Stranger Things: 10 Darkest Fan Theories

From eleven people sacrificing themselves to the death of a major character, fans are sharing dark theories about season 5 of Netflix's hit "Stranger Things."

Ross and Matt Duffer spoke about Stranger Things season 5 at an event in November 2022, with Ross saying it's "the culmination of all the seasons, so there's a little bit of every season. I think it's something we're trying to do." It's kind of back to the beginning, kind of like the tone of 1." Audiences were eager to see the last set of episodes and find out what happened to The Party. Can Eleven and her friends save Hawkins and get rid of Wickner and Upside Down once and for all?

While waiting for Stranger Things season 5, with no release date yet, fans on Reddit are debating their theories about where the story could go next. Many of these thoughts are dark, suggesting a long, sad road for these beloved characters.

Eight And Eleven Will Team Up Against Vecna/001

Of the biggest Stranger Things villains, Vecna ​​is definitely the most dangerous. Eleven's history with Vecna, who was once Henry Creel/001, suggests an epic showdown in the final season.

A Redditor suggested "Eleven will have to sacrifice himself to destroy one" and "Maybe Eight will return, and she will also sacrifice herself to save the world. "While it's easy to imagine Eleven doing what she can to help a friend, the thought of losing this smart, lovable, important character is scary. Think Eight/Kali Prasad also had such a difficult ending.

Erasing The Upside Down Will Kill Eleven

Thanks to Season 5 stakes So high, after years of The Party learning the truth about Hawkins, it makes sense that many fan theories would focus on Eleven's potential death

Redditor Pitbullandpandemonium wrote, "I feel Eleven and Upside Down are closely linked, if a Destroyed, the other will be destroyed. "It's going to be a tricky situation as Eleven wants to get rid of Hawkins' upside-down, but it would be devastating if it meant Eleven's fate hangs in the balance.

Will Is Going To Die In Season 5

Will Byers has an emotional storyline. Fans Predicting the death of a major character in season 5, some believe it will be Will as he experiences Hawkins' close association with evil.

Redditor araybian wrote: "I think it will be Will," and references a Season 1 episode when the friends play Dungeons and Dragons. Will's storyline involves him "taking risks instead of running away...Will the Wise is dead. ” Fans think this hints at Will's death.

Vecna's Army Will Be Huge

Stranger Things fans have their own opinions about Vecna, since he was a big part of Season 4. Think about what the character will be like in Season 5 and what he might How fun it would be to get worse.

Redditor Strange-Things-11 imagines Vecna ​​having an "army" with "evil versions of the victims he's already taken, namely barb, bob, billy, Chrissy, Eddie. It's scary to imagine. If true, these characters could be trying to manipulate and influence their friends.

Mike Will Sacrifice Himself

Mike Wheeler is always trying to do the right thing. He's a relatable character because he knows he's not perfect and often Admitting to Eleven that he screwed up. Redditor zrm_ssm345 thinks "Mike will be dead because he's the heart of grp and he might make sacrifices this season"

If Mike does try to help his friend and ends up getting killed In the process, there will be heartbreak. This will add another emotional layer to the show, as viewers will remember all the good times Mike had with Eleven and their friends.

Max Will Lose Her Sight

Another dark, brutal fan theory involves Max Mayfield surviving but not being seen again. Redditor CybridCat opined that "Max will be alive but blind" and added, "Maybe she can help them understand what's hallucinatory and what's real."

While there is hope for Max's recovery, it seems inevitable that she will die because of this. Changed forever by one experience. Since Vecna ​​entered Max's head in season 4, the connection could become unsettling and dangerous in season 5.

The Entire World, Not Just Hawkins, Is In Trouble'

Over four seasons, the residents of Hawkins have struggled to understand why evil exists in their town. But strange occurrences have been confined to this area. Redditor SweetMnemes opined "Now that Hawkins is gone, the stakes must be higher for Season 5. So I think the whole world is going to be at risk."

While some things about Hawkins are confusing, it does make for a fascinating episode TV scene. It's frightening to think that Hawkins' danger will extend to other people international. It would be total chaos and destruction.

Hopper Or Joyce Will Die

The relationship between Jim Hopper and Joyce Byers spans all of Stranger Things, making it impossible to stop watching. Their emotional bond never wavered, and watching them meet again in Season 4 was unforgettable.

Redditor CybridCat thinks these characters could die in Season 5, it's absolutely creepy to imagine the aftermath. "I can also see Hopper dying to protect her. We know Joyce is going to die for her baby so this could happen," the fan wrote.

Max Is Brain Dead

A Redditor theorized that when #5 At the start of the season, Max will be "completely brain dead". While this is definitely unimaginable, fans went a step further and shared that they thought Venca would "use her vegetative body as a container/puppet in Hawkins"

Since Max is one of the best Stranger Things characters, this story The plot is hard to understand watch. While there's hope that Max will get better and be able to join her friends against Vecna, there's always the chance that things will turn bleak before they get better.

A Dragon Will Be The Season 5 Evil Villain

Will there be another villain The final season of Stranger Things? This is a question that many people are asking. Redditor Careless_Second7391 thinks there might be a dragon, since "the most powerful villain in the game is a giant red dragon named Borys." The fan notes that in season four, "Will draws a picture of Mike, There is a red dragon with three heads".

This fan theory is dark but possible because of the many setups and foreshadowings in seasons 1 through 4 of the series. It seemed like Will's drawing would reappear last season, but hopefully Will and his friends figure out a way to defeat the dragon.

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