The Best Comic Couples of 2022

While some of the most exciting relationships in comics haven't had a chance to shine in 2022, fortunately, many series have explored the best of them.

The overwhelming disregard for romance in 2022 by the vast majority of shounen manga naturally complicates lists celebrating the best couples in manga. Plus, most of the already small number of series that have benefited enormously from featuring these types of relationships have focused on other aspects of their story this year, or have been building a story that never had the chance to happen in 2022. time. ^Unfortunately, The Blue Exorcist, which ended its hiatus almost midway in May 2022, never got a chance to explore the deepening relationship between Rin and Shiemi, as the Vatican brought Shiemi to the mysterious Saiku Palace , where she's been learning about her true purpose since Chapter 99.5 (which comes out in 2020). In fact, it was in Chapter 99.5 that she finally confessed her feelings for Rin, and in Chapter 114, seeing Rin's face during a brief visit to the palace made her feel a lot better. When Rin confessed his feelings for her and was rejected by her, it was already a huge 180 degree turn. And then there's the likes of My Hero Academia, which, despite the lack of coverage, is clearly stepping up to explore Deku and Ochako Uraraka's relationship in the past year or more.

Without a doubt, the greatest couple in shonen manga, Black Clover's Asta and Noelle, met the same fate, though at least another romance from the same series shines through. Here's a list of the greatest comic book couples of 2022.

The back and forth between Momo Ayase and Okarun since the start of manga artist Yukinobu Tatsu's incredibly wild and random Dandadan in Shonen Jump It's been intense. Neither of them realize they like each other at first, not even the nerdy Okarun, who's just more excited to have a real friend.

Momo Ayase and Okarun (Dandadan)

Despite random fight after random fight in 2022, Dan DaDan took time to focus on Momo's feelings for O'Kalen on a number of occasions. The most touching thing happened in the 78th chapter, the monster Kashima Reiko pretended to be O'Karen, in order to get Momo to leave her room, he said that he was willing to watch the night for her out of love. On the contrary, Momo's reaction exposed her true feelings. Not only did she blush, but she also asked him to tell her in person, and almost ran away Seeing him, as she realized, there was no way she could sleep unless she heard him actually say it. Aside from her humorous reaction when the real Okarun tells her that he didn't come to her last night, the rest of the romantic moment is comedy, and Momo is frustrated with the eccentric and beautiful alien Vamoli trying to marry Okarun, while Okarun Clearly enjoying the attention.

Although Andy the Undead hasn't been seen since Fuko Izumo's return to the past, the moment the two of them shared prior to this reset is landmark. In one of the best manga moments of 2021, Andy the Undead's affection and treatment of Fuko improved a lot. Fuuko's unlucky powers are Andy's only hope of achieving the death he so desperately wants, and since touching her inappropriately increases the attacks Fuuko inadvertently unleashes on him, Andy basically attacks her in many chapters and is their relationship Foundation. But he quickly comes to respect her, and even seems to forget about wanting to die, creating a powerful image that love can change how people feel over millions of years.

Undead Andy and Fuuko Izumo (Undead Unluck)

But in 2022 This dynamic is completely broken in Undead Unluck Chapter 94, with Andy reviving his desire for death and basing his future interactions with Fuuko on the pursuit of death. Fortunately, this appears to be just an excuse, as Fengzi's subsequent arrest causes Andy to drop everything to save her. And, of course, their reunion in Chapter 117 is thrilling. So even though Andy hasn't been seen since Fuuko entered the past, seeing Fuuko do for others is just as moving as what Andy once did for her, and seeing Fuuko firmly Trust that he will come to her, even if he hasn't appeared in this new timeline yet.

Overall, the greatest couple in Black Clover is Noelle and Asta, because Noelle really admits her true feelings for him, making her more than just an ignorant tsundere. All of this is heightened by the fact that her feelings for Asta are part of a larger love triangle that includes Mimosa, and that will only end in at least one complete breakdown. While this is all happening in 2021, Noelle (and Mimosa) do have some standout moments in 2022, Like when they spied on Asta as he proposed to his true love, sister Lily, for the last time, especially in Black Clover chapter 335, and their reactions when they saw the love of their lives ostensibly dead before their eyes.

Yami and Charlotte (Black Clover)

But Black Clover put more emphasis on Yami and Charlotte's relationship in 2022. Like Ashtar, Yami is completely unaware of her feelings, and Charlotte has been trying to hide this from Yami and her squad. But then the series threw not one, but two curveballs. First, Charlotte confesses her feelings for Yami in Chapter 330 of Black Clover because she thought he was dead, but, of course, he wakes him up. Then, two chapters later, Masami unexpectedly learns how she really feels about him, which heightens the tension in their strange relationship. It's almost akin to Asta finding out that Noelle loves him. Readers seeing Yami's reaction to this revelation is pretty surreal for those who have been waiting for this development for years.

The most haunted couple in all of manga makes the most strides before Studio Gaga embarks on the daunting task of continuing Berserk following the tragic and unexpected death of Kentaro Miura It's been a few years since Kaska's near-catatonic state led her to adopt the personality of her alter ego Elaine. Kaska's consciousness was restored by her two companions. But even if Casca finally came back, she couldn't continue her relationship with Gus, because just seeing him would send her into uncontrollable fear.

Guts and Casca (Berserk)

Despite serious complications, Kaska returned to normal. But then, in 2022, Griffith, the man who crushed her, not only made Casca unconscious, but also captured her. Although later chapters will see Guts having a nervous breakdown as his sword fails, the reader can't forget the haunting look on Guts' face as Griffith takes Casca away. Guts and Casca may be tragic, but they're still one of the best comic book couples of 2022.

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