The Best PlayStation Games of 2022

PlayStation owners have a lot to enjoy this year, but the selection of various titles stands out from the rest as the cream of the crop.

As 2022 draws to a close, it's time to take a look back at all the best games released throughout the year, many from industry giant PlayStation's platform. If 2021 showed the promise of the PlayStation 5's first full year of release on the console, 2022 represents the system hitting its stride. More gamers got their hands on the elusive PS5, and new gamers and early adopters alike got the new game treatment, making the purchase worthwhile. Amid the various solid platform exclusives released on PS5 this year, a handful of classic titles have dominated console headlines.

2022 will be a good year for fans of the familiar PlayStation franchise, with several flagship releases adapting or following up critically acclaimed titles from previous generations. The performance boost from PS4 to PS5 gives developers an opportunity to think bigger than ever before, with dramatic improvements in graphics capabilities and load times from PS4 to PS5. Players looking for new games may want more original exclusives, but some new titles really shine. From the brutal wilderness of old Scandinavia to the mysterious On the unfamiliar streets of Tokyo, the PlayStation brings great achievements of all kinds to adventure.

God of War Ragnarok Delivers The Perfect Sequel

Released in 2018, God of War garnered praise for its reimagining of the beloved franchise, setting a high bar that would be difficult for any follow-up to meet. With Ragnarok, the Santa Monica studio delivered a sequel that met or exceeded those expectations. The title serves as the new flagship of the film's AAA storytelling, delving into the strengthened bond between Ragnarok protagonists Kratos and Atreus while expanding in scope and intensity. Despite sharing versions across console generations, the Santa Monica studio also showcased the impressive graphics the PlayStation 5 is capable of delivering recognizable human performances against a variety of incredible vistas.

Horizon Forbidden West Doubles Down On Machines

Ragnarok isn't the only flagship PlayStation sequel to reach new heights this year. Horizon Forbidden West returns to Horizon Zero Dawn's vision of a post-apocalyptic America, telling Eloy's story in a hostile new setting. While the most striking features of the Horizon world are the mechanical creatures that inhabit the land, Forbidden West doubles down on everything that makes machines interesting. Aloy's Spear is even better in Forbidden West, introducing new combos and complexities to machine combat, and she even gains the ability to pilot a flying machine later in the game. For players who like "Zero Dawn", "Forbidden West" is undoubtedly a popular game.

Stray Shows A Crumbling World Through A Cat's Eyes

Stray's gameplay centered around a cute cat got a lot of attention, but it earned a spot as the best PlayStation game of 2022 for being so much more than that. The game brings gorgeous vibes to sparkling life through the eyes of a feline, creating an immersive world filled with characters and stories that linger long after the credits wrap go. Players may also find themselves with watery eyes watching these titles, as Stray delivers a surprising but effective emotional punch. Come for the guarantee of getting around on the paws, stay for everything else.

The Last Of Us Part 1 Makes A Masterpiece Even Better

Although the initial revelation of The Last of Us Part 1's $70 price tag raised concerns about the value of the remake of the 2013 hit, the final product is well worth the money. TLOU Part 1 is not only a remake of the critically acclaimed PS3 game, but a brand new visual remake in a more advanced engine The Last of Us Part 2. The core gameplay may remain the same, but the immersive experience is boosted by being more realistic. It also sets a new standard for gaming accessibility, adding a variety of options to make it accessible to more people than ever before.

Ghostwire: Tokyo Finds A New Angle For Ghost Hunting

Ghostwire: Tokyo first made waves with a memorable reveal at Bethesda's E3 2019 showcase, and luckily, the game is as entertaining as its original trailer. The game represents a turnaround for Tango Gameworks' Sinister franchise, retaining the supernatural elements but losing the straight-up scares. Instead, Ghostwire: Tokyo focuses on the exploration of mysteriously uninhabited Shibuya, with beautiful settings that make up for the occasional feeling of emptiness. The core gameplay comes in the form of elemental combat that brings a fresh twist to FPS gameplay, and the story is full of great sequences that keep players coming back for more.

Of course, the five titles mentioned here aren't the only great PlayStation titles this year, just the ones that stood out the most. Players who have completed these highlights can enjoy more fun. racing car Fans can give priority to Gran Turismo 7, the latest entry in the long-running racing sim series. The possibilities expand when cross-platform play is considered, and indie fans may want to let Inscryption, which just ported to PS4 and PS5 in August 2022, shatter their expectations for a roguelike deck-building game. FromSoftware's open-world role-playing game Elden Ring provided many PlayStation owners with one of the best experiences of the year, even sharing it with the Xbox faithful.

PlayStation fans who haven't played the great games mentioned here may want to pick some priorities now, as 2023 promises more. Horizon Forbidden West will get DLC in the PS5-exclusive Burning Shores expansion and follow-up content in the VR spin-off Call of the Mountain. While Marvel's Spider-Man franchise doesn't have a 2022 release to contend for this year's best game, 2023 will unite Peter Parker and Miles Morales in Marvel's Spider-Man 2. Final Fantasy XIV offers JRPG fans a long-awaited remake of the title. Whether all of these games live up to their potential remains to be seen. For now, enough is enough to celebrate PlayStation games in 2022.

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