Remember when the Titans scene's continuity bug drove fans crazy?

There's still one major Remember the Titans scene continuity error, one that's so simple it's driving fans of the film wild.

A continuity bug in Remember the Titans continues to plague fans. The 2000 classic is the true biographical story of groundbreaking black football coach Herman Boone (Denzel Washington) as he tries to put together a high school football team in 1971. Coach Boone faced the threat of being fired even if he lost even one game during his tenure. As a coach, he managed to lead an undefeated team despite numerous skirmishes between teammates and despite a school's desperate attempts to sabotage. their own team.

How Good Is Remember The Titans' Historical Accuracy?

While Remembering the Titans is based on a true story, not every aspect of the film can be considered completely accurate. Some elements are dramatized for entertainment, conflict, or to better fit the film's theme. It wasn't the only one that changed details, as even the true story of A League of Their Own included some embellishments. For example, in the case of Remembering the Titans, the brick thrown from Boone's window was nothing more than an understatement and fabrication. In fact, Boone finds a toilet flying out of his window, which has been dimmed to better suit the movie's rating, but the message remains the same.

Reality is racial tension In Remember the Titans, it's also overblown when it comes to the players themselves. While the T. C. Williams High staff did try to deal with Boone, the players weren't as brutal as they were portrayed in the film. Any player with the level of racism portrayed on screen would be removed from the team before they had a chance to play in a game, especially since they had the opportunity to fire them if Boone refused to work with him. Also, unlike the way Hustle includes actual NBA players, the team members don't actually play football. While this doesn't break the game, since actors can do their jobs without experience, it does explain how an inexperienced player can go the wrong way during a montage.

Of course, Remember the Titans is not a biography. The movie even includes fictional characters like Emma Hoyt (Kate Bosworth), Reybaz (Burgess Jenkins), and Alan Bosley (Ryan Gosling). Since it's only a semi-biographical drama, it doesn't need to be completely accurate, which gives the film the opportunity to stick closer to its subject and push the narrative forward in a more immediate way. it also helps to give Ryan Gosling's beginnings led him down a path that gave him the chance to star in an unexpected, exuberant Barbie trailer. It's no surprise that the movie occasionally breaks football rules by having players run in the wrong direction.

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