Star Wars' Ewok drums have a shockingly dark purpose

While most fans probably know of the Ewoks' drumming skills from the Episode VI finale, a Star Wars comic story suggests they were also used for dark purposes

The seemingly lovable Ewoks of the Star Wars universe actually have a shockingly dark purpose for their drums. The Ewoks have been controversial classics since their debut in Star Wars: Return of the Jedi. Many fans pointed out that they were apparently created to sell toys based on their designs as living teddy bears. In fact, they've been used as the basis for describing new Star Wars creatures in future films that rely more on the aw-factor, such as the Porgs in The Last Jedi. Over time, however, fans began to realize that the Ewoks were more than just cute when they dug deep into the surface.

George Lucas has publicly stated that the Ewoks were actually inspired by guerrilla warfare used by the Viet Cong during the Vietnam War. That said, their destruction of the Empire on the moon of Endor was influenced by them, as it believed the stormtroopers were out of their reach. Ewoks on the other hand adapted to the land around them and used it to their advantage by building traps in trees and being ready to use it Strike when the Empire least expects it. It's a huge reversal of their adorable looks, as it shows that they're stronger fighters than fans give them credit for, and one of their most seemingly innocuous activities actually ends up playing a huge role in their fight against the Stormtroopers .

In Star Wars Tales #14, Christian Read and Clayton Henry's story Apocalypse Endor sees an elderly stormtrooper in a bar recounting his days on the forest moon of Endor during the Battle of Endor in Return of the Jedi. He is stationed at a base with other soldiers, but they are not alone. The Ewoks are described as hiding in the forest and wielding one of their most unexpected weapons: the drum. The drums, briefly seen in action in the film, were seen as a way to celebrate freedom at a time when the empire was crumbling. However, during the battle, the Ewoks actually irritated the stormtroopers with their drums in the middle of the night. This can disrupt their sleep and make it difficult to concentrate. One even had enough, he ran out and fired at the Ewoks, only to run out of ammo, Never see you again.

The Ewoks' Drums Turn Something Harmless Into Psychological Warfare

What's fascinating about this reveal is that it shows that the Ewoks are master strategists in battle. Since they don't have high-tech weapons like the Empire, they get creative with their tactics in order to gain the upper hand. Turning the drum into a psychological weapon is a creative way to disorient Troopers while Ewoks plan their next attack. In fact, the comic later sees an aging Trooper expressing that the sound of drums kept him from sleeping after his ally disappeared.

The Ewoks may be cute at first glance, but their knowledge of their home world on the moon of Endor has led them to be regarded as some of the smartest Star Wars fighters for many years. Their skillful trapping and ambush attacks certainly helped them defend against the impending Imperial invasion. What can't be ignored, however, is the shockingly dark purpose of their drums, as the Ewoks show that they can create weapons out of anything in the Star Wars universe and use them to their advantage.

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