RuPaul's Drag Race: The 10 Best Memes That Started the Series

RuPaul's Drag Race is a treasure trove of meme formats, and has started many popular memes that even non-fans know.

RuPaul's Drag Race is gearing up for its 15th season, which will begin airing on MTV on January 6, 2023, with its biggest cast yet and Queen. Many of them already had huge fan bases before they set foot in the Werkroom. With so many big names, it's no surprise that many popular meme formats are starting to pop up on this beloved show.

With so many expressive queens vying to get the most screen time, fans of the show were given a treasure trove of images, which they turned into memes that have gone viral and were probably People who have never seen the show use the show. Some memes are as funny as the moments that inspired them, and brought many queens more fame than expected.

Hello? Yes, it's RuPaul.

RuPaul is often seen as the show's stoic host, a man of intimidation to the contestants and a dry wit that many viewers and the Queen would not immediately pick up on. But when RuPaul pulls out props in the judging panel, there are sure to be laughs, and it usually turns into a meme, like when she pulls out opera glasses.

In this case, RuPaul recalls the queens back to the stage, which is one of the few moments fans get to see RuPaul's creativity and comedic timing. Since this meme applies to anything that involves a cell phone, it became a popular reaction among people who had never seen Drag Race but thought it was appropriate.

New Wig, New Personality

Chad Michaels was one of the few queens RuPaul's Drag Race fans could find on Cameo, and inspired one of the most iconic moments in the Snatch Game when she impersonated Cher, every time the camera panned to her Wigs are changed every time the table ends. This became an iconic moment because no one else had tried Snatch Game before, and it fit in with how Cher changed her appearance according to her era.

This format became popular among people making memes about using different accounts to save money and extend free trials, because it applies the concept of the same person being there but making small changes that affect the outcome of their actions.

She Already Done Had Herses

RuPaul has many catchphrases that fans hear throughout the show, with "she's done her thing" being one of the most used words. This meme has gained notoriety because the image Using ones that RuPaul wanted fans to forget, since she didn't look as glamorous as she usually appears on the show, fans collaborated on this image to keep new fans fresh in their minds.

This meme is also applicable in many situations, because RuPaul's expression changes so quickly, the poster can easily express shock.

Alyssa's Secret

According to Reddit, Alyssa Edwards has always had the best lip sync of all time, and while she's a great performer, Alyssa is known for being late and taking a long time to prepare, as many other queens have noticed When competing with her on the show.

Alyssa has been meme'd several times because she has an expressive face and can tell the audience exactly what she's thinking without having to say a word to the camera, and in this case, she looks worried, This is the perfect response to guests who show up not ready for an event or are running late.

Warped Reality

Although fans of the show knew that things were exaggerated for dramatic effect, they couldn't get enough of RuPaul's shifter and how entertaining the races were. Leila McQueen Her time on the show was short, but her mouth-opening lip-sync was the perfect reaction for fans who love the show and get excited when the now-iconic theme song hits.

Regardless of the harsh realities fans discover when rewatching RuPaul's Drag Race, the show remains a favorite of many and will continue to be loved as RuPaul presents more talented queens to the world.

The Lipstick Read Around The World

Shangela made fans gag during All Star 3 Elimination, it seemed Trixie was going to be sent home which would completely change the game, but she sent Chi Chi home because she asked to go home.

Although Shangela didn't use the exact words in the meme, she provided a similar description to Trixie, and her performance in the competition made everyone, including the judges, think she would go home. Of course, fans took advantage of the moment to exaggerate Shangela's antics and created a meme that summed up the moment perfectly.

Oh Valentina

Whether she's living out her fantasies on stage, or telling other queens how she didn't have it in Untucked, Valentina makes great meme material for fans drag racing. One of the most dramatic queens around, Valentina knows how to express her feelings, which physically helps her sell the lip-syncing she does on stage.

Valentina's appearance and mood changes very quickly, which makes her very funny, and a perfect subject for a meme depicting two different times of day and how people behave during those times.

Aja Jumping Into Herstory

Aja returns to All-Stars 3 as a brand new diva with a quality of performance that hadn't been exposed in her original season and resulted in a moment from the variety show being retold repeatedly. The moment Aja jumps off the platform, Milk asks, "Is she going to jump from there?" It's clear that Aja just broke the internet, and whether or not she wins, she's going to live in the Drag Race Hall of Fame.

This format quickly became a meme for anything that can fall and crash fast, even with Aja landing perfectly to her death fall. Anything with potentially harmful consequences became part of the Aja meme and is still in use today, even four seasons after the All-Star break.

Raja's Revenge

Raja is one of the most popular queens RuPaul's Drag Race is based on an Instagram fan who, when she sees another social media queen who is not only young but beautiful, jokingly envies her and lets people know. Of course, Raja meant no ill will to Plastique, but it was to the show's benefit that the two joked and joked about the age difference.

Despite Raja's excellent reflexes and facial expressions that could turn into memes, Shangela's mother character has a perfect sense of contentment, summing up how Raja probably felt at the time.

The Reveal

When Roxxy Andrew shows off her wig on the main stage, she changes lip-sync expectations, while RuPaul and Michelle go wild with stunt performances. Since then, their responses have been used to express the great joy of discovering the unexpected beneath the rest, however mundane it may be. In this case, the lid of the cup reveals something the person receiving the drink didn't expect, though it's not as exciting as Roxxy's big moment on stage.

Widespread response, now that non-fans have been exposed to the dynamic duo The judges were excited about things that had been hidden before.

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