Seinfeld: The 10 Funniest Lies People Tell, According to Reddit

Elaine, George, and Jerry from Seinfeld were known for deceiving, lying, and manipulating. So which of their lies are the funniest, according to Reddit?

"Seinfeld" features some of the most dishonest, devious and treacherous characters in sitcom history. A zany quartet led by Jerry Seinfeld discovers that lying is easier than telling the truth.

While the gang's resident eccentric, Cosmo Kramer, is not a huge liar, Jerry, George Costanza, and Elaine Benes are certainly masters of manipulation. They will back up each other's false stories, making it difficult for third parties to see through their deceit. Among the countless lies, large and small, told by the three friends, Seinfeld fans on Reddit are convinced that these made-up stories and lies are really hilarious.

George Coining The Phrase "Pardon My French"

In "Soulmate", Elaine meets a man who respects her choice not to have children, and George and Jerry think he is bluffing. They told her that men often lied to impress women, and that deep down, the man probably really wanted children. When Elaine protested, George admitted that he had lied about inventing a well-known brand to impress women.

Redditor darthleia says George's, "I once told a woman I coined the word, 'Excuse my French'" Lies are their favorite. The line has become a classic thanks to George's quote about Elaine. In a truly comical way, he casually admits that he credits himself with one of the most popular phrases in North America, while Elaine looks at him quizzically.

George Backs Up Jerry's Claim That He Won The Race In School

Armadillioh liked "George backing up Jerry's big race story" in "The Race", a Seinfeld episode with a great ending. Since Jerry's current girlfriend, Lois, works under his former school acquaintance Duncan, he and George work closely together to maintain an old lie. Back in their school days, Jerry inadvertently gave himself an unfair lead in a race and claimed he had won fair and square.

George walks into Monk's to support Jerry's winning story and pretends he hasn't been in touch with him since high school. The act is a hilarious mix of lies, George's faked personal accomplishments, and some genuinely funny acting.

George Says He's An Architect

Redditor GinHalpert added to the discussion about the contest, writing, "Especially when he [George] said it didn't take him that long to join the Guggenheim." George was a hypocrite, faking it multiple times throughout the series I am an architect. He claims he designed "the new building for the Guggenheim" in front of Duncan, who Didn't care about him or his false accomplishments at all.

George's claim that he had a driver waiting outside Monk's and made his first million around age 28 takes the architect's lie a little too far. He's an absolute braggadocio from a guy his age. His character is a ludicrous liar at best, and he proves that in "The Game."

George Pretends To Be A Marine Biologist

According to Redditor Glad-Requirement6116, "George Pretending to be a Marine Biologist" is one of the best Seinfeld biographies. George's ruse started with a harmless lie, and it's interesting that he did something good for change, since he actually saved the life of a stranded whale.

In the season 5 episode of the same name, Jerry not only introduces George to an old college classmate, Diane DeConn, but also tells her that his friend is a marine biologist. The lie falls apart the second George and Diane see a dying whale, and he's expected to save the day. George later recounted the incident and his dramatic monologue to his friends, "The sea was angry that day, my friends - like an old man trying to send his soup back The deli..." is an iconic moment on the show.

George Gets Elaine To Take His IQ Test

At the insistence of his girlfriend Monica, George faces an IQ test in one of Elaine and George Seinfeld's best episodes, "The Café" .He was worried that he would not get more than 100 points, and because Elaine claimed to have a high IQ, he asked her to take the test for him. He asked her to wait outside Monica's window, pass her the test, and was idle.^ Chaos When Elaine returned the dip George had to make up a lie on the spot when the test paper was full of coffee. According to Redditor artcostanza82, "George said he had a sandwich in his pocket and he ran out the window to get a coffee IQ test" is Seinfeld's best. About George The funniest part of the funny lie was his delivery and witnessing Monica believe he would actually climb out of the window to get some coffee. ^Inventing a fake charity at Christmas has to count as one of George's greatest lies in Seinfeld. "Strike The fraudulent scheme section in "was popular on Reddit, as well as user ZyxDarkshine's comment, "Human Fund; Money for the People" as a throwback to time George makes up a non-existent charity to avoid buying gifts for colleagues.

This ridiculous lie perfectly sums up George Costanza's selfish, petty, and greedy personality. Considering that Seinfeld is nearing its end, this suggests that George has become a master con artist over time.

George's Charity, The Human Fund

Redditor photoshoptherangers recalls that in "Parking Space", George and Elaine borrow Jerry's car and make up a hilarious story involving "... a bunch of wild teenagers laughing in a convertible ..." They explain why there's such a jingle. Elaine dramatizes the lie, then offhands "Oh, by the way, the car hit a pothole, and now it's jingling," while Jay Rui listened to her calmly.

While George is the gang's compulsive liar, Elaine's behavior really knocks it out of the park. Her lies seem overblown and unbelievable, but she keeps adding layers and colors to her performance, and that's what makes it so entertaining.

George And Elaine Claim Wild Teenagers Taunted Them

Redditor Canuckles89 recalls the moment in "The Marine Biologist" when Jerry jokingly told Elaine, "The original title of Leo Tolstoy's War and Peace was, 'War, what good is it?' She finally believed in his Jokes aside, it puts her at odds with her boss and the eccentric Russian writer they pick up from the airport.

It's hilarious to watch the brightest member of the Seinfeld gang find the truth in the joke that Tolstoy's "mistress" objected to his title and insisted on changing it. This hilarious show is why Season 5's "The Marine Biologist" is one of the all-time classic Seinfeld shows.

Jerry Lied About The Title Of Leo Tolstoy's War And Peace

According to Redditor spinereader81, "George pretends he's not local just to date a woman" in "The Muffin Tops" is the funniest lie in Seinfeld. George went to great lengths to maintain his tourist vibe, and his elaborate plans included moving into a hotel.

By then season 8, George had become a master of tragicomedy. Only his character could do something so absurd and brand himself a comical scene in the process.

George Pretends To Be A Tourist

In "Red Dot", George buys Elaine a faulty cashmere sweater as thanks for getting him a job, and hopes she won't notice. She ends up tricking him into admitting the truth while he continues to spout lies.

Reddit ThrawnsITguy loved the lie, writing, "After Elaine tricked him into confessing about the sweater, the way George changed his story shocked me every time!" George's self-harming monologue was truly memorable. Funny how he uses every excuse in the book, from a 103 degree body temperature, to not being able to afford clothes, to explain his cheating

The Red Dot On Elaine's Cashmere Sweater

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