The Best Animated TV Shows of 2022

2022 will be a great year for animated TV in both East and West, and here are ten of the best animated TV shows to air this year.

Whether it's a returning hit or a brand new one, the shows that include the best animated TV shows of 2022 have a lot to offer. 2021 will be a great year for animation in both East and West. Critically acclaimed shows have either continued their stories or ended them on a satisfying note, and new shows that have been released have all managed to stand out and either fit well into their medium or offer something entirely new.

2022 is no different in that regard, and the best animated TV show it has to offer is a mix of old and new. All content listed is available for streaming on Netflix, Disney+ and other streaming services. They're all wrapped up in a great story or cast, great art and animation, or some combination of the two. Of course, just because it didn't make the list doesn't mean it's bad, but here are ten animated TV shows that stand out for a variety of reasons.

1/10 Primal

Genndy Tartakovsky's Primitives is finally back for a second season, and it was finally worth the wait. Like season 1, each episode of this season features top-notch action and animation, Highlights the bloody and violent atmosphere of the series. Of course, this stands in stark contrast to the emotional highs of the season. Whether it's Spear and Mira's relationship, or Fang starting her new family, Genndy Tartakovsky's Primal always delivers its emotional beat, even in the bittersweet ending of Spear and Fang's ending.

What makes Primitives season 2 particularly good is of course the extensive work done on the extended scenes. With the appearance of gods, other nations, and an episode that flashed back to the era of Charles Darwin, season 2 did a lot to establish just how big its universe was. The scale up makes Primal's story even bigger, and with Spear and Fang's story done, it does a good job of opening up so many new possibilities for the show, all of which are sure to be a treat.

2/10 Spy X Family

The Spy x Family manga has always been held in high regard, and the anime perfectly sums up why. Wit Studio's Spy x Family is a comedy-heavy show with something great in every episode Slapstick or generally funny dialogue. But of course, true to its name, the show is filled with plenty of heartfelt family moments that demonstrate what a strong family the Forgers are, even if they don't admit it themselves.

Comedy and family are the highlights of Spy x Family, but another important part of the show is the animation. Each episode has incredible art and animation, and the animation even creates completely original stories that seem to exist only for the animators to show off. Spy x Family's story is already great, but Wit Studio's extra focus on each episode takes it to a whole new level.

3/10 Tales Of The Jedi

The Legend of the Jedi on Disney+ is Dave Filoni's latest animated Star Wars project, and it's on full display here at the same level of quality as in his previous work. The 3D art and animation look just as good as Filoni's other projects, and everything has a stylized feel that makes good use of the medium. In addition to this there are stories from the anthology series that do a good job of fleshing out several select characters from the Star Wars canon, including giving Yaddle Her first notable story in the Disney canon.

Of the various stories in the series, the most notable is the story of Count Dooku in Star Wars. After being largely underdeveloped in earlier stories, Jedi Legends finally explored the character of Dooku. The result is a tragic figure who falls to the dark side for a truly good deed. For that alone, the series is worth watching, and with any luck, it won't be the only time Star Wars does this kind of character work.

4/10 Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba

2022 saw Demon Slayer: Demon Slayer: Demon Slayer: Kim Slayer: Kim Slayer: Yaiba finally pick up its story after Mugen Train, and Season 2 is arguably the show's best yet. Not only are Tengen, Daki, and Gytaro great characters, but the way they relate to Tanjiro and his friends is also well worth watching, both through comedic moments and by testing the heroes' resolve. This resulted in everyone getting the most development they had in the story, and it was satisfying to see everyone grow so much in Demon Slayer season 2.

Of course, the biggest attraction of "Demon Slayer: Blade" lies in the art and animation, and Like the story, "Entertainment Zone" has the best in anime so far. Every scene is of high quality, with some of the fight scenes in the second half of the season surpassing some of the best work from the first season and Infinity Train. Studio Ufotable really outdid themselves with the "Entertainment District" arc, and with any luck, the upcoming "Sword Forging Village" arc will take the visual spectacle even further.

5/10 Rick And Morty

Rick and Morty airs its sixth season in 2022, and while much of it is in familiar territory for the show, there are some noteworthy changes. For starters, Rick and Morty season 6's comedy is as good as ever, mixing witty dialogue and pop culture references, all of which end up being often laughable. Plus, the comedy is paired with the occasional truly heartwarming moment that always adds a lightness to the show, especially when they involve Rick.

