The 10 Best Comics Influenced by Dungeons and Dragons

Dungeons and Dragons has been a huge influence on the fantasy genre in all its forms, and these comics clearly take some inspiration from tabletop games.

Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves is set to launch in 2023, and fans continue to eagerly await its release. For the Dungeons & Dragons series, though, there's more going on on the pages, with Critical Role's Vox Machina series entering its third volume. For viewers waiting to delve deeper into these areas of the franchise, there are plenty of other comics to explore.

Whether directly inspired by the series, or perhaps influenced in some way by the tabletop experience, these D&D-infused comics are sure to hit on the same themes, tropes, and character archetypes, keeping readers in the mood for further movement.

Amazing Fantasy (2021-2022)

Fantastic Fantasy has been an important title in Marvel history, but it was reimagined by Kyle Andrews as a true fantasy series rather than another outlet for superhero antics. The result takes some of Marvel's most famous characters into another realm.

With traditional technology out of the way, many storytelling elements, including quests and faction wars between goblins and humans, are directly inspired by Dungeons and Dragons itself. Game fans will find tons of links Between this miniseries and their campaign.

Advanced Dungeons & Dragons (1988-1991)

While many D&D fans are used to their Dungeon Masters playing tricks, for Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, it was DC Comics pulling the strings behind the scenes, a series of creatives for this ongoing saga officially set in the D&D landscape made a contribution.

It is now a retro classic of the series, with a larger arc featuring a party traveling through the Forgotten Realms, punctuated by a series of smaller arcs featuring familiar monsters and magical clashes. It incorporates all the important aspects of D&D that players love, and results in a concise and beautiful story.

Elric: The Balance Lost (2012)

Elric is a character created by Michael Moorcock, who appears in novels and comics as the protagonist of Sword and Sandals, with some direct connections to Dungeons and Dragons itself. There are too many great races to name, but BOOM is out of balance! Studio is a real standout.

Written by Chris Roberson and illustrated by Francesco Biagini, the reader is transported to multiple field, because Elric is one of those destined to make a difference. building blocks The classic campaign has it all, including a series of weird character backstories.

Chronicles Of Conan (2003-2017)

Conan the Barbarian holds a special place in the history of Dungeons and Dragons, as he is one of the characters from the standalone fantasy series and has been included in official D&D media and the actual campaign. Conan's role in the sword and sandals genre is legendary.

Of all his comics, Dark Horse Comics' Chronicles of Conan was the most influential on the character. While other publishers took turns working with the protagonist, it was this round that successfully encapsulated the essence of Conan, bringing the protagonist into the modern age through expert narrative construction.

Critical Role: Vox Machina Origins (2017-)

Critical Role is no stranger to D&D fans, and the team has produced a plethora of high-quality campaigns that have been told through their podcasts and popular Quest episodes. The Critical Role franchise continues to grow, and Vox Machina Origins is an example of their influence in comics.

A prequel to the web series, published by D&D's venerable Dark Horse Comics, created by Matthew Mercer and produced by a series of producers Talents. The D&D-inspired series is hilarious, emotionally compelling, and perfectly engaging with the characters in Critical Role.

The Defenders (2021-2022)

While this isn't a Dungeons & Dragons tie-in without classic monsters or campaigns, recent runs of The Defenders have been overhauled and influenced by D&D. The teams themselves are now made up of different classes, summarized according to their abilities and selected via a deck of cards.

The team explores the realm in their own quest, which happens to have a Marvel background. Created by Al Ewing and artist Javier Rodriguez, this misfit band has many surprises awaiting them as they attempt to please fate and reverse the wrath of the upcoming Galactus clan.

Stranger Things And Dungeons & Dragons (2020-2021)

D&D has been entrenched in Stranger Things lore since season one. The characters in the show continue to carry out their activities, and their quests mirror the real-world adventures they end up taking. Tabletop gaming has embraced this connection.

With the Dungeons & Dragons expansion, which includes Stranger Things, IDW Publishing has partnered with D&D to publish a comic. miniseries These two worlds are brought together through the writing of Jody Houser and the art of Jim Zub and Diego Galindo, transforming the characters into their imagined heroes.

Rick And Morty Vs. Dungeons & Dragons (2018-2019)

On IDW Publishing, they didn't stop at surprising crossovers, which involved Rick and Morty. The show previously hosted an episode parallel to Tabletop Experience and Rick and Morty Wars. Dungeons and Dragons tries to take this concept a step further.

The original was so popular that a sequel was released, and game expansions followed. Writers Patrick Rothfuss and Jim Zub teamed up with artist Troy Little to create a story that tells the story of the Smith family being pulled into a mock D&D campaign.

Dungeons & Dragons: Fell's Five (2010-2012)

Whether it's harrowing player backstories, strange monsters, magic cults, or traditional quest parties, IDW Publishing's Dungeons & Dragons comics manage to encapsulate everything audiences love about the fantasy game franchise.

These include Fell's Five, one of IDW's original comics and later expanded to several other titles. including dwarves, elves, and A halfling embarks on a quest with narrative-twisting secrets and hilarious conflicts, the series was created by writer John Rogers and backed by a massive team of artists, running for 15 issues.

DIE (2018-2021)

Few comics take on the genre of games D&D belongs to, but Kieron Gillen's DIE and Stephanie Hans' illustrations do, a group of players drawn into the role-playing games they loved in their youth, as they try to rescue a formerly abandoned friend.

Part sci-fi and fantasy, part horror, with a side event in which the player can participate. Image Comics' 20 issues are a fascinating depiction of this D&D-esque universe, with the Realm itself shaped like a 20-sided die. The comic includes many structures in Dungeons and Dragons, from the inn to the dungeon itself.

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