Son Features Hugh Jackman in Dad's Follow-Up [Exclusive]

Screen Rant presents an exclusive first look at Hugh Jackman in "Son," director Florian Zeller's sequel to 2020 blockbuster "Father."

Screen Rant is pleased to present exclusive premiere images of The Son, the haunting film that will be released nationwide on January 20, 2023. The Son, which had its limited premiere in November, is part of a trilogy of plays (which also includes Father and Mother) from acclaimed playwright and director Florian Zeller. After making a splash in the film world with 2020's "Father," the French director brings his new film to the big screen with the help of Christopher Hampton's capable translation.

The father tells the story of a patriarch (Anthony Hopkins' Oscar-winning role) slowly slipping into dementia, while the son tells the story of a teenage boy named Nicholas (Zeng McGrath) A story of struggling with the aftermath of dementia. divorce. While Anthony Hopkins reprises another role in the film, this time the father is played by Hugh Jackman. Following his divorce from Kate (Laura Dern), Peter is now in a thriving relationship with Beth (Vanessa Kirby) and is very excited about their new baby. But when Katie drops his older son off his doorstep to be dealt with, he has to remember how to be a dad, even in tough times.

What To Expect From The Son

As part of Screen Rant's winter movie preview, an exclusive first look from The Son shows Jackman smiling at the high point of his life. This photo is apparently from an early part of the film, before he confronts Nicholas' depression and has to work to bring his child back to calm. The contrast between the featured image and the overall tone of the film suggests that Peter is about to embark on a rather emotional journey, one that will end with as much complexity and reality as Zeller's last theatrical outing.

Earlier this year, The Son released a trailer that provided a better look at Peter's life before and after Nicholas' return. Although his relationship with Beth is ostensibly healthier and happier than his relationship with his ex-wife, it's clear that his workaholic tendencies and troubles with his older son are putting a strain on them. Additionally, Peter seems to have the ability to connect with his son and understand the root cause of his pain, suggesting that there is often a huge gap in communication between him and his son. For generations, these difficulties must be overcome in order to understand each other and help each other in emotional pain.

From the producers of Lion and The Power of the Dog, The Son has a proud pedigree both on and off screen. But its connection to Zeller's previous directorial effort, Father, remains its most intriguing topic, as viewers will be able to witness his growth as a director through both projects. Not only that, but "Son" forms the other third of the big picture and is expected to be completed by the time Zeller directs "Mother." Just as "Son" offers a glimpse of a very different Anthony Hopkins than "Father," perhaps "Mother" will finally bring thematic trilogy full circle with another inspired choice.

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