The Most Controversial DC Moments/Stories of 2022

DC has a lot of stories coming out in 2022, but only a few have double-dapped fans. See which DC moments are the most controversial.

Warning! Spoilers for several 2022 DC stories ahead!

The DC Comics books are in for another year, and while there are some pretty compelling stories, there have also been some controversial moments. Amid all the multiverse-shattering events, daring twists and shocking reveals, DC has had some memorable moments.

From the promise of death to the game-changing reconnaissance, a lot has caught some people's attention in the past year. Screen Rant takes a look back at the year, listing some of DC's most controversial moments and storylines from 2022.

The Entire Justice League Died... Kind Of

Ahead of the release of Dark Crisis on Infinite Earths, DC made the shocking announcement that it would not kill off one or two members of DC. The Justice League, but the whole team. Joshua Williamson and Rafa Sandoval's Justice League #75, a prelude to DC's annual event, seems to deliver on the publisher's promise. After thwarting the Dalits' attempts to recreate DC's infinite multiverse, the Alliance disappeared, save for Black Adam, who spread the word that the Alliance was dead.

Of course, that's not the case, the team is actually on a prison planet Created by the now evil pariah so he could harness the hero's energies to resume his dark work. Of course, the DC Universe reacted as if the League was truly dead, and comic fans and characters like Dick Grayson knew it was only a matter of time before the heroes returned from their brief "death."

Dark Crisis Changed Everything And Nothing

Speaking of Darkness, the event was hyped to produce some major changes. Not only was the new alliance teased, but the idea of ​​reorganizing the multiverse became possible when the full title and plans for The Untouchables were revealed. While Pariah did bring back an expanded DC multiverse, the Alliance ended up disbanding their future.

To his credit, Jon Kent's Superman did attempt to create his own league, but it never had the staying power that a league-like team would need. While Even Numbers did deliver on the promise of an infinite universe return, it caused some confusion. While the DC multiverse was previously limited to 52 Earths, events like Convergence and Dark Nights: Death Metal have seen the return of a grander omniverse beyond 52 worlds. Although there are some interesting developments Dark Crisis, the biggest "change" seems to be business as usual for the DC Universe.

Flashpoint Returned And So Did Watchmen

Flashpoint Beyond takes fans back to one of the most terrifying and tragic timelines in the DC Universe. The Flashpoint timeline was quarantined by Batman and contained in a snow globe to save his parents. Although he nearly incurred the wrath of the Time Master, Bruce managed to maintain stability and keep the divided world alive and inclusive. However, the series ends by setting up the return of Cleopatra Pak, aka Ozymandia's legacy nostalgia, who is now hunting for Clark Dreiberg, aka The Watchmen.

The Watchmen have been an official part of the DC Universe since the crossover story "Doomsday Clock" brought characters like Doctor Manhattan and the Comedian to the main Earth. However, DC seems to have more stories to tell about the characters, possibly even creating a legacy team based on the original story's characters. For better or worse, Flashpoint Beyond made it clear that DC has Overwatch planned for the future.

A DC Hero Caused An International War

Deathstroke appears to have killed iconic Batman foe Ra's al Ghul in broad daylight during the Shadow Wars, making him the most wanted man on Earth. Talia al Ghul set out on a quest to find him and summoned the full might of the League of Assassins. This incident forced the distant Batman and Robin father and son team to find the truth behind the death of La Shi. In the end, it turned out that Slade Wilson was actually innocent and that the real murderer was former Outsider and recurring Batman ally, Earth Force, brother of the Teen Titans Terra.

Geo-Force had wished to harm Talia and Slade for their crimes against Markovia and its royal family. But regardless of his reasoning, his plan inadvertently killed innocents and severely damaged Geo-Force's hero status.

Riddler Robbed Joker Of His Iconic Story

The Joker may have had an initial "bad day", but DC decided it was time for most of the Dark Knight's other rogues to have their own iconic storylines. The new series kicks off with a huge twist on the classic story. Batman: Bad Day - The Riddler is interrogated after seeing Edward Nygma murder a man in broad daylight. Of course, Commissioner Gordon couldn't get an answer from the King of Puzzles, but He did find something else. While teasing the Commissioner, the Riddler straight up admitted that he gave the Joker everything he needed for his plans in "The Deadly Joke."

Now, Nygma is probably just messing with Gordon. But if there's any truth to what he's saying, it's a pretty egregious piece of reconnaissance. It turns perhaps the most iconic Joker story into a stealthy Riddler tale. Of course, the Joker carried out the plan, but it made Riddle all the more cunning, cunning, and dangerous knowing he had planned such a brutal experience.

Nightwing Betrays The Bat-Family And The DCU

Perhaps the most heartbreaking moment of controversy this year came in DC vs. Vampires #6, which finally revealed that the Vampire King was closer than anyone expected. The DC Universe is under attack by vampires and the world's heroes either die or are transformed. When the Bat-Family tried to stop the reign of the undead by killing vampire heads, Nightwing betrayed his allies and killed Batman in the most brutal and poetic way possible: ripping his heart straight from his chest.

Nightwing was probably the last person anyone thought wouldn't be the king of vampires, which makes twist so shocking. Nightwing is a much-loved member of the Bat-family and is becoming one of the guiding lights of the DC Universe, starting with Dark Crisis. Seeing him kill his friends and family with such brazen glee is almost as controversial as one can get.

2022 is a pretty good year. If nothing else, DC Comics has many amazing moments and stories that are sure to be remembered for their shocking or puzzling nature.

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