Survivors: 10 players who would have been forgotten if they hadn't returned, according to Reddit

Every now and then, the Drifters of Midway Survivor will come back to play again and gain attention a second (or third) time.

After 22 years and 43 seasons, Survivor sends hundreds of hopeful castaways around the world to test the limits of their bodies and minds. Someone special becomes a reality show legend. Some even broke into the larger pop culture zeitgeist.

Such a reputation is rare. Most of the players fail to make a lasting impression, and even hardcore fans of the show forget about those who were cast off the island early or whose personalities didn't catch on. Sometimes, though, midway drifters come back to play again and gain attention a second (or third) time.

John Cochran

Cochrane first appeared as a contestant in Survivor: South Pacific. He garnered some attention as an avid superfan, but blew up his game by viciously betraying his fellow Survivor League. Despite the stigma, the awkward and unremarkable nerd returned to Survivor: Karamoan, and he dominated the game from start to finish, taking home $1 million.

Redditors agree that Cochran will be somewhat memorable after his first season, but not nearly as memorable as he is now. BenThatGuy247 wrote: "If he doesn't come back, the level of hype around Cochran will be greatly reduced." TJTrapJesus commented on Cochran's return, "Nobody changed

Hali Ford

Hali had the misfortune of making his first appearance on Survivor: End of the World, one of the worst seasons on Survivor. In a season notorious for her gruff personality, the adorable Hali faded into obscurity. So her return for Survivor: Game Changers was an unexpected choice, but she's doing well the second time around.

These days, Hali isn't exactly a survivor icon, but as Reddit user siLveRSurvivor puts it, "She showed some grit in Game Changers and proved she's a lot of fun." User floraflower added, "She's in premerge More active in her strategy than she was in the other world."

Francesca Hogi

Francesca is notorious among Survivor fans, probably because she wishes they would forget. This lovable Survivor player was the first outcast to be chosen from Survivor: Redemption Island, but the producers were convinced she missed her chance to be expelled, so they brought her back to Survivor: Karamoan. Once again, her tribe voted to oust her first, making her the only Survivor player to be the season No. 1 player twice.

Some Redditors mentioned Francesca as the Survivor player's name The second time it becomes even more noticeable. Some of them may have been sarcastic, but others wanted her to try again. Spade said, "It would be fitting if she came back again for the entire first season and was the first for a third time."

Shii Ann Huang

Shii Ann first appeared in Season 5 of Survivor: Thailand. That season was best forgotten, but Shii Ann's performance was enough for the producers to bring her back as the sole representative of Survivor: All-Stars, in which she emerged as a great player.

"Thailand is such an unpopular season, she will be an afterthought," said Reddit user Eniotnacram95. "She became one of the most likable losers in the history of the show, and even though she finished sixth, she was an absolute killer at the All-Star Game."

Amber Brkich Mariano

Amber was honored to star in the show's second season, "The Survivor: The Australian Outback, when Survivor was at the height of its popularity. In an era when every player earned 15 minutes of fame just for being on the show, Amber didn't stand out beyond that. So her return to the All-Stars was curious, but just then, she met In love with tribe member Boston Rob. This is also when Amber won the $1 million Survivor Award.

Redditor Geoff_The_Chosen1 admitted, "I don't really remember who Amber was when All Stars started," while IHaveTheMustacheNow said of her first season, "I remember thinking Amber had no personality at all." Winner of the show The first All-Star season greatly cemented Amber's status in the hearts of fans.

Boston Rob Mariano

A five-time Survivor player, Boston Rob is the show's most iconic character. With his bold personality, strategic thinking, and intuitive social skills, it's easy to forget that he debuted on the show as a humble pre-merge boot. It wasn't until his return as an inexplicable All-Star selection at the time that he became the player fans think of him today.

Reddit users Raucous_Tiger and countourmocha claim that "jury ex-Mariano" "wasn't even Boston Rob at the time". FlowSilver further explained that Rob "didn't do well in his first season and only got a lot of recognition after playing for so long."

Parvati Shallow

Like Rob in Boston, Parvati has long been a survivor The icon so amazingly rewatched her first season, Survivor: Cook Islands, to see how She is unforgettable. She didn't become a legend until her return to rule Survivor: Micronesia.

Redditor djz5 explains, "Cook Islands is about Yul, Ozzie, and that tribe. Penner is also prominent in Mutiny, Auction, and Flip. But Parvati is a bit lost in the numbers for that season." User 10567151 added, " Parvati would have been another number to overcome in Auti 4."

Sierra Dawn Thomas

Sierra is a lot like Hali in that she first played a lackluster game in Survivor: Worlds Apart, so she caused a lot of trouble when she returned to Survivor: Game Changers caught people's attention. In fact, the promo for the latter season drew a snicker from the Survivor subreddit when they called her a "fan-favorite Sierra Dawn Thomas." In her second season, however, she's entertaining enough to take the nickname from sarcastic derision to genuine admiration.

Reddit user floraflower said, "I will never forget FFGCSDTA," using the initials of her married full name, Fan Favorite Game Changer Sierra Dawn Thomas Anglim. Andy14422 offered more silent compliments, saying, "I'd forget about her after the second appearance too, if she didn't give Sarah a legacy advantage."

Jeff Varner

Same as Amber, Jeff Varner was briefly famous Players Among Survivor: The Australian Outback, the show's highest-rated season. He returned after 14 years for Survivor: Cambodia and then Survivor: Game Changers. It was in the latter season that he succeeded, but in the worst possible way.

In one of the most controversial moments in Survivor history, Varner of the Tribal Council maliciously reveals that fellow player Zeke Smith is transgender. Sixteen years after his first appearance on Survivor, the backlash against Varner has made him one of the show's most notorious and hated players. Redditor MKT_Pro asserts that, if it weren't for that notorious man, "Varner would be forgotten after his first two seasons," and everyone would prefer that.

Kelley Wentworth

Wentworth made her first appearance on "Survivor: South San Juan", a season of "Blood and Water", where she and her father formed a team. Not a standout player, Wentworth was as surprised as anyone else when fans voted for her return in Survivor: Cambodia. When she did, she played one of the most spectacular and entertaining games in the show's history.

Reddit user TClark626 said, "She was San Juan Del Sur's pre-merger lead if she hadn't been Surprising choice for returning to Cambodia. A legend was thus born.

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