Siesta's leading fans debate why Madison is still on the show

After Kelsey Owens was fired from Siesta Key and aired her final episode, fans wondered why Madison Hausberg wasn't fired from the show either.

Madison Houseberg has been on Siesta Key since season one, but fans wondered why she wasn't kicked out of the series like Kelsey Owens. Last week, the MTV reality series aired Kelsey's final episode. Kelsey announced in August that she had been unexpectedly fired from the show, but during the episode, she told Madison of her decision to quit the show. Kelsey explained on Instagram that it wasn't true, but it was what she had to pay to fit the storyline. She also explained that she cried in the episode not because she chose to leave, but because she was so upset about being fired.

Siesta Key fans were upset by Kelsey's departure and wondered why producers kept Madisson on the show. Reddit user ndb3891 wrote: "I don't see the point of keeping Maddison but getting rid of Kelsey. At least Kelsey brings drama and fights. Maddison is too good for the show to bring any drama." Some The fan agreed with the user, calling Madison boring and adding that Sistaki star Brandon Gomez was boring too. They didn't bring any entertainment to the show, according to fans, who thought there was more to Kelsey provided, so they're confused why the series removed her but kept some other characters who didn't offer as much.

Madisson Has An Important Story To Tell On Siesta Key

However, many Siesta Key fans jumped to Maddison's defense and explained why it was so important for her to be in the series. In December 2021, Madison gave birth to a stillborn baby, and Siesta Key has been revealing her journey from pregnancy to grief. Fans said MTV's exposure to Madison's story was crucial. They also said Madison's storyline was the best because it was the most authentic of everyone in the series. "Mothers who go through these things are rarely able to speak openly and share their grief with the world," wrote one fan.

Madison certainly won't be bringing this drama to Siesta Island like her co-star; fans That's right. The best part of reality TV is the fights, which is why Chloe Long doesn't have to worry about getting kicked off the Siesta Key. Chloe provides entertainment in every episode and has continued to do so since the show's premiere. Kelsey often brings drama to the episode when she fights Juliette Porter, but since She gets serious with her boyfriend Max Strong and wants to settle down, so she stays out of the mess. That's probably why she was fired from the series.

However, there are significant differences between Madison and Kelsey. Madison is very calm and brings balance to the series. In addition to an important storyline that makes many grieving mothers feel less alone, Madison is the voice of reason for her friends. When things go wrong in their lives, she's someone they can vent to. Unlike Kelsey, she doesn't have a problem with anyone, which is why she's so good at playing the middle man. Even though Madisson didn't fight actors like Chloe or Amanda Miller, she still brought a lot to Siesta Key, and the series just wouldn't be the same without her.

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Siesta Key Miami Moves airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. on MTV.

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