The 17 best claymore movies of all time, ranked

Claymation is one of the most unique animation styles. Some of the movies that use it are classics and these are the best.

Claymation is an art style centered on the complex and creative construction of clay characters. Through stop motion animation (although typical animation has been known to be combined with clay animation in some cases), the style is unique and charming.

Although this method of animation is time-consuming and relatively rare today due to advances in animation technology, it is undeniable that some outstanding films are based on Claymation.

A Matter Of Loaf And Death (2008)

The Aardman Wallace and Gromit Clay animated film hit after theatrical film The Curse of the Man Rabbit was called A Question of Bread and Death. The movie is also one of the least popular of the series, though it's good in every way.

It's a murder mystery that Wallace and Gromit tackle when they start a new bakery business. The problem is that the killer is murdering the baker. While it didn't receive the same critical acclaim as others, it was still nominated for an Oscar and earned Aardman Studios a Bafta and Annie Awards. When Aardman released it on BBC-One TV on Christmas Day, more than 14 million people watched it.

Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer (1964)

UPDATE: 2022/12/25 00:30 EST BY SHAWN S. LEALOS

While technically this is not claymation, Rankin-Bass' work has a similar format holiday movie. This includes Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. Instead of clay, the figures are made of wood and then sent through the same stop-motion animation technique that has been used in beloved clay-animated movies for years.

The technique is not clay animation, but is called "Animagic", consisting of puppet figures made of wood. That opened the door for the company to produce Christmas movies that are still beloved by fans today, including Santa Claus Is Coming to Town.

The Boxtrolls (2014)

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The Boxtrolls is one of the few claymore-animated films in recent years that wasn't produced by the geniuses at Aardman Studios. Its response isn't overwhelming, but Ben Kingsley, Richard Ayodd and Simon Pegg show up just right.

The unique setting meant that the creative use of clay models and animation was well suited to the film. Given its unusual approach, it even got its premiere during the 2014 Venice Film Festival.

The Adventures Of Mark Twain (1985)

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Strange and Unusual is an extremely understatement when it comes to The Adventures of Mark Twain. In this film, the titular author is the pilot of a steampunk blimp and is joined by Tom Sawyer, Huck Finn and Becky Thatcher It appears to be a collision course with Halley's Comet.

The rest of the episode is about the kids meeting other characters in his work. It's weird, to be sure, but totally worth a watch.

ParaNorman (2012)

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The creepy effort from the same studio that brought you The Boxtrolls, ParaNorman, is a surprisingly dark effort for a film aimed at children. It took some creative leaps in the making, combining stop-motion clay animation with 3D-printed faces for each character.

In addition to being a leap forward from a production standpoint, ParaNorman was also revolutionary in its representation. It introduced the first openly gay character in a mainstream animated film in the form of Mickey Mouse. Without fanfare or intentional attention, this reveal is one of the subtle reasons why ParaNorman is such a good, forward-looking release.

Mary And Max (2009)

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Arguably the least known critically acclaimed claymation film. A low-budget, semi-comedy Australian production with a relatively tenuous cast and a timid opening, it was recognized for its emotionally driven storyline and dark content.

It took a long time to make, and a large number of sets, puppets, and props were combined together The result is an artistically colossal film filled with complex themes of addiction, mental illness and loneliness. A poignant version, well worth a watch.

Wallace And Gromit: The Curse Of The Were-Rabbit (2005)

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The Wallace And Gromit series is full of gems, but their feature film The Curse Of The Were-Rabbit shows how they turned a short-based series into a feature film that was universally praised for its expansion on an already excellent concept. ability.

Modeled after various horror films, The Curse of the Were Rabbit entertains kids and engages adults through its mature storytelling, with the classic appeal of the rest of the series. According to fans of the medium, it's still one of the best stop-motion movies.

Chicken Run (2000)

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While news of Chicken Run 2 is slowly being wrapped up (even though it's apparently in the works), one thing fans can agree on is that the original Chicken Run was a fantastic movie.

Thanks to a partnership between DreamWorks and Aardman, Chicken Run was able to gather an excellent supporting cast including Mel Gibson and Timothy Spall. Above all, a great screenplay and story is Touching, heart-wrenching and hilarious all at the same time. No wonder it's the highest-grossing stop-motion animation film of all time.

