Supernatural Revival Will Solve 5 Big Series Finale Questions

Supernatural's series finale was a divisive effort that wasn't satisfying. Future revivals may address many of the criticisms of Sam and Dean's ending.

Supernatural's final episode didn't quite fix it—it's a per-ending bug that future revivals could fix. With a legacy of 15 seasons, expectations were understandably high for the Supernatural series finale, with viewers and cast members generally agreeing that Sam and Dean Winchester's story ended at just the right time. Supernatural season 15 also kicks off with high stakes, as God finally reveals his true villainy and has a final meeting with those nasty Winchester brothers.

Sadly, Supernatural couldn't stick to the landing. The final episode aired in November 2020 to a lukewarm reception, leaning more towards the much-maligned Game of Thrones than the acclaimed Breaking Bad in the TV finale. The episode, titled "Carry On," began airing after God was defeated and basically paid homage to the show's legacy. A wonky, crumpled, a little too loose bow...

On the plus side, Supernatural's retirement proved short-lived. The prequel spin-off The Winchesters premieres in October 2022 — less than 2 years after the main series ended — and Dean Winchester himself, Jason Akers, has spoken openly about his plans to How a potential paranormal revival is furthered, describes a gritty, 10-episode HBO Max limited series. Regardless of the form of the Supernatural revival, Sam and Dean's return could address some of the criticisms leveled at Moving On.

Dean Winchester's Anti-Climactic Death

In Sam and Dean Winchester's supernatural journey, the brothers vanquish angels, demons, archangels, primordial beings, and even God himself. This record has earned the brothers a legitimate reputation among Supernatural's villains and hunting communities. Given that Sam and Dean kill off all the powerful villains, it's pretty disappointing to watch the older siblings die after being shoved into random spikes by an unnamed vampire. Starring Supernatural as a warrior, Dean, played by Jensen Ackles, was always more likely to fall in battle than disappear in later life, and "Carry On" may be trying to remind fans that even the most routine hunt can be deadly, no matter the reputation .

Ultimately, however, seeing Dean die in such a prosaic manner ended his mortal existence on the faintest note. It's inevitable that the supernatural revival will find some way to bring Dean Winchester back to life, temporarily or otherwise, and Ax will get a second chance A fitting outlet—that is, to stand up to a greater threat in a more heroic manner.

Sam Winchester's Family Mysteries (& Bad Costume)

Although Dean Winchester died midway through the Supernatural ending, his brother's life on earth was not much better. "Carry On" reveals that Sam has settled down with a woman and is the father of a child named after his late uncle, but the montage leaves an important message behind. Sam's other half is a blurry background character - possibly Erin (they're still together in the current timeline of the Supernatural ending) but unidentified. Sam's son at least shows up -- played by Spencer Borgeson -- but Supernatural then becomes frustratingly cautious about his future. The protection tattoos on Dean Jr.'s arms subtly suggest he follows the family business, but given that they protect against demonic possession, even if Sam Winchester's son sells insurance in his office, he should have one.

Supernatural revival could shed some light on Sam's relationship status, somehow ending his relationship with Eileen, while also showing whether Dean Jr. is continuing the monster-slayer lineage of the Winchester family or breaking the cycle - this is what the Supernatural revival An important thematic detail skips the finale. Depending on how far into the future this hypothetical supernatural revival takes place, Jared Padalecki might also get a chance to play an older Sam Winchester, not just in a grandpa cardigan and ill-fitting gray Wigs... ^Supernatural's finale blunder was, in fairness, not entirely a result of the show - Supernatural season 15 unfortunately filmed its final episode in March 2020. Necessary restrictions are still very much in effect as production resumes cautiously after COVID-19 delays, and could affect Supernatural's ability to bring in returning faces and guest stars, which would help Sam and Dean leave with appropriate fanfare. Only Jim Beaver's Bobby Singer returns home, while the absence of Castiel, the Wayward Sisters, Mary Winchester and many other dead friends who might greet Dean in the afterlife is deeply felt.

Supernatural's Missing Finale Cameos

Now that COVID-19 measures have more or less been lifted, a supernatural revival could lead to an emotional cast and character reunion that was sorely lacking in "Carry On," and with Dean straddling the border between heaven and earth, there are few limits to which Faces may appear. Supernatural Can Finally Do What It Probably Wanted To Do 2020.

After legendary antagonists such as Lucifer, Michael, and Amara in previous seasons, God represents the only logical choice for a supernatural big boss. However, the long-awaited matchup didn't live up to its big-name hype, and even though the fight technically took place in Supernatural's penultimate game, the ramifications carried over into "Carry On." God's downfall is sealed after a brief encounter with Sam and Dean, followed by the hastily foreshadowed revelation that Jack is now a power vacuum capable of sucking out God's power, thereby rendering him mortal. This solution would have made for a steamy finale fight in the regular season finale, let alone the final episode, with past fights against the likes of Azazel, Lucifer, and Lilith proving that Supernatural is far better capable.

Chuck's Surprisingly Easy Defeat

Likewise, COVID-19 may be partially responsible for the lack of scale and grandeur in Sam and Dean Winchester's final fight with Chuck. Likewise, supernatural revivals can make amends. In the penultimate episode of Supernatural, God is still alive as punishment, and while Jack boldly proclaims that God's powers will never return, many of the Supernatural villains overcome greater odds in the name of dragging themselves back to reality .

one can, However, it has been argued that if Supernatural is indeed resurrected for a one-off adventure or limited series, Sam and Dean Winchester would be better off returning to their monster-hunting roots and away from the heinously powerful gods and angelic spirit.

Castiel's Supernatural season 15 death comes with a controversial barn. Hunted by Billie, Castiel realizes that the only way to spare Dean is to trigger a previous deal with Empty - that his angelic life will be taken away in a moment of pure bliss. To summon the primordial, Castiel tells Dean that he loves him, but Supernatural makes the true meaning behind those words somewhat murky. There are plenty of indications that Castiel's confession is romantic in nature - the "moment of happiness" setup, which Dean can't answer, points to one Winchester instead of two. Alas, since the scene aired, the cast's conversations have ranged between discordant and noncommittal, leaving it ambiguous about exactly which brand of love Castiel was talking about.

Dean & Castiel Romance Confusion

Supernatural has an easy solution - reunite Dean and Castiel in the finale. Somehow their reaction will quickly confirm whether the season 15 confession is romantic or not. Despite 'Carry On', this reunion never happened Confirm that Castiel is helping Jack reorganize Paradise off-screen. If the supernatural revival happened on one glorious day, Dean and Castiel would almost certainly meet, creating an opportunity to clarify how the angel's emotional last words should be interpreted.

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