Sakamoto Days is officially Shonen Jump's next Chainsaw-level hit

Shonen Jump already has a series that could be the next Chainsaw Man level hit anime in Sakamoto Days, where the fights would be awesome when animated.

Warning! Contains spoilers for Chapter 100 of Sakamoto Days!

Sakamoto Days was already one of Shonen Jump's more popular series, but the manga's latest chapter proves its animation will be the magazine's next Chainsaw-Man-level hit. Sakamoto Days is a manga by Yuto Suzuki that tells the story of retired assassin Sakamoto who is forced to re-enter the world of assassins to eliminate a new threat. The series has great characters and plots, but where it really shines is in its well-choreographed and expertly drawn, brilliant fights. The battle in the latest chapter of the manga is a good example.

In episode 100, the battle between Hiri Sakamoto's two killers, Shishiba and Yotsumura, ends. The combat has been fantastic so far, but this chapter makes it even cooler. At one point, Shizhi follows Sicun into a dark tunnel where he must smash his signature hammer together to create sparks that light up the tunnel. The manga does a good job of showing Shishiba taking a brief look at his surroundings before darkness falls again, which makes the moment when Shishimura finally attacks all the more intense. The fight ends with another really cool scene where Shishiba uses The severed head of his hammer acts as a mirror to locate Shimura and deliver the final blow.

The creative scenes of this fight are reminiscent of the great action sequences in Chainsaw. Much of the reason the Saw anime is so popular right now is because its fight scenes are so good. Studio Mappa really put their all into this adaptation, even adding anime-original details to make some of the battles even more epic. But the fight scenes are ultimately based on the original fights in the Saw comics, and those fights are great, too. But despite that, the Sakamoto-era fight scenes are even better, which makes the prospect of an anime adaptation all the more exciting.

Sakamoto Days's Fights Will Be Glorious in an Anime

If a studio working on an adaptation of the Sakamoto era takes on the project well, its battles could surpass even the best moments of the Saw Man anime. Fighting could work better in anime, like the fight between Shishi and Yotsumura in the dark. This anime could really give everyone an idea of ​​how briefly Shi Zhi got a glimpse of the tunnel and create more tension as to when Shimura would attack. this The periodic metallic clang of the hammers also helps set the mood compared to the simple sound effects on the page.

If the anime adaptation of Sakamoto Days is done well, it could easily enhance its source material, much as many have asserted that Chainsaw Man's anime did to its manga. Of course, a bad adaptation can easily backfire, wasting the manga's enormous potential. But given how popular Sakamoto Days is, it's likely that it will get a great anime adaptation one day, bringing its battles to life in a way that could even outshine Saw.

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