Teen Wolf movie TikTok video imagines Dylan O'Brien's Stiles return

Teen Wolf: The Movie gets a fun TikTok reimagining that focuses on the return of Dylan O'Brien as fan-favorite Styles Stillinski.

The fan-made Teen Wolf: The Movie TikTok imagines Dylan O'Brien's Stiles Stilinski returning to the series. While many of the cast members of the original Teen Wolf series will appear in the upcoming Paramount+ film, including Tyler Posey as Scott McCall, O'Brien has confirmed that he is not involved in the project . Considering O'Brien's breakout performance is at the heart of the MTV supernatural drama's success, and the importance of the friendship between Stiles and Scott to the story, the news is a bit sad for fans.

TikTok user Fati Mamolar attempted to make up for O'Brien's absence by creating a scene with Stiles returning for Teen Wolf: The Movie, which premieres Jan. 26 on Paramount+. The clip uses a scene from O'Brien's psychological thriller "Flashback," partly about the mystery of a missing girl, before mixing in audio of a stunned Scott calling Styles, Tell him Alison is alive. The video, available below, is accompanied by the t.A.T.u. song "All Things She Said" to accompany the shocking and disorienting news:

Why Dylan O'Brien Isn't Returning For Teen Wolf Movie Explained

O'Brien explains his decision not to return as Stiles for Teen has a lot going for it Wolf: The Movie. The actor mentioned that he was indeed trying to return to Stiles in some way, but seemed to imply that the announcement of the project and how quickly it took him and others by surprise. O'Brien said he didn't know a follow-up film from Paramount+ would be released, and it took him a while to figure out the possibility of a return.

Ultimately, despite the difficult decision, O'Brien felt he ended his run against the Teen Wolves in a good place, and he wanted to keep it there. But he stressed that he loves the show and many of its crew, noting that he'll be watching the film when it comes out and hopes it will "go big." Meanwhile, O'Brien has several upcoming projects in the works — including the queer sex worker drama Ponyboi.

How Teen Wolf Movie Will Address Stiles' Absence

Writer Jeff Davis, referring to O'Brien's absence from his role, explained that Teen Wolf: The Movie would explain what happened to Styles and Lydia, who were last seen by audiences By the time they were in a relationship. Davis, who is also the creator of the MTV show, said There will be references and mentions about Stiles, and he will be "forever." Some fans took this to mean that Stiles' absence would be key to the plot, but those details will be revealed when Teen Wolf: The Movie premieres.

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