Rocket Raccoon's parentage changes his relationship with Star-Lord

Rocket may be best known for his friendship with Groot, but his relationship with Star-Lord is closer than many fans realize -- and for good reason.

As one of Marvel Comics' premiere space heroes, fan-favorite Guardians of the Galaxy Rocketeer shares a very strong bond with his fellow Universe Protector. First and foremost is his classic pairing with Flora Colossus Groot from Planet X. But almost as important to the Rockets is his connection to the one and only Star-Lord.

Rocket Raccoon and Peter Quill were longtime allies. But even when they couldn't count on their fellow Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 1, the unlikely duo always had each other's backs. A flashback in Guardians of the Galaxy #8 gave us a glimpse of the duo's surprisingly close bond.

Donny Cates and Cory Smith's Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 8 opens with Rocket on his tragic origins in Halfworld. Originally created as a service animal, the young Rocket was paired with and instantly bonded with a wounded veteran named Khevix, whom Rocket described as having "a sailor's mouth and some... nightmare". While Rocket ended up tragically separated from his patient, fans of the character are well aware that he made up for it through his relationship with Star Lord.

Rocket Raccoon And Peter Quill Are An Underrated Duo

While Star-Lord is now often portrayed as a dasher space villain, like Han Solo in Star Wars, it was Peter Quill who first bonded with Rocket Raccoon and formed the Guardians of the Galaxy during the darkest period of his life Team. After surviving the Wave of Destruction, the once-legendary Star-Lord suffered from post-traumatic stress and always went out of his way to maintain peace across the galaxy. Fortunately for the rest of the universe, Peter's mission became clearer when he formally formed the Guardians after Annihilation: starring Dan Arnett, Andy Lanning, and more man's conquest.

Since Peter's own trauma is similar to Khevix's, it's no wonder Rocket has such a close relationship with the Prince of Sparta. Whether consciously chosen or not, it's clear that Rocket has helped give Peter the consistent support and loyalty he needs. Meanwhile, Star-Lord in turn gave Rocket a new home and sense of purpose, along with his fellow Guardians.

Rocket is probably most closely related to his famous sidekick, Groot, but his relationship with Star-Lord is not to be underestimated either. After all, the two have saved the galaxy together more than once, All the while maintaining a unique and warm friendship. While Marvel Comics' Guardians of the Galaxy might be best known for their de facto family status, it's Rocket Raccoon and Star-Lord who really take that theme to heart.

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