Vampire Journals: Elena’s Most prominent Fears, Positioned By Scariness

Elena's delicacy and doppelganger status implied that she had a part to fear in a unforgiving world full of threatening Firsts and witches after her blood.

Nina Dobrev has been flexing her entrepreneurial muscles with her company New Vine Wine (through Forbes), along side putting her best mold foot forward at numerous mold dos. Fans cherish to see her in her numerous parts, but the part of Elena Gilbert within The Vampire Diaries will until the end of time be the apex of her famous career.

Elena was cherished the foremost when she was human, but her delicacy and doppelgänger status implied that she had a part to fear in a cruel world full of threatening Firsts and witches after her blood. There were adversaries she was perplexed of, and her enthusiastic associations with her companions and family kept Elena up at night.

10/10 Elena Was Afraid Of Burdening Her Friends With Her Grief

All through the six seasons she basically highlighted on The Vampire Journals, Elena went through a few appalling minutes; the greatest of which was losing her whole family (both receptive and organic). As a youngster, she was weighed down by despondency and distress, and she was anxious to share her pity with her companions, who were continuously there for her.

Elena may have taken up space, but she chose not to. To her, burdening her companions and being subordinate on them was petrifying, indeed in spite of the fact that impartially, it was not a frightening thing to do at all.

9/10 Elena Was Worried Something Bad Would Happen To Caroline And Bonnie

One of Elena's best characteristics was the adore and defense she felt for all of her companions - particularly Bonnie and Caroline. She indeed needed to protect modern colleagues, like Aaron Whitmore, but her powerful companions and adore interface never truly cleared out her buddies alone.

It could be a substantial concern to have, but Bonnie and Caroline were a parcel more effective than Elena ever was, indeed as a vampire. Caroline's vampiric speed and quality, and Bonnie's enchantment were enough to protect them. In any case, there were a number of occurrences where Elena was right to believe her intestine since she did allow up her life to ensure Bonnie.

8/10 Elena Was Petrified Of Getting Into Another Accident On Wickery Bridge

This specific bridge was infamous for the awful good fortune it held for Elena, and the awful news it implied for the Firsts. Made of White Oak and the put of a few mischances for Elena, she intuitively dreaded this spot where her guardians had kicked the bucket, where she had ended up a vampire, and where Stefan undermined to murder her with his humankind off.

She never talked of her hesitance approximately the bridge, but the frightfulness was clear in her eyes when she saw Rebekah on it, and when Stefan misplaced control whereas driving. As well numerous individuals took advantage of her awful past and mischance, which was so pitiful and horrendous to see. It was not the scariest thing, but to her, it held as well much past centrality.

7/10 Losing Damon And Stefan

The Salvatore brothers and Elena had a profound, star-crossed association, and they got to be a huge portion of her life exceptionally rapidly. Elena cherished both Stefan and Damon, and they were amazingly imperative to her. So, their passing was something she dreaded continually, particularly since they too ensured her from different lowlifess on the appear.

For Elena, losing Damon or Stefan was difficult for her as she battled to discover a cherish association that was fair as profound as the ones she had with them. In any case, given their vampiric powers, solid insights, and awesome group chemistry, they appeared to drag through within the conclusion. Nothing seem keep these three separated.

6/10 Jeremy Getting Into Trouble With The Supernatural

Elena and Jeremy were the as it were family the other had cleared out, so it was common that Elena dreaded for his life - particularly after she got to be familiar with vampires. She never needed him to indeed know approximately the powerful, which was why she compelled him a few times for his possess great (which was one of Elena's most noticeably awful choices, morally).

This was a true blue fear, as individuals like Damon, Katherine and Silas continuously utilized Jeremy as a collateral to extortion Elena. She needed him to remain absent from all of it to avoid fair that, but her bad dreams came genuine as Jeremy was murdered, made a Seeker, and tormented to no conclusion by everything enormous and terrible.

5/10 Forsaking Her Humanity And Innocence

To Elena, her humankind was vital. There were numerous awesome things Elena did as a human, of which pardoning, sympathy, lowliness and adore were the most excellent parts. She needed to hold on to her blamelessness as much as she might, particularly in a world which was dim, unfeeling and full of powerful animals who murdered for fun.

She needed to remain on the great side for her entirety life, and dreaded getting to be solidified and insensible just like the individuals she was encompassed by. This alter was as well extraordinary for her and initiated a parcel of blame for her when she misplaced her humankind.

4/10 Losing Her Family

Family is imperative for everybody, and the thought of hurt happening to them is awful sufficient to solidify individuals in their tracks. The same connected for Elena, who adored her family frantically, but, tragically, all of them were taken absent from her, in this way making her greatest horror come to life.

She was cleared out alone at a youthful age, and indeed John and Isobel, her organic guardians, passed on before her eyes. Jeremy was her as it were family cleared out, so she was furiously defensive of him so that she wouldn't lose him either.

3/10 Getting Caught By Klaus

Elena had the incident of being a doppelgänger, so her blood was the key to numerous things, like Klaus' wolf side. Klaus was aim on to begin with slaughtering her, and when that did not happen, making her his individual blood pack to form more crossovers for his armed force.

On the off chance that she were to drop into Klaus' clutches for all time, Elena would not lead a free life. Everything in her presence would be controlled and she would be his pawn to play with. Losing her opportunity was in fact a frightening viewpoint, which was why Elena did anything she had to to remain absent from Klaus.

2/10 Becoming A Vampire

The appeal of getting to be an undying, all-powerful being did not influence Elena, as she knew that vampires were generally predators. She continuously needed to remain human, which would provide her the capacity to raise her family and not need to murder individuals for survival.

She moreover knew that she was continuously in peril of turning since vampire blood was continuously in her framework, much obliged to life-threatening wounds amid their fights. Changing of species was a genuine matter, and a life-changing occasion, which did happen to Elena inevitably. It was one of her most prominent fears, and when it came genuine, it driven to the conclusion of her relationship and life as she knew it.

1/10 Katherine Body Swapping With Her

Katherine and Elena were longtime adversaries, and Katerina was continuously jealous of Elena's life with the Salvatores. She needed a cut of her life, which was why she imitated her all the time. Elena had expressed that it was her most noteworthy fear that one day, Katherine would swap bodies with her and no one would be able to tell.

It would cruel that none of her adored ones would indeed know that Elena was dead, or gone, and Katherine would succeed in taking over her life. This prospect chilled Elena to the bone since of how treacherous and forlorn it was. It was her most noteworthy fear, and with great reason.

The Vampire Journals is accessible to stream on HBO Max and Peacock.

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