RDR2: The Van der Linde gang members who could have replaced Arthur

Red Dead Redemption 2 stars beloved outlaw Arthur Morgan, but other Van der Linde outlaws could also make interesting prequel protagonists.

While many fans quickly fell in love with Red Dead Redemption 2 protagonist Arthur Morgan, other actors could have made equally interesting prequel protagonists. Rockstar Games' open-world adventure charts the days of the Wild West and the Van der Linde gang in decline, years before John Marston hunted down the team for the US government in the first game. Red Dead Redemption 2's Arthur Morgan is a terrific and relatable playable character, but the game's story can also be told from several different angles.

While the prequel did feature the first game's protagonist, the deplorable outlaw John Marston, Red Dead Redemption 2's protagonist Arthur Morgan manages to be more down-to-earth and likable. The iconic character is forever loyal to Holland van der Linde and the rest of his adopted family, but he also longs for a quiet life outside of shootouts and robberies. Sadly, Arthur never found this happy ending, as he contracted tuberculosis while violently collecting money from a common farmer. Arthur Morgan's story of loyalty and redemption is at the heart of Red Dead Redemption 2, but it might be just as interesting to experience the prequel's plot from another character's perspective.

Lenny Summers Would Make A Lovable RDR2 Protagonist

Red Dead Redemption 2 Featuring a lovable cast of Wild West characters, young outlaw Lenny Summers is one of the most memorable. One of the most iconic quests in the sequel was Lenny and Arthur's drunken night out in RDR2, where things got out of hand in a bar in Valentine. This early mission establishes a brotherly bond between Arthur and Lenny that reflects the larger concept of the Van der Linde gang as a family rather than just a criminal enterprise. Unfortunately, this intimate evening with Lenny only makes things more painful when Arthur's friend is shot dead by law enforcement near the title's emotional climax.

While the gruff and seasoned Arthur Morgan is a great protagonist, Lenny Summers would give RDR2 a different take on the player character. The prequels portrayed Lenny as one of the youngest and newest members of Van der Linde's gang, which would have made him a useful character as players got to know each of Dutch's loyal followers. Putting Lenny RDR2's protagonist in place of Arthur would also make his death all the more tragic, given its senseless and sudden nature. Maybe an alternate version of the game will let players start Take control of Lenny, only to switch to John or Arthur after he dies.

Charles Smith Would Give RDR2 A New Perspective

Another of Red Dead Redemption 2's most popular characters is Charles Smith, a soft-spoken survivalist who recently joined the Van der Linde gang. A man of African-American and Native American descent, Charles carries on his legacy by teaching Arthur to hunt and taking revenge on poachers who unnecessarily slaughtered buffalo. Charles' character slowly grew in RDR2, and he eventually became one of Arthur's few allies as members of the Van der Linde gang turned against each other. Rockstar Games gave Charles a happy ending for Red Dead Redemption, considering that he escaped to Canada rather than die a brutal death, but his ultimate fate remains unknown.

Charles is the main supporting character throughout the game, but RDR2 might be more interesting told from his perspective. As a new member of the gang, Charles is considered a loner, so players can join him to get closer to the rest of the gang. Charles' race and background could also create an interesting dynamic in the open-world Wild West, perhaps affecting the game's wanted system and how his heritage of color is perceived on the American frontier. as one of While few characters actually survived to the end of Red Dead Redemption 2 and beyond, Charles could serve as the sole protagonist throughout a theoretical version of RDR2.

Sadie Adler Is Already A Major RDR2 Protagonist

Many fans of the series would like to see Red Dead Redemption 3 follow Sadie Adler's story, given her undeniable importance to RDR2's plot. After her husband is murdered, Sadie is rescued by the Van der Linde gang early in the game and quickly goes from a terrified survivor to a formidable gunslinger outlaw. The people on the American frontier initially refuse to take her seriously, but Sadie ultimately proves herself to be perhaps the deadliest and most moral member of Van der Linde's crew. Sadie is arguably the second most important character in RDR2, even more so than John Marston, and the game ends her story with her heading south into the unknown.

Like Lenny and Charles, Sadie Adler would make an excellent RDR2 protagonist due to her recent addition to the Van der Linde gang. Sadie is just as important as Arthur Morgan in the prequels, and her strong character arc might make her the best choice for a replacement lead. Players will learn how to fight and survive Be like Sadie instead of embodying the already skilled sharpshooter Arthur Morgan. Playing a Red Dead game from a female perspective would also be unique, as the series easily addresses and emulates outdated views of women from the period. Playing as Sadie also reveals more about her lost husband and her future after the events of the game.

Red Dead Redemption 2 made players fall in love with protagonist Arthur Morgan, but some of the game's other well-loved characters can also make excellent playable characters. Lenny, Charles, and Sadie are some of the most relatable and well-written characters in the Wild West simulator, making them prime candidates to take Arthur's place. Each of these characters will bring a unique new twist to RDR2's sad story, given their differing backgrounds and shared identities as new members of the Van der Linde family. While Red Dead Redemption 2 will always star Arthur Morgan, perhaps one of these other amazing outlaws will star in a potential third Red Dead Redemption game.

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