This is the biggest reason why Rick and Morty season 6 is so good: the cynicism is noticeably less. Rick and Morty has always had an element of cynicism, but it only got worse over time A combination of darker storylines and increasingly critical audience meta-commentary. Season 6 still had those moments, but as a whole it felt lighter than previous seasons of Adult Swim's Rick and Morty, and seemed less concerned with attacking viewers. All of this made season 6 feel like a breath of fresh air, and with any luck, season 7 will continue that trend.

6/10 Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War

After its abrupt cancellation in 2012, Bleach's animation returned with its final arc, Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War, and returned in incredible style. Bleach's art was completely refreshed from the original anime, not only looking fresh but more in line with the manga. And with that came the animation; every episode of Blood Wars featured incredible animation that surpassed the original, making it one of the most visually appealing of the season.

Of course, the story deserves credit too. 2022's Reaper: Millennium Blood War is packed with the kind of drama one would expect from a long-running end, with characters pushed to their limits in every episode, and occasionally some Comedy to balance things out. One of Bleach's strong points has always been its character writing, and the fact that the animation has seamlessly returned after being off the air for so long is a testament to its quality.

7/10 Amphibia

Amphibia's third and final season ends in 2022, and luckily, it managed to end on a high note. The second half of the season was mostly devoted to crafting the finale, but it brought back many old characters and finally resolved many plot threads. It also provides more vehicle for the strong character writing of Matt Braly's Amphibia, allowing for some great dialogue and additional character development towards the end of the series.

Everything comes to a head in the two-part series finale, which perfectly brings out Amphibia at her best. In addition to having incredible action and music, every story beat the show has developed over the years has some sort of payoff in the finale, making the show almost impossible to end. Even better is the emotional aspect, since all themes of the show are family and friendship Every scene is brilliantly illustrated. All in all, Amphibians ends up admirably taking each of its core elements to the extreme.

8/10 Chainsaw Man

Studio MAPPA's Saw Man was highly anticipated even before its official release, and the finished product is a testament to the level of hype. Chainsaw Man has a story that prides itself on gore and surrealism, which is well complemented by the ridiculous nature of its cast. Every character is written to be completely unhinged in some way. Not only does this fit the tone of the series, but it also helps make the moments when they show some degree of heart or vulnerability all the more precious.

Of course, Saw's visual aesthetic accentuates all of this. Every scene in Chainsaw Man, whether it's an intense action scene or a quiet character moment, features incredible cinematography, animation, and photography usually only found in anime films. Studio MAPPA has been considered one of the top anime studios for years, and 2022's Saw Man is easily their best work yet.

9/10 The Owl House

The Owl House wraps up its second season and begins its third in 2022, and both saw the show was taken to greater heights. In the second half of season 2, the show continued to create deeper stories from the first half, tackling darker themes than the show's first few installments, while still managing to develop both old and new characters and achieve family themes. Throw in some great fight scenes and a deeper exploration of the LGBTQ+ elements of the show, and season 2 ends on a high note.

The House of Owls season 3 picks up where season 2 left off, and while only one episode has been released, it's off to a good start. The season 3 premiere capped off season 2's depressing finale well, highlighting the cast's sense of desperation, which was perfectly summed up by Luz's low mood throughout the episode. Of course, it makes it all the more satisfying for everyone to get back into the action at the climax, so the premiere can end on a brilliant note setting up the final stretch of the series.

10/10 Mob Psycho 100

Mob Psycho 100 has always been highly regarded for its story and animation, and Its final season culminated in all of that. Whether it's the fight scenes or the surrealism, 100% Psychic Season 3 has always been known for its incredible animation, surpassing most other animations in this season, and even surpassing the show's previous seasons. Studio Bones is known for producing high-quality anime such as Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood and My Hero Academia, so the standards for 100% Psychic are similar.

Not only that, of course, but the conclusion of the gangster's character development has always been central to the show. The growth of the mob has been the main focus of the show, and seeing the total payoff here is incredibly satisfying, and speaks to how well the characters are written in the series. The fact that Mobster's growth came to an end in such a delightful way, giving Bone Studios' Psionic Gangster 100 a stellar finale, is enough to justify being one of the best animated TV shows of 2022.

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