The Flash admits a DC hero is faster than him

Barry Allen is often considered the fastest man alive, but it turns out that one surprising DC hero is actually faster.

Barry Allen is the fastest man in the DC Universe, and while he plays The Flash, his speed is nearly unmatched, but after a race against a surprising new hero, Barry has to admit that the newcomer might Just a tad faster than the Scarlet Speedster.

Barry Allen was the second Flash, and he was one of the fastest Flashes of the time. Barry's feats of speed included beating Superman in races, traveling through time and space, and even across the multiverse, all of which earned Barry the title of world's fastest man for granted at the time. Both Barry and Jay Garrick's top speed are listed at 186,000 miles per second, Jay was able to reach this speed faster than Barry, but Barry was able to maintain it longer. This speed allows The Flash to beat Superman in a fight, especially since his top speed of 186,000 was a long time ago. Since then, Barry's top speed has undeniably improved.

Barry was so insanely fast it was hard to imagine anyone faster than him, but after a decisive race Barry had to admit defeat. readers finally understand See the speedster that beat Barry Allen in Bryan Hitch and Tony Salvador Daniel's Justice League #27. The Speedster who beat Barry is revealed to be Nora Allen, the hero known as Cruise. A heroine from a dark future ruled by villainous monarchs. The fact that Cruise could beat her father in the game, albeit by just a hair, isn't that surprising. Most superhero kids end up being better than their parents, like when Jon Kent proved himself to be Superman, his dad didn't even make it.

Cruise Just Barely Beat Barry In Their Race

While Barry Allen's speed is ridiculous, he mostly grew up in peacetime. While Barry is sure to stand up to supervillains, he's never afraid of being hunted down by villains who have taken over Earth. Since Cruise is from a dark future where Sovereign has taken over, she actually has to run away or be killed, which can make the Speedster very fast under the pressure. Couple that with the fact that most superhero kids end up being strong parents, like Jon Kent, and it's no surprise that Barry will lose this game. This isn't even the first time that the fastest Flash debate has ended without Barry being the winner.

Barry Allen was once the fastest man in the world, but over time Wally West and his own child Nora Allen have outpaced him, and there's nothing wrong with that. The Flash is an iconic legendary hero whose legacy comes faster and faster.

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