A Close Shave (1995)

Going back to the Wallace And Gromit series and its 1995 classic A Close Shave, it's clear that Aardman is the undisputed king of claymation animation. The late Peter Sallis is as good as ever with silent visual jokes as Wallace (human) and Gromit (surprisingly, not anthropomorphic like most anime) Brilliantly, this half-hour special has become the best short film since it first aired.

It also introduced Justin Fletcher as Shaun the Lamb. Sean went on to have his own successful franchise, while Fletcher voiced the iconic animal for 24 years.

Vincent (1982)

This short film tells how Tim Burton started making Walt Disney animation and was fired for being too dark. Vincent was inspired by Edgar Allan Poe and set his sights on the imagination of a young boy who loved the mysterious and creepy, just like the director himself.

While not exactly what people call nightmare fuel, it does showcase Disney's darker side Few see it now. Plus, it's in Burton's signature style, narrated by Vincent Price.

Frankenweenie (2012)

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Any Disney fan who knows Burton's history with the company knows that it was too dark for the studio to let him leave the original Frankenstein. So how ironic is it that Disney later asked the director to make a full-length movie based on this "shameful" short?

Frankenweenie is not just a stop-motion adaptation of one of Burton's early shorts, but a love letter to the golden age of horror movies. Burton is doing what he does best.

Corpse Bride (2005)

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Tim Burton seems to have a knack for stop-motion cinema, but when that medium is paired with a creepy delightful musical, take a step back! Corpse Bride has all the makings of a gothic Broadway musical, with a touch of Burton's signature eccentricity.

Wide-eyed characters, outrageously interesting color palette, music by Danny Elfman, and Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter ), the director's palette has it all. It ranks among the best stop-motion animated horror films.

The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993)

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Arguably the most famous claymore movie of all time, The Nightmare Before Christmas Take all the good parts of Halloween and all the good parts of Christmas and turn them into all the good parts of clay animation.

It's rare to see something built on such a creepy character use such a captivating art style, but when our screens slowly fill with the twisted, slippery movements of the main characters, we can understand why. unique approach.

The Pirates! In An Adventure With Scientists (2012)

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Despite the long, unappealing title, it's no secret that pirates! The world of claymation is star-studded in an adventure with a scientist. Leading an incredible British cast including Hugh Grant, David Tennant, Imelda Staunton and Martin Freeman, the movie was a hit, if not a box-office hit .

This minds over from Aardman Studios is their first stop motion film since The Curse Of The Were-Rabbit. This is also their first 3D movie. While the Wallace And Gromit series always looked great, this movie really pushed the limits of clay animation.

Shaun The Sheep Movie (2015)

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From his conception in A Close Shave, Shaun The Sheep embarks on his own world-class quest. he has his own (very popular) tv show Aimed at children, a spinoff called Timmy Time was made based on characters from the show (for younger kids), and finally a feature film.

Despite being largely silent, it was an instant hit with adults and children alike. An impressive feat, considering it leaves a lot of the humor coming from visual aids rather than lines. It even spawned a 2019 sequel, which was equally well-received.

The Wrong Trousers (1993)

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The greatest claymation animation of all time returns for the last time with Wallace and Invincible. Given the maturity and confident production of the short, fans could be forgiven for not realizing that this is only the second entry in the Wallace & Gromit franchise.

The titular duo confronts an evil penguin who uses one of Wallace's inventions, the Techno Pants, against him. In a really clever plot, Penguin (McGraw the Feather) forces Wallace to rob a diamond, and then Wallace and Gromit use their inventiveness and teamwork to finally imprison the mischievous McGraw.

Coraline (2009)

Adapted from the novel by the legendary Neil Gaiman, and brought to life by The Nightmare Before Christmas director Henry Selick in this terrifyingly twisted fairy tale. coral orchid is not It's just one of Studio Laika's most visually impressive, yet one of the most disturbing and beautiful animated films, a stop-motion film that scarred childhood.

Whether they're a fan of the book or just anime fans who like a healthy dose of the weird in their films, this delightful entry into an alternate universe is something anime fans won't soon forget .

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