The 10 Best Pokémon Anime Series, Ranked

With Xiaozhi withdrawing from the Pokémon series, another work in the series is also drawing to a close. How do the various Pokémon anime stack up against each other?

Ash's journey will officially end on December 23, and many Pokémon fans aren't ready to say goodbye just yet. While this is the end of his long adventure, it's far from the end of Pokémon. A new animated series will start in 2023, focusing on two new protagonists from the Pardia region.

Ash plays the main character in most of the main series in various Pokémon anime. However, his series isn't the only one, there are other great Pokémon anime that tell different stories from the Pokémon world, often with closer adaptations of video games.

Evolutions (2021)

Pokémon Evolutions, the spiritual successor to Pokémon Generations, animates specific scenes or concepts directly from video games. There will be eight episodes in total, each focusing on a Pokémon region at the time.

Many of these episodes, such as the title, offer unique perspectives on characters that help reinforce and amplify important moments in the franchise. Beautiful animation paired with its unique Pokémon storytelling also help propel it to one of the best Pokémon franchises.

Twilight Wings (2020)

Pokémon Twilight Wings is the perfect anime series for any fan Sword and Shield video games to watch. The first seven of the eight episodes are prequels to the story of the Sword and Shield game.

The final episode itself takes place after the main story, showing what Leon does after losing his title position. These episodes add depth to the Galar region and help better showcase various characters like Leon, Chairman Rose, and Oleana.

XY (2013-2016)

Pokémon XY has seen a resurgence among fans of the anime series, and while many Pokémon fans are not fans of the Pokémon X and Y video games, they do find the anime series more appealing. Especially the amazing and much loved Mega Evolution.

In each Pokémon series, Ash usually has a new main antagonist. One of his new opponents is fan-favorite trainer Alan, one of the most powerful Pokémon trainers in the anime, and his ace Pokémon has a charizard that can mega-evolve. Aran had a major impact on the series, being the only anime original character to later appear in the Final Eight tournament alongside Ash.

Advanced Generation (2002-2006)

Pokémon Advanced Generation is the great next step The next Pokémon series as it takes Ash's journey to the Hoenn region. This series is one of the most notable in Ash's character development, as he becomes less arrogant and more of a humble Pokémon trainer.

Ash fought some of his most memorable fights, especially in Battle Frontier, such as Ash's rematch with Brandon in Battle Pyramid. The important lessons Ash learns in this series also carry over nicely into the next series.

Journeys (2019-2022)

Pokémon Journeys gives way to one of the most exciting events ever for the anime series - the Big Eight Masters at the end of the World Coronation Series. The competition saw champions from various regions fighting to win and become the monarch.

Fans of pure video games may even join in to watch, as they are familiar with most of the champions in the game. This match is the perfect end to Ash's journey and becoming the most powerful trainer in the world after fighting Leon in the best match of Pokémon Journeys.

Hisuian Snow (2022)

Pokémon Hisuian Snow is a 3-episode series focusing on the Hisuian region in Pokémon Legend: Arceus. This vibrant and colorful anime series is one of the best ever made for Pokémon, and does a great job of adding lore and stories to world players familiar in Legends: Arceus as Alpha Pokémon .

The show does a good job of showing the struggle between Pokémon and humans and how difficult it is for the two of them to coexist, which is also portrayed throughout the game. This is also the only chance for fans to see some of the best Hisuian Pokémon forms from Legends: Arceus in the anime.

The Original Series (1997-2002)

It's hard to top the original Pokémon series, but it's still one of the best Pokémon series of all time. It contains all seasons located in the Kanto and Johto regions. There's nothing like experiencing the Indigo League for the first time.

Indigo League is the perfect starting point for any Pokémon fan, new to the fan or not. It's a great introduction to the world of Pokémon and is one of the most passionate and loyal projects ever made for the franchise. When Ash Ketchum exits, many fans will re-watch the series from here main character.

Diamond & Pearl (2006-210)

The Pokémon Diamond and Pearl animated series has long been considered the best of the Ash series. Overall, this era has been popular with Pokémon Platinum, one of the best Pokémon games, joining Diamond & Pearl as a fan favorite.

Diamond & Pearl's fight is one of the funniest in the series, with more tactics and strategy involved. The story is one of the best laid out, and there are tons of foreshadowing and details throughout the series that make up big moments later in the series.

Generations (2016)

Pokémon Generations is an 18-episode series covering various major events throughout the Pokémon video game franchise. While it's not as narrative-oriented as the average anime series, it's a nice homage to the Pokémon video games.

The animation is gorgeous, surpassing even many official Pokémon movies in quality. Fans of the video game and franchise need to check this out to watch characters like Blue, N, and Barry make some of the coolest Pokémon opponents, and others act in new ways they've never seen before Lance on an infiltration mission.

Origins (2013)

Pokémon Origins is an anime series that fans have been asking for for years. The anime has four episodes covering the events of the Kanto video game. It's a nostalgic trip for video game fans, with great combat and an excellent portrayal of red and blue.

While the animation was able to showcase iconic moments from the original video game, it was also able to showcase new concepts, such as the much-loved mega evolution, in which Red's Charizard mega first evolves during his battle with Mewtwo. This is the best anime series in the Pokémon franchise, and more series like this need to come out.

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