Southern hospitality: Why Maddi should leave Trevor for Joe

Southern hospitality star Maddie Reese is back with her ex-boyfriend Trevor, but she's even better with her co-star Joe Bradley.

Southern Hospitality's Maddi Reese thinks getting back to her ex-boyfriend Trevor is a good idea, but Joe Bradley has more to offer her. The new Bravo series follows Southern Charm star Leva Bonaparte and her staff as they manage Leva's nightclub, Republic Garden & Lounge. Joe, the club's VIP host, made his feelings for Maddy explicit at the start of the show. Unfortunately, he hasn't figured out how to express these feelings to her. While he's trying to figure it out, Maddi reconnects with Trevor, and now he can only watch as they rekindle their romance.

It seems clear to everyone in the life of the Southern hospitality star that Trevor is a bad influence, but Joe might actually be really nice to her. Maddi and Trevor originally broke up because he cheated on her. While people can change, and many people have experienced cheating and built stronger relationships, Trevor seemed unmotivated to change. He has been in school for six or seven years with no clear finish line. When Maddi told Joe she was going to hang out with Trevor after get off work, Joe immediately warned her not to careful. Joe cares deeply about Maddi, and like her parents, he worries about Trevor hurting her again.

Joe Bradley Is A Better Influence For Maddi

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Joe takes his job very seriously, and since he's in the same industry as Maddi, Joe has the ability to motivate her to succeed in her career. Joe also understands Maddi's decision to quit drinking. The Southern Hotel star, who struggled with substance abuse, is now fully sober. In one scene, Trevor is sitting next to Maddi drinking a bottle of wine. While she doesn't want everyone in her life to quit drinking, Trevor could be more respectful and not drink excessively in her presence. Joe, on the other hand, supports Maddi and tells her that anyone who criticizes her decision is jealous because she knows how to have fun without drinking and they don't.

There's a lot more to Southern Hospitality, which has only aired four episodes so far. However, Trevor is unlikely to win over any fans. He's clearly bad news and wants Maddi to fix it before he causes further damage to her life. Joe and Maddie have great chemistry As friends in the Southern Charm spinoff, that would translate well into a relationship. While working together while on a date can be difficult, they get through it because their bond is strong enough to offset the stress of work.

Maddi currently only sees Joe as a friend, but if he confesses his feelings for her, she might see why he's such a good fit. Her parents seem to respect him more than Trevor does, and while parents don't always know what's best for their kids, they're pretty good at knowing when someone is having a dangerous influence. Maddi, who started working for Leva four years ago, should have learned from her past with Trevor and realized he hasn't changed that much. Giving her Southern hotel partner a chance might be her next move once she sees what everyone else is up to.

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