The 9 Best (and Dramatic) Weddings on 'Sex and the City'

Sex and the City is known for its style and dramatic antics, including some memorable and bombastically fabulous weddings.

With a second season of And Just Like That set to air in 2023, Sex and the City remains a huge part of pop culture. Nearly 20 years after its end, the show has cemented itself as a TV classic and synonymous with New York City with two films and a subsequent reboot.

The show was known for its incredible fashion, groundbreaking depictions of female sexuality, and dramatic antics that kept audiences captivated on screen. Weddings have played a major role in the series, and are often a part of Sex and the City's most iconic storylines. While some of these weddings are undoubtedly festive occasions, others are the perfect setting to stir up some much-appreciated drama.

Carrie & Big's Actual Wedding

Carrie and Big's relationship is long, intricate, and full of unnecessary drama. The two love each other, but their inability to communicate is causing most of their problems. In the first movie, Big leaves Carrie at the altar, but the two eventually find their way back to each other.

Their wedding at the end of the first film is short, sweet, and intimate. It's the intimacy they've always wanted, a drama and spectacle-free event. they celebrate Become friends afterwards, but their real ritual is only for the two of them. Carrie and Big may be known for their lavish lifestyles, but their relationship is always strongest when they strip.

Brooke & Bill's Wedding

Brooke is a character who only appears in one episode of SATC. However, her intervention makes sense, as her wedding sets the stage for the episode. The core four, all dressed in black, attend a lavish and opulent Upper East Side wedding, where the bride tells Carrie, "It's always better to marry someone who loves you more than they love them."

Telephone Out of nowhere, Carrie was visibly uncomfortable. Still, the wedding scene is gorgeous in a late-90s way, even if it only lasts a few minutes. The ladies' costumes are also memorable, as Carrie puts them "looking like the witches of Eastwick".

Anthony & Stanford's Wedding

It's no exaggeration to call Sex and the City 2 one of the worst movie sequels of all time. It's an unnecessary, unrealistic over-exercise, exemplified by Anthony and Stanford's wedding.

Two friends and foes tie the knot in a ridiculously over-the-top wedding full of clich├ęs and stereotypes. There were swans, pigeons, a gay choir singing "Sunrise, Sunset," and even Liza Minelli. Nothing particularly interesting happens during the wedding, raising further questions about its presence in the film. However, when it comes to grand and elaborate SatC weddings, this one has the upper hand.

Charlotte & Harry's Wedding

Charlotte's second wedding was awkward but loving. It's not as scandalous as her first, but it's full of trouble and misunderstandings that undermine Charlotte's desire for perfection. However, this is what makes it perfect. Charlotte will never have a fairy tale, because she has something better: a real bond with a real man.

Like her relationship with Harry, Charlotte's wedding was not what she imagined. There were awkward moments when even the rabbi cringed and Miranda's handwritten speech went viral. However, at the end of the day, it's Charlotte and Harry's love that matters. The wedding was more comedic than dramatic, but equally memorable.

Miranda & Steve's Wedding

Known for her cynical attitude toward relationships, marriage, and other customs, Miranda is the show's resident realist. So seeing her marry her longtime love Steve was one of the most unexpected things to happen to SATC.

However, this is hardly something that comes for free. Their relationship makes sense and is the closest the show has ever come to a "destined" relationship. Their wedding, like theirs, was low-key and simple, but sincere and honest. The occasion took a dramatic turn when Samantha revealed her cancer diagnosis to Charlotte and Miranda, but the wedding itself wasn't as dramatic as Miranda wanted it to be.

Bitsy & Bobby's Wedding

The season 5 finale featured the wedding of cabaret singer Bobby Fine (who many believe is gay) and wealthy heiress Bitsy Von Muffling. This episode was kind of mean because everyone was talking about how Bobby was faking bluntness and how Bitsy settled down because she was afraid of growing old alone.

However, the ceremony is moving enough to convince women that there might be something real between the couple, even if it is not traditional romantic love. Each lead character is dealing with some personal drama that makes the wedding a bittersweet experience. However, it's also one of the sweetest rituals on the show, and a perfect testament to love in all its forms.

Madeline & Jeremy's Wedding

In the season 2 episode "Chicken Dance", the ladies attend the wedding of a couple who have been together for only a year around. As always, the wedding becomes the backdrop for each woman's problems, with Miranda frustrated because the groom used to be her friend, and Charlotte becoming anxious because another woman married before her.

However, Carrie is at the center of the story as she realizes that her relationship with Bigger may be going nowhere because he cannot give her what she wants. In a pivotal scene in the episode, she reads a touching poem to the couple as she realizes how wrong Bigger and she are with each other. It might not be a loud and dramatic scene, but it's a meaningful moment in Carrie's storyline.

Charlotte & Trey's Wedding

Sex and the City's Charlotte-centric episodes are always memorable and dramatic, but her wedding to Trey is perhaps the most iconic, as she only recently discovered Trey's relationship problems. However, Carrie's admission of her infidelity to Aidan is the icing on the dramatic cake.

Carrie and Aidan's breakup was painful, but it also made sense. But even more heartbreaking is watching Charlotte step into a marriage that everyone knows was doomed from the start. The episode puts the show's two romantics at the center, but neither is at the top, so Bittersweet ending^ Arguably one of the most overblown moments in Sex and the City history occurred during Carrie and Bigger's failed wedding in the first film. After he flinched away, a heartbroken Carrie confronted him in the street, crying and screaming at him and hitting him with her bouquet.

Carrie & Big's Failed Wedding

A lot, even for Sex and the City, but this movie takes it all. The conflict is a classic case of Carrie and Big not communicating and letting things implode. Their wedding would not have ended so badly if the two had talked about things sanely. It's a good show for the big screen, but it makes the relationship between Bigger and Carrie even more toxic than it already is.

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