Suicide Squad: KTJL The scariest thing about Justice League isn't Superman

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League sees Superman as a formidable threat, however, the powers of the other Justice League members could be even more destructive.

Rocksteady's Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League will pit Amanda Waller's DC supervillain and anti-hero team Task Force X against DC's main superhero team, the Justice League, as Brainiac attempts to invade and take control of Metropolis. The game's trailer showed a mind-controlled Superman using his heat vision to eliminate an ARGUS agent, in a move that shocked even the Suicide Squad, apparently posing a huge threat to the team.

Later trailers introduced players to the rest of the Justice League, and while it appears that KTJL's Wonder Woman is out of Brainiac's control and will join Task Force X in defeating her former allies, the rest of the Justice League seems There is Fall before the game's story. While Superman appears to be the most intimidating member, some displays of power seen by other mind-controlled members of the Justice League suggest Iron Man might not be the scariest player players will encounter in Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League opponent.

Flash Has The Potential To Do Massive Damage With The Speed Force In Suicide Squad: KTJL

The Suicide Squad One: KTJL trailer focuses on the Justice League's resident Speed ​​Flash, setting him up as the main threat. barry Had Allen shunned Injustice 2's understated Flash gameplay and actually used the Speed ​​Force for evil, he could have caused untold carnage, and the comics have shown that as much as other villains like Professor Zoom and the Reverse Flash. One of the scariest uses of the Speed ​​Force is the ability to time travel and alter history with exponential damage, as seen by Reverse Flash when he murdered Barry's mother, and then seen again when Barry reversed this action and triggered the Flashpoint event To this changed the entire DC Universe.

While it's unlikely that Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League will delve into this much, if Brainiac decides to take advantage of this ability, he could use the Flash to cause irreparable chaos. The game will likely focus primarily on the Flash's overall speed during boss fights, a power that already makes it challenging for Task Force X to target opponents. A moment from Suicide Squad: KTJL's "Evil Flash" trailer shows this, as Deadshot aims his shot at him from a distance, but Barry spots it and is already taunting him beside the gunman before he pulls the trigger.

due to The Flash is able to vibrate so fast that he can step through items on a molecular level, making any cover that Task Force X might have taken superfluous. This phasing also meant that Deadshot's gun couldn't work against The Flash, since the bullets would just go through him, forcing the team to come up with new ways to defeat the Speedster. From a gameplay standpoint, these abilities could pose a major challenge to Suicide Squad's core shooter mechanics, allowing players to maintain an edge in a manner similar to Batman: Arkham City's Mister Freeze boss fight , the latter constantly evolving to counter the player's playstyle.

Mind-Controlled Green Lantern Could Be A Huge Threat To The Suicide Squad

John Stewart's Green Lantern is confirmed to appear in Suicide Squad: KTJL, and can be seen taking a few steps down from Suicide Squad in the game's story trailer. Later in the trailer, it is shown that John Stewart is under the control of Brainiac, however, as he has the same purple veins around his eyes as Superman and The Flash as he fires the giant cannon that could be aimed at Task Force X , suggesting a challenging boss fight against a superhero who can create anything with his power ring and his imagination.

One of the most classic examples of a runaway Green Lantern The power that DC games can replicate exists in the Emerald Twilight comics. Emerald Twilight sees Hal Jordan having an affair when his hometown of Shore City is destroyed. Horrified by this, Hal tries to rebuild the city, but is told that he's using his power ring for his own gain, which violates one of the Green Lantern Corps' main rules. This seemed to drive Hal crazy, and he brutally beat many of his fellow Green Lanterns as he attempted to drain power from the mains battery to restore his homeworld.

It is later revealed that Hal is actually possessed and controlled by Parallax, an ancient entity that embodies the fear of yellow light. While John Stewart's Green Lantern hasn't seen much in Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, Hal's actions show just how much of a threat Green Lantern's powers can be to Task Force X, especially with Brainiac in control. Combined with the possible abuse of the Speed ​​Force by The Flash in his brainwashed state, the Suicide Squad faces some truly terrifying challenges.

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