Superman's Sidekick Reveal Revolutionizes DC Comics' Greatest Story

Kingdom Come is one of DC Comics' most famous stories, but Boy Thunder's true identity has completely changed fan perception.

Warning: Spoilers ahead for Batman/Superman: World’s Finest #10

When it comes to legendary storylines that have stood the test of time, few DC Comics canons are held as seriously as Mark Wade and Alex Ross' Kingdom Come. With a glimpse into the future of Batman and Superman, the acclaimed miniseries has been ingrained in readers' minds for years, and despite its non-canonical nature, it still had a surprising impact on the entire DC Universe. But a surprising twist in the ongoing Batman/Superman: World's Best turned the story upside down.

Batman/Superman: World's Finest #10 Thunderboy is found in the clutches of the Joker himself. When the young hero was freed through the combined efforts of Superman, Batman, and the Teen Titans, Thunder -- also known as David Nicola -- lashed out at the Joker and threatened to kill him if they ever met again. . The story briefly flashes forward, revealing David's true fate as Magog, the ruthless anti-hero who sparked the cataclysmic events of Kingdom Come. While this development brought DC's main timeline closer to that of the Kingdom Come universe, it immediately changed the way audiences read the original story.

Boy Thunder Ties Directly Into Kingdom Come

Disgusted by his city's approval Brazen murders and feeling out of place in a world where his ideals are outdated and his wife Lois Lane is murdered by the Clown Prince of Crime, Clark begins a decade-long self-imposed exile in his fortress of solitude. In the original books, Magog is portrayed as a young upstart who refuses to play by Superman's code. But the revelation of the personal relationship between the two -- assuming that dynamic carries over to the Kingdom Come timeline -- makes Superman's perceived failure all the more heartbreaking.

Kingdom Come is That Much More Personal

In recent issues of Batman/Superman, it has become apparent that Superman has a hard time getting in touch with the young Thunderboy. David's reckless temper and more aggressive demeanor repeatedly hint at his more dangerous nature, though Superman has made every effort to curb these more sinister tendencies. The fact that David has the potential to be Magog due to his inability to follow Clarke's example is not only proof that Kingdom Come Superman is heartbroken by Magog's actions, it doesn't just explain why Superman takes it so personally in the original story Bear the consequences of his protege's misdeeds.

Superman is Iron Man, but as a mentor, Clearly, he may be doomed to miss Boy Thunder's mark. After all, with David's great strength, if he really wants to do something, no one can stop him. While Batman and Superman may be able to curb David's more violent appetites, one thing is clear - DC Comics' Kingdom Come will never be read the same way again.

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