Sloane fixes Umbrella Academy's problems (and then Allison makes it worse)

Sloane solves one of the biggest problems at The Umbrella Academy, but unfortunately, Allison makes things worse. Here's the thing.

The Umbrella Academy Season 3 introduced new characters thanks to The Sparrow Academy, including Sloane (Genesis Rodriguez), which solved one of the series' biggest problems...but Allison made it worse that same season. Netflix's The Umbrella Academy introduced viewers to the Hargreeves, seven adopted siblings with superpowers who were raised and trained by Reginald Hargreeves (Colm Feore), but their relationship wasn't the best. The Hargreeves eventually parted ways, only to reunite until Reginald's death and the end of the world quickly approached, a reunion that rekindled an old bond between two siblings: Luther and Alison.

The Umbrella Academy season 1 reveals that Luther and Allison developed feelings for each other as children, showing young Luther and Allison sneaking out of their room to meet in a secluded area of ​​the academy, where Reginald captures them and bans them They do it again. The strange and complicated relationship between Luther and Allison was not well received by audiences, but The Umbrella Academy solved it in Season 3 by introducing Sloane, another child adopted by Reginald but who was a member of Sparrow Academy and became Luther's new lover and wife, but in That same season, Allison made things worse by using her powers on Luther.

Why Can't Umbrella Academy Let Allison & Luther's Romance Go?

Although the Umbrella Academy and the Sparrows were enemies at the beginning of The Umbrella Academy season 3, Luthor and Sloane fell in love and were the key to getting the two teams to agree to work together to stop the end of the world. Luther dealt with his feelings for Allison in season 1 and later saw her move on with her husband Ray in season 2 in the 1960s, Luther and Sloane's romance was refreshing, so it felt belated that Luther finally found true love and happiness up. However, while Luther moved on, Alison was also struggling with the loss of her husband and daughter, and couldn't bear to see Luther with another human being. Desperate to get him back, Alison rumors that Luther wants her again and kisses her, which ultimately backfires.

Allison's rumor that Luther wanted her because she tried to sexually assault Luther was a huge step back in her character arc, since she was only just beginning to not use her powers for her own benefit, she crossed a very important line , forcing Luther to kiss her. With the introduction of Sloan, the umbrella The Academy had the perfect way to finally bring Luther and Alison's romance to an end and give him some well-deserved love and happiness, but the writers insisted on going back to the series' worst pairing (and continuing to make it worse). Luther and Alison's romance never really resonated with audiences, as it felt odd considering they grew up as siblings, but it's undeniable that it gave their story and those closest to them The characters' stories bring more drama.

Allison's Umbrella Academy S3 Luther Scene Was Unnecessary

As noted above, Alison moved on after marrying Ray in the 1960s, while Luther became a boxer. It seems fair that Luther continued to work with Sloan, since Alison has already done so twice (first with Patrick, then with Ray), although her disturbing scenes with Luther further established her status as the villain of the season, but she'd already done it on her own by then, so that particular moment was completely unnecessary. Now that Allison seems to have everything she wants and Luther has lost Sloane, it remains to be seen what their relationship will look like in the final season of The Umbrella Academy, but hopefully Luther will finally get some peace and a happy ending, and the series will let go of it Worst storyline ever.

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