Sons of Anarchy: Who Killed Luann (And Why)

Sons of Anarchy witnessed the death of people close to club members, such as Luann Delaney, whose death deeply affected SAMCRO.

Over the course of seven seasons, Sons of Anarchy witnessed the deaths of club members and those close to SAMCRO members, including Luann Delaney (Dendrie Taylor) -- but why was she killed? Sons of Anarchy sees Jax Teller (Charlie Hunnam) trying to steer the Championship Club in a different direction for the good of the organization, its members, and their families, but that's easier said than done. Despite Jax's best efforts to be a good leader, SAMCRO's decisions and actions often lead to conflicts with other groups and the deaths of many people, including some club family members.

Full of action and drama, Sons of Anarchy saw Jax and the club through many tragedies as they saw not only some of their club brothers die, but also other family members - in some cases, these The deaths lead to even bigger problems for SAMCRO. These include the death of LuAnn, wife of Otto (Kurt Sutter) and best friend of Jax's mother Gemma Teller-Morrow (Katie Sager). There's a lot of mystery and misinformation surrounding Luann being killed off in Sons of Anarchy Season 2 Her death and who was responsible for it, and her death, created a lot of conflict within the club, which some of their enemies took advantage of.

Sons of Anarchy: Why Georgie Caruso Killed Luann

Otto has been in jail since before Sons of Anarchy started, SAMCRO looks after LuAnn, who owns a porn studio called Caracalla, set up by Otto with his own money so that LuAnn doesn't have to work on Pornography is gone. In Sons of Anarchy Season 2, Luann lost Cara Cara and her cast to Georgie Caruso (Tom Arnold), Georgie Caruso (Tom Arnold), her industry rival, physically and verbally abuses actors in order to keep them from leaving. SAMCRO threatens Caruso, who holds back for a while, but a few episodes later, Luann is found beaten to death and Caruso becomes the prime suspect.

Caruso targeted Luann's studio and used her legal battles to take her cast away, thus ending Cara Cara. Caruso even ordered his men to break into Luann's new studio (now also a SAMCRO business) and steal tapes and expensive equipment. Jax, Bobby (Mark Boone Jr.) and Opie (Ryan Hurst) recovered the stolen items and threatened Caruso, but that It will only irritate him more. In Sons of Anarchy season 4, Caruso is revealed to have a new lifelike sex doll business, which is SAMCRO's chance to avenge Luann's death.

Sons of Anarchy: How Luann’s Death Affected SAMCRO

Luann's death had a major impact on the entire Sons of Anarchy club, as it was used to try and get Otto to open the club. Lincoln Potter (Ray McKinnon) informs Otto in Sons of Anarchy Season 4 that Bobby was found in Luann's body, suggesting he killed her, but Bobby reassures his brother He is not responsible. Otto was convinced that Caruso was responsible for LuAnn's death and asked SAMCRO to kill him, but since the club took some time to kill Caruso, Porter continued to manipulate Otto, telling him that Caruso was still alive , the club failed him and made him rage at the club Bobby was the real killer. Although Caruso was eventually killed by SAMCRO, Otto never recovered from the pain of Luann's death and the club's alleged betrayal, the beginning of a series of violent and tragic events for Otto that culminated in him being shot multiple times by prison guards.

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