Red Dead Redemption 2's most disappointing feature couldn't be in RDR3

Red Dead Redemption 2 delivered a very thorough Wild West outlaw experience, but its marksmanship was easily fixed in the sequel.

Not much is known about the potential next entry in Rockstar's hit Red Dead Redemption series, the so-called Red Dead Redemption 3, but hopefully RDR2's most disappointing customization feature (only one leather case option) will be improved. While mostly a cosmetic change, the holster design variety far exceeds what players get in RDR2. Rockstar's epic western is incredibly detailed, including countless customization options for Arthur Morgan, but there's notably no replacement holster.

RDR2's historical Wild West accuracy was already impressive, but adding the new leather holsters that existed at the time could at least provide additional flair through new draw animations. However, Red Dead Redemption 2 ties Arthur's weight to certain stat changes, suggesting that this difference in appearance can also have a meaningful impact on gameplay. Giving players new places to draw their guns would primarily add to the realism of RDR3's setting, but it could also be key to how the sequel evolves gameplay.

RDR2 Lacked Gun Belt Customization Options

In Red Dead Redemption 2 the player can wield a variety of weapons, but when drawing the revolver, the player can only use the classic quickdraw holster. Players can also purchase a variety of leather cases in RDR2, and Gun belts, belts and off-hand holsters. Building on this system, RDR3 could introduce different drawer and holster options, such as shoulder and leg holsters, to provide more customization and potential gameplay changes from RDR2 to 3.

RDR3 Could Implement New Holsters and Draw Styles

The different holster styles added by Red Dead Redemption 3 in turn require new animations, and may yield a small bonus, possibly with constraints on maintaining balance. For example, a quick-draw holster slightly increases draw speed, while a shoulder holster is less likely to be noticed by law enforcement. The former gives the player an edge in duels but makes it harder to aim at greater distances, while the latter might help keep a low profile but takes longer to get ready in battle.

Rockstar Games appears to be fully focused on Grand Theft Auto 6 before work on the Red Dead Redemption 2 follow-up begins, so the developers have plenty of time to get creative with new leather case options. There were other westerns to play before RDR3 was released, but few could match the complexity of mechanics and game worlds that Rockstar brought to its release. Red Dead Redemption 3 may have a tall order compared to its predecessor, but customizable holster placement is a trifle An area with great potential.

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