The Vampire Journals: 10 Unforgiving Substances Of Being A Delena Shipper

Upon rewatch, numerous perspectives of Delena appeared dated and undesirable, particularly when they are seen through a modern focal point within The Vampire Journals.

Previous co-stars Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder have been active advancing their liquor wanders over social media and on-ground, but their claim to popularity will continuously be their parts of star-crossed darlings, Damon and Elena. The Vampire Journals was almost the animals of the night, brotherly bonds, and adore triangles, and their transport, Delena, took over the world and proceeds to enthrall fans to date.

Upon rewatch, there are a few viewpoints of the renowned worldwide relationship which appear dated and undesirable, particularly when they are seen through a modern focal point. Damon and Elena's energetic cherish captured audiences' creative energies, but the nature of their relationship, their choices, and their get-together do not appear as perfect nowadays as they did back in 2017.

They Were Not A Healthy Couple

Delena shippers think the leading approximately Damon and Elena, but dispassionately, the couple had a lovely poisonous relationship. From the exceptionally starting, Damon denied to regard Elena's boundaries, which was why he constrained his blood down her throat, compelled her, and murdered her brother (and companions) when she rejected his progresses.

He applied as well much control on a young youngster, which is never affirm. Within the title of making a difference her, Damon made her flip her humankind switch which as it were driven to sad results for her. Elena was too codependent with him, which driven to her horrendous response to his passing. In case Damon and Elena communicated, set boundaries, and didn't get savage so frequently, their dispatch would have been simpler to induce behind.

Damon Didn't Treat Women Well

With his spotty sentimental history, Damon was never a great contender for a accomplice, particularly for a compassionate youthful lady like Elena. His record with ladies was miserable at the starting, beginning with Vicki, at that point Caroline and Andie. He utilized ladies like objects, some time recently his so-called redemption came to be within The Vampire Journals.

Indeed at that point, the as it were lady he had any thought for was Elena, and no one else mattered. His care for Bonnie came as well late, and there was no expression of remorse for his charged attack on Caroline. Ladies passed on around Damon, and John Gilbert was right in needing to defend Elena from the Salvatores.

Elena Only Chose Him For Excitement

For a long time, it appeared like Elena as it were chose Damon for the surge of adrenaline that came together with him. One of the cringiest parts of TVD were when Elena kept talking approximately how Damon made her feel lively. Upon rewatch, it fair appears like he was a terrible boy who provoked her intrigued more than Stefan, and she kept chasing the tall.

Elena and Damon had nothing in common, and it was very out of character for her to drop for a man who had deliberately slaughtered so much. They shared a profound cherish, but there was unquestionably an angle of a illegal sentiment, which drew Elena to the senior Salvatore.

Damon Had Been With Elena's Mother

A reality that's simple to disregard within the hurricane of to begin with kisses and endgames is that Damon had been with Elena's mother within the past. When Isobel needed to gotten to be a vampire, he rested with her and turned her, which was lovely odd when he begun seeing her girl.

This moreover meant how ancient Damon truly was, that he was able to date both Isobel and her high school girl within the same lifetime. The age crevice was concerning for numerous, but Damon's relations with Isobel that were never addressed made Delena appear a part more regrettable than it was.

Delena Was A Product Of Infidelity

There's no right way of finding adore, but Damon and Elena's cherish harmed Stefan a parcel within The Vampire Journals. It begun as an enthusiastic undertaking between Damon and Elena whereas Stefan was caught with Klaus, and developed into a greater sentiment as they looked for him and fortified amid that time.

Damon intentionally went after his brother's sweetheart and charmed her, with the deliberate of winning her over. These hint minutes driven to genuine cherish blooming between them, but it can't be debated that destitute Stefan got cheated on by both his sweetheart and his brother.

The Sire Bond Was Unnecessary

Redditors need to alter a few parts of Delena's relationship, the first being the troublesome sire bond. The beginnings of the official relationship were inconceivably hurried between the two, who finished up getting insinuate, since of this blood bond that shaped between them. It felt inauthentic for Elena to switch so abruptly from Stefan to Damon, and not care approximately the previous at all.

Without it, the movement to adore and closeness would have been slower and more common, which most fans would have favored besides. It appeared as well on the nose, and the sentiment ought to have been permitted to breathe and chart a consistent course, instep.

Damon Fell For Her Because Of Katherine's Resemblance

Katherine overseen to be the most excellent twofold specialist on The Vampire Journals since of the shared face with Elena, and it too kickstarted the Damon and Elena cherish story. Damon cherished Elena for her heart and excellent soul, but his interest almost her was lighted as it were since she looked precisely like Katherine. This was why he drawn closer her on the street some time recently the mishap.

He too was still frantically in cherish with Katerina when he arrived in Spiritualist Falls, trusting to free her from the tomb. It was as it were after she deceived him, did he turn his considerations to Elena. It was common that he would be pulled in to the young lady who taken after his previous adore, which was where their sentiment started.

There Was Too Much Compulsion For Comfort

One thing that a great relationship ought to need is control, which was a enormous portion of Delena, tragically. On both sides, compulsion eradicated recollections, expelled mystery minutes, and created huge holes within the story. Damon had confessed his adore to Elena and compelled her, and he had attempted to do so indeed whereas she was on vervain.

When Elena couldn't handle the misfortune of Damon when he was within the jail world, she made Alaric compel absent all of her recollections of the relationship, which was a colossal selling out conjointly exceptionally undesirable. Intellect control was as well enmeshed in Delena, and less of it would have improved the relationship.

The Decision To Be Cured Seemed One-Sided

Damon said he was onboard with being a cured vampire, in this way living out his human life with Elena, but it appeared like a choice he took as it were for Elena's joy. He had declared, on different events, how much he cherished being godlike, trustworthy, and an summit predator. He was utilized to living with these benefits, so the sudden about-turn was suspicious.

The two moreover appeared fantastically suited to each other when they were both vampires, so the remedy being presented was very superfluous. The Vampire Diaires fans are separated almost this, but numerous felt that Damon as it were took it to remain with Elena.

Their Reunion In The Finale Was Awkward

Delena stans had held up two entire seasons to see their favorites rejoin once Elena rose from her sleep, but most realized how unsuitable their get-together truly was. Either the on-screen characters had been separated for as well long, or there was a need in heading and acting since there was no eagerness between Damon and Elena when they met.

In truth, as Elena said farewell to Stefan, they had more chemistry than Delena did when they met in a apparently inconceivable condition. Fans anticipated firecrackers, but there were none.

The Vampire Journals is accessible to stream on HBO Max and Peacock.

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